The best way to convert leads from social media into sales

With the right messaging and targeting, generating leads for your business, can be relatively easy. But generating leads does not equal sales, at least not yet! So what is the best way to convert your new business leads into paying clients? Use email marketing to...
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How much money should you spend on Facebook Ads?

Sometimes when speaking to clients I’ve heard people say “oh, I can’t afford to spend thousands each month on Facebook ads!” The truth is, however, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on Facebook ads when you’re just getting started. Instead, I actually recommend...

How to find your dream clients on social media

Have you ever wondered how you can find, attract and win your dream clients? Not just clients that pay you good money, but clients that you actually enjoy working with. Clients who you can truly help and provide an amazing service and experience. Maybe you have a...

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