You may notice that in my blogs & videos I talk about lead generation a lot.

So I thought it would be good to clarify what ‘leads’ are in social media, digital marketing and content marketing and why lead generation is important for your business.

Why are leads important?

Without new leads, on a consistent basis, your business doesn’t grow.

The more leads you generate, the more potential clients are able to learn about what you and your business does and then ultimately buy from you.

Lead generation isn’t something you do ‘once’. It’s consistent.

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What is a ‘lead’?

A lead is a potential client who gives you their contact information (usually their name and email) in return for something of value (usually free content).

Note: this is different from what others may consider a ‘lead’ such as ‘someone who wants a quote for your services’.

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What is ‘lead conversion’?

Lead conversion involves creating a system to regularly follow up, nurture and build trust with your leads.

The goal of lead conversion, is to convert your leads into a ‘new business opportunity’.

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What is a ‘new business opportunity’?

A new business opportunity is someone who says they want to work with you. This could be through a contact form, picking up the phone, booking a meeting with you directly or something else that indicates they want to buy from you.

The next step is usually a sales call/meeting to work out if you’re a good fit and then send them a proposal.

All of our free content and done-for-you services, is focused around helping you generate more leads and then converting those leads into new business opportunities and clients.