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Skyline Social is the best source of exclusive annuity leads, appointments and clients for financial advisors and insurance agents. Get 10, 15, 30 or more high quality appointments each month without relying on referrals, word of mouth, networking, seminars, cold calling or anything like that!

Get more than just “annuity leads”. Get booked annuity appointments with your ideal clients.

We help you generate exclusive annuity leads that convert into sales appointments with people who actually want to work with you.

We customize your annuity digital marketing campaign to get high quality annuity leads that match your unique requirements.

We can get fixed, variable or indexed annuity leads. And we can target people who have $250K, $500K, $1Million or more to invest in an annuity.


There are a lot of annuity lead generation companies that promise to get you leads and appointments. So here are a few things that make us different to the competition:

Lower cost per lead 

What others do: Others pay Facebook ads for leads (e.g. $20) and then resell the lead to you (e.g. $200)

What we do: We help you get leads and appointments directly from the source (e.g. Facebook ads) without any mark-up on top. So you’ll always pay the lowest price for leads.

High Quality Annuity Leads

What others do: You have to spend countless hours chasing leads just to get an appointment.

What we do: The annuity leads book an appointment with you in your calendar because they actually want to speak with you. No chasing required.

Automated & Evergreen

What others do: You need to pay for leads and appointments constantly. If you stop paying for leads, the leads stop.

What we do: We don’t rely only on ads. We also help you get free annuity leads and appointments each month for years to come using search engine optimization (SEO).


Totally under promised and over delivered.”

- Tony

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“Appointments came in on a regular basis!”

- John

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“The rewards have absolutely been worth it.”

- Eric

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The Process

Here are the steps we take to set up your exclusive annuity lead generation campaign:

Step 1: Set everything up


The first step to generating annuity leads and appointments is to set up an automated appointment funnel that converts strangers into leads, appointments and clients who WANT to work with you. 

We can either set everything up for you or show you how to do it.

Step 2: Launch the campaign

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Once your annuity marketing funnel is up and running, the next step to get annuity leads is to advertise your sales funnel. The strategies we use include:

Paid Strategies:

  • Facebook Ads
  • TikTok Ads

Free Strategies:

  • Google SEO
  • YouTube SEO

Paid strategies get faster results, but cost money. Free strategies take more time to see results, but are more profitable in the long-term.

Learn the difference between each annuity lead generation strategy here.


Step 3: Maximize conversions

    Once we’ve lauched your annuity lead generatoin campaign, most of it runs on autopilot.
    You’ll be getting new annuity leads every day straight to your inbox!
    However, for best results, we recommend that once a week you continue to add additional weekly follow up emails to your automated email sequence.
    This will help you maximize the amount of annuity leads that convert into appointments and clients. We can either give you customized training on how to do this or we can do it for you.

FAQs About Our Annuity Lead Generation Company

What are annuity leads?

An annuity lead is when someone submits a form to learn more about how an annuity could help them in retirement. The lead can include just their name or email or more detailed information such as their zip code, how much they want to invest in an annuity, age, and more.

At Skyline Social we help you generate exclusive annuity leads that convert into appointments.

What are exclusive annuity leads?

An exclusive annuity lead is an annuity lead that is not shared with any other financial advisors or insurance agents. This increases the chances you’ll be able to convert the annuity lead into a client.

What types of annuity leads do you get?

We can generate exclusive annuity leads from a wide range of categories including fixed annuities, indexed annuities and variable annuities.

We can target people anywhere in the buyer journey including people who are ready to buy an annuity, people who are looking for the best annuity rates and people who don’t know what an annuity is but would be open to learning more.

How long does it take to get annuity leads?

It only takes a few days to start getting annuity leads if you use paid advertising channels (like Facebook ads or TikTok ads). If you use free organic channels (like Google SEO or YouTube SEO) it typically takes 6-12 months before you start getting annuity leads.

What are the demographics of the annuity leads?

Because we customize the annuity lead generation campaign for each client, we can target any demographics you prefer. Most of our annuity clients prefer to target people over the age of 45+ or 55+ (also known as senior leads). We can also target leads by location, including zip codes, cities, states or nationwide.

Do you set appointments with the annuity leads?

No, because there’s no need to! The leads book an appointment directly on your calendar and they’re ready and excited to speak with you. There’s no need to manually follow up with leads or have an appointment setter using our strategy.

Are these qualified annuity leads?

Yes, we get pre qualified annuity leads by getting all leads to fill out an application form before they schedule a call with you on your calendar. We customize the application form so we can pre qualify leads to your exact requirements. For example, some of our clients only want leads that have $500K or more to invest in an annuity. We can pre qualify leads so that they meet this requirement. Keep in mind though that the more leads have in investable assets, the more the annuity leads will cost.

How is this different to hosting annuity marketing seminars?

Annuity marketing seminars can be a great way to get annuity clients, but they are often very expensive and time consuming to run. Our annuity lead generation strategy follows the same concepts of annuity seminars, but instead of having people watch and listen to a presentation in person, we host the presentation online where they can watch it any day – any time – 24/7.

Can I sell other products to these annuity leads?

Yes, once you have generated an annuity lead, you can sell them anything else you want. Many of our clients like to cross-sell leads other insurance services. It’s your lead and you can promote whatever you like to them.

How much do annuity leads cost?

Our clients generate exclusive annuity leads ranging from $5 to $50. However, not all annuity leads convert into appointments. So it’s more important to consider the cost per appointment instead of the cost per lead. The average cost per booked appointment for our annuity clients is about $200 when running ads.

Other lead generation companies will charge you $200 to $500 for an annuity lead but this doesn’t actually mean a booked appointment!

Often only 1 out of 10 of these leads convert into appointments so that means the cost per appointment is actually $2,000 to $5,000.

So be careful when comparing the price of annuity leads. It’s more important to compare the price of booked annuity appointments.

For clients who use our free organic lead generation strategies to get annuity leads, the cost to get new leads and appointments is $0 because these leads find you organically for free from Google or YouTube searches.

How do I receive the annuity leads?

You’ll get automatic email notifications of new annuity leads as they arrive in real-time.

How many leads can I order each month?

You can choose as many annuity leads as you like each month by increasing or decreasing your budget.

Once you’ve spent $1,000 to $3,000 on paid ads, you’ll get your cost per lead and cost per appointment. Once you know your cost per appointment, you can decide how many appointments you want each month.

For example, if your cost per appointment is $200 and you want 10 appointments, you would pay $2,000 (10 x $200). If you want more, you pay more. If you want less, you pay less. You can choose how many leads and appointments you get each month.

The cost of the lead & appointment varies depending on the location, age and wealth of the leads you’re targeting.

How much does it cost to work with you?

It’s a one-time investment to work with our lead generation company.

The price depends on whether you sign up for our consulting or done-for-you package. You can see our pricing here.

What are annuity appointments?

Annuity appointments are annuity leads that book an appointment in your calendar because they are interested in purchasing an annuity. Unlike other lead generation companies, you don’t need to chase these annuity leads for an appointment. They book an appointment directly on your calendar. 

What's the difference between annuity leads and appointments?

An annuity lead is someone who fills in a contact form because they are interested in learning more about your annuity services. An annuity appointment is someone who schedules a call in your calendar because they are actually interested in speaking with you to purchase an annuity.

How many annuity appointments convert into clients?

On average, 25% of annuity appointments purchase an annuity and convert it into clients. Of course, this can differ depending on the advisor, your experience and your skill level when selling annuities.

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