If you want to save time, get faster results and make less mistakes then check out our lead gen packages below.

Ready to Fast-Track Your Results?

We provide either done-for-you or consulting packages to help you get faster results vs doing everything yourself. The results from both lead generation packages are exactly the same. The only difference is who is going to be the one to set everything up.



Let us do it all for you...
$5,500/one-time investment
  • Includes EVERYTHING in the Consulting package, plus we roll up our sleeves and set everything up for you, including:
  • We will create your video sales letter (VSL)
  • We will create your marketing funnel landing pages
  • We will create your email marketing follow up automation campaign (with at least 3 months worth of weekly emails done-for-you)
  • We will create your Facebook ads lead generation campaign and manage it for 30 days
  • After everything is set up and running, we give you personalized training on how you (or someone in your team) can keep the momentum going

Please note: There may be additional software costs for your lead generation campaign to work. This includes things like software for the landing pages, video hosting, email marketing, etc. The software costs typically range from $100 to $200/month depending on how much you want to automate and the amount of software you need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to generate leads?

Once your lead generation campaign is set up, you can start generating leads using free or low cost organic ways or through paid advertising channels such as Facebook Ads. The choice is yours! We only charge a one-time investment to help you set everything up. Once it’s up and running most of it runs on autopilot.

How is this different from other training programs?

We’ve spoken to many people who have already invested a lot of money in other online courses or training programs before working with us, but they struggled to get any real tangible results with those other programs.

So, what makes this different? Here are a few key differences:

1. This program is relentlessly focused on getting one specific result: quality leads and sales appointments predictably each month. It’s difficult to find another program that focuses ONLY on this specific tangible result. Many others programs are generic “digital marketing”, “Facebook ads” or “business growth” courses and a lot of the content is not applicable to businesses that need to get quality sales appointments each month to win clients.

2. Private 1-to-1 support. Most other programs will give you no support or group coaching support (where you need to go on a group coaching call at a specific day and time and wait your turn to get your questions answered). With this program, you get fast, private 1-to-1 support, with practical feedback & suggestions to help you improve your results whenever you need it.

3. Up-to-date content. The digital marketing world is moving quickly. A lot of other training programs haven’t been updated in years. The principles taught are often good, but the actual strategies are no longer relevant. Our training program is updated several times each year as new changes come into affect. As a client, you get lifetime access to the training program and any new updates. That’s not to say as soon as there’s a new change we will update the content instantly (we’re not superhuman), but we’ll do our best to update the content as soon as realistically possible if it ever becomes outdated (typically within a month).

4. Real practical strategies that work. This is a no hype and no fluff training program. The strategies we use are not “gimmicks” that will quickly die out. The strategies are designed for both short and long-term growth in your business. We won’t spend hours telling you interesting stories or helping you with mindset training. That’s not to say things like “having the right mindset” are not important. It is. But that’s not what this program is about. This is a program that focuses ONLY on the exact strategies you need to follow (with step by step instructions) to get real tangible results in your busienss.

5. One-Year Money back guarantee. We back up our training program with a money back guarantee. Here’s how it works: if you take action on everything you learn in the training program and don’t see any results within a full year, you can get a full refund. How many other programs do you know that offer you a one year money back guarantee?

How is this different from other done-for-you solutions?

Our done-for-you lead generation package is perfect for busy business owners that don’t have the time (or want to) set everything up themselves. Most other done-for-you solutions require you to pay a monthly retainer before you see any results. With our done-for-you solution, you pay a one-time investment only until you see results. In other words, you pay for us to set up the campaign and manage your ads for the first 30 days. Typically we see results within the first 30-days, but if for any reason you don’t, we keep working for free until you do. AFTER you’re getting results, you then have the option to either receive some personalized training on how to keep the momentum going yourself or we can keep managing everything for you each month (our monthly management packages are $1,250/month and include everything you need to keep the campaign going completely hands-off).

Do I need to invest in paid ads for this to work?

No! You can get started by generating leads using organic free or low cost strategies. The marketing channels we use to do this are LinkedIn, Google (SEO) and YouTube (SEO). This program works for any budget (big or small).

What marketing channels are used to generate leads?

The training program will cover the following channels:

Free / low organic channels: LinkedIn, Google (SEO) & YouTube (SEO)

Paid advertising channels: Facebook ads

What is the cost per lead for Facebook Ad campaigns?

For best results, it’s good to aim for a cost per lead between $5 to $30 and a cost per appointment between $100 to $300. However, this can vary greatly depending on your industry, competition, location, etc. The only way to know for sure what your Facebook ads costs will be is to spend about $1,000 on Facebook Ads and see what your cost per lead is.

Once you know your cost per lead, you can then split test additional ads to see if you can improve your results. By working with us, you’ll get a headstart and save money because we already have a proven funnel and Facebook ad templates that are more likely to convert vs if you were to start from scratch. On top of that, we provide consulting on your ads and can give you feedback and suggestions on how to improve it before your ads go live.

What is included in these lead generation packages?

Both packages include everything you need to get leads & quality sales appointments each month. This includes setting up your marketing and sales funnel, creating your VSL, ads, follow up emails and more.

What’s the difference between the training and done for you packages?

The results are exactly the same in both options. The only difference is who is the one that sets everything up. In the training package, you set everything up yourself (following our templates, training and consulting services). On the done-for-you package, we set everything up for you and manage it for you for the first 30 days too.

Free Training

Learn how to generate more 10, 15, 30 or more predictable sales appointments each month with your ideal clients (without relying on referrals, cold calling, networking and things like that).