Getting good quality exclusive annuity leads with wealthy individuals who actually WANT an annuity can be challenging.


Most annuity lead generation strategies rely on old, outdated tactics such as:

  • Going to networking events
  • Cold calling
  • Cold emailing
  • Buying leads lists
  • Relying on referrals
  • Buying shared leads
  • And so on…

The problem with these annuity lead generation strategies are that they are time-consuming, expensive, and, quite frankly, not as effective as other strategies.

For over 10+ years, I’ve helped hundreds of financial advisors, insurance agents, and financial professionals generate exclusive leads without relying on networking events, referrals, word of mouth, or anything else like that…

And with that in mind…

Here are my 5 best annuity lead generation strategies if your goal is to get high-quality leads and appointments.


Short on time? Here’s an overview of the best ways to get annuity leads:

  • The fastest way to get annuity leads is by running ads online. However, remember that you need the right strategy to run annuity ads successfully. Otherwise, you’ll just waste your money.
  • The best free way to get annuity leads is to create content for your blog or YouTube channel. Your content can show up on Google for people searching for questions about annuities. Then you can send people from your content to an automated appointment funnel.
  • The easiest way to get leads is to buy annuity leads from another marketing company. However, this is the most expensive method to get leads and leads are often shared or low quality. That’s why many financial advisors prefer to get their own exclusive leads instead (this video explains how).
  • To set up your own marketing system to get annuity leads, it’s worth getting help from someone who has already done it. This can help you avoid costly mistakes and save countless hours of trial and error. Watch this video to see how we can help.

Note: Even though the marketing strategy we use works for ANY business that needs appointments, we’ve specifically got great results using this strategy for financial advisors who sell annuities and other life inusrance related products. See our client results here.

Now, let’s explore specific strategies for generating prequalified annuity leads that meet your desired demographic, income, and geographic criteria.

How To Get Exclusive Annuity Leads

Here are the best ways to get exclusive annuity leads:

1. Facebook & Instagram Ads

Best marketing channel to buy exclusive annuity leads

Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the best places to generate annuity leads because you can target people actively searching for annuities online without paying for expensive Google ads.

What I like & dislike about Facebook ads

Facebook Ad Pros

  • Quick results
  • Scalable
  • Predictable
  • Fully automated
  • Cheaper than buying leads from another annuity lead generation company

Facebook Ad Cons

  • Requires money for ads
  • Only works well if you have the right Facebook ads strategy

What you need to know about Facebook ads

Facebook ads can work extremely well for getting exclusive annuity leads.

However, many financial advisors and insurance agents who run Facebook ad campaigns never seem to get any results.


It’s usually because they either:

  • Have the wrong strategy
  • Have the wrong messaging
  • Have the wrong targeting

Facebook ads only work if you can get the right message in front of the right person in the right way.

How can you do this?

Learn from someone who has already got results

Rather than try to “guess” what kind of ads will work well to get annuity leads, it helps to work with someone with experience generating them.

That’s exactly what we help our clients do!

We already know what works well, so you can avoid the months (or sometimes even years) of trial and error trying to figure out what works.

Here’s a recent example of the cost per lead in one month for one of our financial advisor clients selling annuities using the strategy outlined here:

Facebook ads example

As you can see, their average cost per lead is only $8.44!

Would you like similar results?

If you’re a client of our done-for-you lead generation or consulting program, you can get access to our proven financial advisor, annuity & insurance templates which already convert well.

This saves you thousands of dollars in “testing” ads that probably won’t work and months (or even years) of trial and error.

Click here to learn more about working with us if you want to use our proven templates for getting results straight away.

Tips for getting annuity leads with Facebook ads

Here are some Facebook ads targeting tips to get annuity leads:

  • Target an older demographic (age 45+ is best)
  • Focus on wealthy individuals or families ($500K or more in investable assets)
  • Advertise to people who are actually looking for annuities (in-market targeting)
  • Talk about the big problem annuities solve in retirement

On Facebook, you can even target people interested in annuities, life insurance and even wealth management, as seen here:

Example of Facebook annuity interests

The key to success with Facebook marketing is combining the right strategy with the right messaging and target market.

See ‘Step 4’ of my Free Masterclass training to learn more about targeting people on Facebook ads.

How much do annuity leads on Facebook cost?

For our clients, here’s how much exclusive annuity leads typically cost:

  • Average cost per exclusive annuity lead: $10 to $30 (average is $20)
  • Average cost per booked annuity appointment: $100 to $300 (average is $200)
  • The average amount of investable assets: $250K to $1 Million ($500K is average)

Note: Costs vary depending on your location and target audience, but in most cases, it’s still a lot cheaper than buying leads from a lead generation company.

Remember, these are for exclusive leads that ONLY go to you.

