How CPAs, Accountants and Accounting Firms Generate Leads and Clients Online

Accountants Lead Generation

Are you an accountant looking to generate leads online? Are you tired of using the traditional marketing tactics like networking, word of mouth and referrals to win more clients? Keep reading to learn how much easier and better it is to get predictable leads and sales appointments each month… and automate most of the work.

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To see if you’re in the right place… Does the following sound like you:

  • Do you start each month wondering where your next client is going to come from?
  • Do you hate the idea of having to chase leads to work with you? Wouldn’t it be better if they were the ones chasing you instead?
  • Are you finding the traditional ways of marketing (cold calling, relying on referrals, going to networking events, sending out printed material, etc) are not as effective as they used to be?
  • Have you tried paying for leads from a lead gen company but all you got were shared leads or low quality leads that you can never seem to get hold of?
  • Have you tried paying a monthly retainer to another marketing company but struggled to get any real tangible results?
  • Do you believe marketing is important, but everything you’ve tried in the past just hasn’t worked… and you can’t figure out why?

These (and more) are the types of problems accountants face every day.

As accountants, finding the most effective way to qualify and maintain clients is crucial to maximize your time spent consulting.

So, what’s the right path when it comes to lead generation and marketing for accountants?


Before you even think about generating leads online, it’s important you have the right strategy.

Our philosophy for an effective lead generation strategy is simple: focus on getting high quality appointments with potential clients that actually want to work with you (rather than try to generate random leads with anyone).

Our method of generating leads is perfect for accountants because it allows you to focus on your expertise. You prioritise time and resources on meeting with genuine clients, while you can have a system in the background that delivers high quality appointments with your ideal clients predictably every month.

Would you like to learn how this strategy works?

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