What is the best lead gen strategy for financial advisors?

For financial advisors, wealth managers, financial planners, RIAs and insurance agents generating new leads is crucial to success.

To win clients, you need appointments. And to get appointments, you need leads.

So… the big question is….

How can you get a stream of new leads, high quality appointments and clients each month in your firm?

And how can you do this in a way that is automated, profitable, consistent and predictable?

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • The old vs new way for financial advisors to get leads
  • Why buying leads is (usually) not a good idea
  • The best financial advisor strategy to generate leads
  • How to start generating financial advisor leads for free
  • How to generate even more leads with paid advertising (e.g. Facebook Ads)
  • How to maximize your conversions by converting more leads into clients

But wait…

Before you learn HOW to generate leads, it’s important you have the right strategy.

I’ve recorded an in-depth video that goes through how to get 10, 15, 30 or more predictable appointments each month with your ideal clients right here. This video will go through how the strategy works in a lot more detail.

Free lead generation training

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Old vs New way of generating financial advisor leads

Old Way: Generate leads through traditional marketing strategies such as networking, relying on referrals, seminars, cold calling, etc.

The problem: Although this strategy worked well many years ago, its effectiveness is dwindling. Often they’re unpredictable (word of mouth / referrals), expensive (seminars) or time consuming (networking events and seminars).

Also, Since COVID-19, people are less inclined to meet up in person… But this can actually be a GOOD thing. Why? Now many people are a lot more open to speaking to you virtually (over the phone or via Zoom). This allows you to reach even more clients and get even better results through your digital marketing.

The NEW way: Generate leads, appointments and clients 100% online. Generating leads online is typically less expensive than running events and less time consuming than networking events. In fact, there are strategies we use where you can generate high quality leads each month – for FREE. Generating leads online is also more predictable (when done right). You can know exactly how many leads, appointments and clients you can win every month. Watch this video to see how.

The result: New leads, appointments and clients every month in your business.

Old Way: Buy leads from a marketing company

The problem: There are many companies that will sell you leads. Usually these leads are people who have filled in a form online to speak to a financial advisor. In theory, it sounds great! But in reality (after speaking to many financial advisors who have bought leads), the leads are hard to get hold of, expensive and don’t usually convert into clients.

Even worse, some marketing companies sell SHARED leads that are passed to multiple advisors that you have to compete with!

The NEW way: Generate your own EXCLUSIVE leads. If you generate your own leads, you get to buy leads at-cost. In other words, you’re not paying a marketing company a mark-up for the leads they have already purchased from another marketing channel (such as Facebook Ads). Furthermore, by generating your own leads, you can spend more time building and developing a relationship with the leads so that you no longer have to chase them to work with you. Instead, they will be chasing YOU.  Watch this video to see how.

The result: Get cheaper and better quality exclusive leads who WANT to work with you.

Should Financial Advisors Just Buy Leads?

Going back many years in my business, I actually used to SELL leads to financial advisors (and a few other industries).

But I quickly realized that this wasn’t what was best for the client.

I knew clients would get much better results if they generated leads themselves.

That is why I switched my business model from selling leads, to helping clients get their own exclusive leads at-cost (without paying a marketing company a premium for leads).

If you’re curious why I stopped selling leads, watch this video I recorded:


Top tip: If you’d like to learn how financial advisors get 10, 15, 30 or more predictably high quality sales appointments each month without relying on networking, referrals or word of mouth then click here to watch my free masterclass training where I show you how it all works.

The challenge with generating financial advisor leads

Let me know if the following sounds like you:

  • Do you start each month wondering where that next client is going to come from?
  • Are you tired of chasing leads? Wouldn’t it be better if leads chased you instead?
  • Are you tired of buying low quality leads that you can never seem to get hold of?
  • Are you tired of using traditional lead generation strategies – such as referral marketing, networking events, seminars, etc?
  • Do you believe marketing is important, but everything you’ve tried just hasn’t worked very well and you can’t figure out why?

Many financial advisors I speak to are finding that traditional marketing strategies for generating leads – things like getting referrals, word of mouth, networking, seminars, etc – are not as good as they used to be. Often the results are slow, unpredictable, expensive and difficult to scale.

For example, imagine you’re at a business networking event or a dinner seminar. There are 100 people in the room, but only 3 are actually looking to work with a financial advisor right now.

You could theoretically go round the room speaking to every person until you find the 3 that are actually interested in your services. But what if you already knew who those 3 people were? What if you ONLY spoke to those who are actually interested in working with you? That’s what our strategy allows you to do.

Financial Advisor In-Market Data

With our unique financial advisor lead generation strategy, you can finally STOP wasting time chasing leads and speaking to people who are not interested in working with you. Instead, you will ONLY speak to people that are excited to work with you.

When we talk about “lead generation” we believe quality is better than quantity.

It’s better to speak to a few really good quality prospects, than speak to a hundred people who are not going to be a good fit and just waste your time.

Our philosophy for an effective lead generation strategy for financial advisors is simple: focus on getting high quality appointments with potential clients that actually want to work with you (rather than try to generate random leads with anyone).

For the last 10+ years, I’ve been helping clients generate exclusive leads, appointments and clients in their business in a way that is predictable, profitable, automated and scalable. This video explains how it all works in detail.