These leads are NOT shared with anyone else, and you don’t need to chase leads for appointments. They book the appointment straight into your calendar because they actually want to speak with you (which makes the sales call much easier).

Click here to learn more about working together if you’d like us to help you get your own exclusive annuity leads.

2. TikTok Ads

Cheapest marketing channel to buy exclusive annuity leads

TikTok Ads

TikTok ads is a new and powerful way to get exclusive annuity leads.

You might be thinking…

“TikTok ads? Really!!? I thought TikTok was just for young people?”

Well, you might be surprised to learn that there are currently 9+ million active TikTok users in the USA who are over 55 years old and 24+ million users who are 45+.

And you can target people on TikTok based on income, wealth and more.

Many of our clients use TikTok ads to target people with at least $500K in investable assets. As a result, TikTok ads have been converting incredibly well for insurance agents and financial advisors recently.

What I like and dislike about TikTok ads

TikTok ads pros

  • Predictable leads
  • Get cheaper annuity leads compared to Facebook & Instagram ads
  • Target people searching for annuities
  • Very scalable
  • Fully automated

TikTok ads cons

  • Costs money to run ads
  • Only works if you have the right strategy
  • There is a risk TikTok ads might get banned in USA in the future

It’s worth noting: TikTok ads work almost exactly the same way as Facebook ads.

For example, you can target people based on interests such as “annuities,” “retirement,” “investing” and more.


On TikTok you can target people by income level. So if you want to target wealthier individuals or families on TikTok, it’s a good idea to include this in your targeting.

How much do annuity leads with TikTok ads cost?

  • Average cost per lead with TikTok ads: $15
  • Average cost per appointment with TikTok ads: $150
  • The average amount of investable assets with TikTok ads: $500K

These results are averages for clients who sell annuities. In some cases, some of our clients have got even better results!

Here is an example of one of our best-performing clients currently running TikTok annuity ads:

TikTok ads for annuities

As you can see, their CPA (cost per action or cost per lead) is $4.73.

This is almost unheard of in the financial services & insurance space!


In our tests, we’ve found TikTok ads to be cheaper than Facebook ads right now because most businesses are advertising on Facebook, Instagram Google & YouTube. As a result, TikTok has less advertising competition which means your costs are lower.

However, it probably won’t stay this way forever. So take advantage of the lower costs while you can!

If you need help with using TikTok ads to get annuity leads, watch this video.

3. Blogging (Search Engine Optimization)

Best free marketing channel to get high quality annuity leads

Google search

Looking for a way to get free annuity leads each month? If so, it’s worth investing in blogging (search engine optimization).

Sure, Facebook and TikTok ads are a great way to buy exclusive annuity leads quickly, but they are not free. You need to pay for ads.

And if you stop paying for ads, the leads stop too!

Blogging is completely different!

You can get leads for FREE for YEARS into the future.

Best of all, these are high-quality leads who are in the market and searching for a solution right now!

How can you get annuity leads with SEO?

To get annuity leads with SEO, you need to write articles on your website that answer questions that people are searching for on Google.

This includes questions such as:

  • What are the best annuity rates?
  • What are the best annuity providers?
  • How can I buy an annuity?
  • How much does a $500K annuity pay per month?
  • What percentage of your portfolio should be in annuities?

And so on…

(You get the idea!)

Then, if you optimize your article for search engines, you can appear at the top of Google for these and similar questions.

This means you’ll get leads from people who are actively searching for information about annuities right now.

Here’s an example of one of my clients who started creating annuity articles for his blog and now gets leads each week for free from Google:

Annuity SEO traffic

They started writing articles in the summer of 2023 (following the method I teach in my strategy here), and as you can see, they are now getting hundreds of visitors each day and new annuity leads and clients each month.

Want to learn more?

How to get leads for free using Google is explained in more detail in ‘step 4’ of my free training here.

What I like & dislike about Google SEO

Google SEO Pros

  • Free leads
  • High quality leads
  • Evergreen leads each month
  • Very profitable
  • You can save time by creating content using AI

Google SEO Cons

  • Takes a longer time to see results compared to running ads

How to get free annuity leads from Google

To get free exclusive leads from Google searches, you need to show up when people search for annuities-related keywords on Google without running Google ads.

You can do this simply by creating content that answers questions your potential clients are searching for.

For example, if someone searches for “how do annuities work,” you could show up with an article on your website that answers that question.

To learn more about this, see ‘Step 4’ of my free Masterclass training.

Here’s what one of my clients who sells annuities emailed me after getting their first client for FREE from Google using our VSL strategy:

Once again, watch my free training to learn how to get the same kind of results.

How much do leads from SEO cost?

Since you’re not paying for ads, here’s how much leads & appointments cost:

  • Cost per lead: $0
  • Cost per appointment: $0

Yep, you read that right! It costs $0!

In other words, you can get leads for FREE.

