How Do Our White Label Lead Generation Services Work?

Step 1: Resell our done-for-you package

As a white-label partner, you can resell our done-for-you lead generation service for any price you like.

Once you’ve got a new client, we’ll do all the work behind the scenes and you can communicate directly with your client any updates.

Here’s a video testimonial of one of our partners who has purchased multiple done-for-you packages from us. 


Step 2: Launch the campaign

Once we’ve set everything up, we turn everything “on” and start generating leads.

We monitor results closely and through split testing, we aim to get the following KPI’s for the client:

Cost per lead: $5-30

Cost per appointment: $50-300

Normally 1 in 4 Appointments (25%) will convert into clients

Some industries are more expensive than others, but these are typically the results our clients get.

What makes this white-label service different?


How to generate leads

NO Monthly Fees

Unlike other white-label lead generation services, we do NOT charge per lead or per month.

Instead, you pay a one-time fee to set everything up and we provide you with ongoing support for your campaign for as long as it takes to get everything converting.

For most of our clients we get results within 3 months… Especially if it’s for an industry we’ve got experience in!


Results Focused Campaigns

We understand your clients want results.

That’s why we continually optimize our lead generation campaigns for RESULTS (leads and sales appointments which convert into clients) NOT likes, followers and brand awareness.

Sure, “brand awareness” is nice. But leads and sales are better.


How to generate leads

Make more profit!

Because we have a results-focused approach and do not charge a monthly retainer for our services, you can make more profit for each client you sign up.

Here are some ideas on how to price your services:

  • $10K for set up and management
  • $2-$5K/month for set up and management
  • Sell leads for $50 to $500 (Pay Per Lead Model)


What some of our agency partners say

Because of the sensitive nature of white label lead generation, we can’t share all the agencies we work with. But here are a few who are happy to share their experience.


“Having looked for years for a strategic partner who could help deliver true lead generation related to social media for accountants, we found this in Ashley and the team at Skyline Social. Our agency focuses on content and design, but the natural next step of lead generation – particularly in social – requires an expert of a different kind than ours. Skyline Social focuses on specific, measurable results, and has delivered excellent results for clients of ours that we’ve sent to him. Plus he’s friendly and easy to work with, and really cares to help.”

Karen Reyburn

Managing Director, The Profitable Firm (Creative / Marketing Agency)

“I have found Skyline Social to be very results-driven, professional and easy to work with. Most importantly, they get the job done to an extremely high standard… If you are looking to turbocharge your pipeline of opportunities, I guarantee you will see results.

John Auckland

Founder and Director, TribeFirst (Marketing Agency)

“Skyline Social really understand your business goals, what you want to achieve and build a social media strategy around them. I’ve had the pleasure of working together for a number of years and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Hitesh Palmer

Co-founder, Pixelgroup (Design / Digital Agency)

About our agency partnerships

We only work with a handful of agencies who share the same values as us. This means, if we work with you, you won’t be “outsourcing” your lead generation campaign to someone simply to get the “job done”. We do more. We truly care and will go the extra mile to make sure you and the client get the results you’re looking for. Apart from our results, the next big thing our clients compliment us on is our customer service.

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