The best financial advisor strategy to generate leads

To generate exclusive financial advisor leads, there are three stages that you need to master:

  • Stage 1: The Strategy
  • Stage 2: Generating Leads
  • Stage 3: Converting Leads into Appointments & Clients

All of these parts need to work together well if you want to get high quality exclusive financial advisor leads with your ideal clients.

Below we’ll go through each stage one by one.

How our lead gen strategy is different

When it comes to lead generation for financial advisors, not all leads are the same. The way we do lead generation is very different to what you’ll find other lead generation companies offer.

Here’s what most other online lead generation companies are doing for financial advisors:

  • Selling you leads they also share with multiple advisors (competitors)
  • Selling you low quality leads that are not your idea type of clients
  • Charging you a premium for leads that you could actually get on your own for a lower cost (if you knew how)
  • Selling you leads that you constantly have to chase and follow up with. Most are not interested.

But imagine…. Instead of generating “leads” with people who have no interest in actually speaking with you… What if you could generate leads with your ideal clients and get them chasing to work with YOU?

And instead of paying another lead gen company a premium for shared or low quality leads, what if you could get your OWN exclusive leads at-cost without paying anyone else?

That’s what you can do with the right strategy.

How to set up your marketing and sales funnel for financial advisors

This video explains in detail what strategy we use.

But in general, to create a successful funnel for financial advisors, you’ll need:

Because we’ve already worked with lots of financial advisors, we already know what works.

So we give you a battle-tested and high converting system designed to generate high quality sales appointments each month with people who actually WANT to work with you. We already know exactly what to do and say to get you RESULTS straight away.

This will save you years of mistakes and potentially thousands of dollars in wasted advertising costs. You can see how the strategy works in this video.

Why most financial advisors fail to generate leads

The hardest part of generating your own leads is knowing what to say in your landing pages, ads, automated follow up emails, etc to get conversions. It can normally take many months – sometimes even years – of testing to find what works.

And this is why many financial advisors who try to generate leads online through digital marketing channels such as Google, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn or YouTube don’t get any results. They either don’t have the right strategy OR they don’t know what to say to get results.

Fortunately, because we’ve worked with a lot of financial advisors, we already know what works.

We can save you  time and money from making costly mistakes and set up a system from the beginning that generates leads and converts these leads into high quality sales appointments.

And best of all, once it’s set up, most of it all runs on autopilot.

You no longer need to keep following up and chasing leads. Leads will be chasing to work with you. All you need to do is focus on having high quality sales appointments with prospects that are actually interested in being your client. Click here to see our case studies and success stories from other financial advisors

How to generate free financial advisor leads

An easy way to start getting new clients as a financial advisor is to generate leads using free or low cost strategies.

What are the best free or low cost lead generation strategies for financial advisors?

Here are the channels we’ve found work best:

Google (SEO): This is where your website will appear at the top of Google for people searching for your services. Chances are you found this article through Google – which is proof that the strategy we use to rank higher no Google works really well!

YouTube (SEO): This is where your videos will appear at the top of both YouTube and Google search for questions related to services that people are searching for.

LinkedIn Outreach: You can generate leads on LinkedIn (without ads) and automate most of the work.

See this video for more information on how to generate leads for free.

How to generate financial advisor leads with Facebook Ads

If you want to scale up your marketing and get even faster results, you can use paid advertising channels such as Facebook Ads to generate leads.

How does it work?

You pay Facebook to run ads targeting your ideal clients. After spending $1,000 to $2,000, Facebook will tell you your cost per lead and cost per appointment. Once you know your cost per lead & appointment, you can then decide how many leads & appointments you want every month.

For example, if your cost per appointments on Facebook Ads is $100 then if you pay Facebook $1,000, you will get 10 appointments ($100 x 10 appointments = $1,000).

The great thing about Facebook Ads is that you’re in complete control of your marketing and you can get as many leads and appointments as you like each month on-demand.

Although you can use any paid advertising channel to generate leads, we’ve found Facebook Ads works best for targeting seniors and is an excellent lead gen channel for financial advisors.

See this video for more information on how to generate leads on Facebook Ads.

How to automatically convert financial advisor leads into appointments and clients

Just because you generate a lead, doesn’t mean you’ve instantly generated a new client. In fact, for most financial advisors, the buyer journey can sometimes be a long one. In other words, most leads will not convert into clients straight away.


It’s because you need to build up a lot of trust with someone before they decide to work with you.

How can you build trust?

Here are two simple – yet powerful – strategies that we use:

  • Retargeting: This is a very cost effective way to stay top of mind with your potential clients
  • Email Marketing: This is where you provide helpful content to your potential clients on a regular basis

These two strategies can also be automated.

This means your leads can be nurtured every day, week and month – automatically!

And whenever the time is right for THEM to work with you, they will reach out and schedule a call in your calendar. That way, you only speak to people who already WANT to work with you.

This allows you to generate appointments and clients each month without you needing to spend any time manually chasing leads yourself. Instead, leads will be chasing to work with YOU.

Next Steps?

If you want to learn more about generating leads for your firm, the next step is to watch a video that will walk you through how the strategy works step-by-step. Click here to watch the video and see how it all works in action.

If you like what you hear on the video and want our help to set this up for you, you’ll then have the option to schedule a call and we can go through how it all works in more detail and answer any other questions you might have.