The downside is that it takes time for SEO results to kick in. And you need to spend time creating content.

Thankfully, because of AI, it’s now easier than ever to write articles for your website by using AI writing tools.

So, if you want the best of both worlds (free leads in the long term and leads right now through paid ads), I recommend using both free and paid lead generation strategies at the same time. I explain how to do this in more detail here.

Fastest marketing channel to get FREE annuity leads

Webcam screen recording

Another excellent way to get exclusive annuity leads for free is by recording YouTube videos.

YouTube search engine optimization (SEO) works similarly to Google SEO.

The main difference is that with Google SEO, you create articles answering questions that your potential clients ask related to annuities, whereas with YouTube SEO, you answer these questions in a video format for YouTube.

What I like & dislike about YouTube

YouTube SEO Pros

  • It’s free
  • High-quality leads
  • Leads convert quicker
  • Best marketing channel to build trust with leads
  • Videos can rank on both Google & YouTube search
  • YouTube videos get faster results vs writing content

YouTube SEO Cons

  • Takes time to create videos
  • Some advisors might not feel comfortable on video

The KEY to getting leads for free with YouTube is to create helpful YouTube videos that answer annuity-related questions people are searching for on YouTube.

For example, if someone searches YouTube for “How does an annuity work” or “What is the safest way to build wealth in retirement?” your video could appear in the search results.

You can then include a link to your lead generation funnel in the description of your video so that people can reach out to you for more information.

Here’s an example of the traffic one of our annuity clients has got from recording YouTube videos:

YouTube financial advisor example

They started with 0 videos and 0 views and each month they’ve been growing consistently. They now getting new leads, appointments and clients from their videos each month.

And best of all, these leads are 100% free and generated without paying for ads.

To learn how to do this in more detail, see ‘Step 4’ of my free Masterclass training.

How much do annuity leads with YouTube cost?

Annuity leads from YouTube searches are free. Similar to Google SEO, the only cost is the time it takes to create content each week. Typically, it can take about 2-4 hours to record, edit, and publish one video.

However, you only need to create the content once, and your content can bring in leads for years into the future, giving you a huge return on investment.

5. Buy annuity leads from lead gen companies

Financial advisor sales call

Another popular way to get annuity leads is to buy annuity leads from other marketing or lead generation companies that sell annuity leads.

Buying annuity leads is a good way to get leads without doing any marketing work yourself.

How does it work?

1. Annuity lead generation companies typically pay for ads on Facebook or Instagram

2. After they generate a lead for $10 (as an example), they re-sell it to other insurance agents or financial advisors for $50, $100 or $200 or more.

3. Some annuity companies will prequalify leads before sending them to you by asking them how much they have in investable assets.

The results can differ for each annuity lead generation company.

However, after speaking with many clients who have bought annuity leads in the past, they’ve often told me the leads were:

  • Bad quality
  • Hard to get hold of on the phone
  • They would need to spend a long time chasing leads to get an appointment

That’s why many of our clients prefer to get their own exclusive leads at cost and be in control of their own digital marketing.

Note: We actually work with some of the lead generation companies that sell leads so we know all the ins and outs of buying and selling leads to businesses. There are pros and cons of buying leads as seen below.

What I like & dislike about buying leads

Pros for buying leads

  • Requires no (or very little) work on your end
  • Fast results

Cons for buying leads

  • Most expensive way to generate leads
  • Quality of leads is not always great
  • Sometimes you need to chase leads to get an appointment
  • Sometimes leads are shared with other advisors
  • You’re not in full control of your marketing

How much does buying leads cost?

The costs of buying an annuity lead can range from $250 to $500 per lead.

However, for many lead companies, a “lead” is usually just someone who fills in an online form, and it’s not the same as a sales appointment.

From what clients I’ve spoken to on the phone have told me, when they would buy leads (before working with me), they would only typically speak to 1 in 10 leads.

So if you pay $250 for a lead but only speak to 1 out of 10 leads, your actual cost per appointment usually ends up being $2,500.

This is why buying leads can become quite expensive compared to getting your own leads.

So keep in mind your cost to get an actual qualified sales appointment will most likely be higher.

Does buying annuity leads work?

Buying annuity leads can be an effective lead generation strategy if the lead provider is good and you are willing to chase leads to get an appointment.

Unfortunately, most financial advisors and insurance agents I’ve spoken to have told me that buying annuity leads is expensive and that very few (if any) leads they’ve bought have converted.

That’s why they’re looking for a better way to generate their own exclusive leads without buying leads.

Watch this video if you’re interested in getting your own exclusive annuity and insurance leads.


With the right strategy, getting annuity leads can be easy and affordable. The marketing strategies outlined in this article should give you a good place to start.

If you want a deeper dive into getting exclusive leads and appointments with your ideal clients, watch this free training video I’ve recorded. It explains everything you need to do step-by-step.