Are you looking for the best way to automate your LinkedIn lead generation with LinkedIn lead generation software?

If so, you must use some kind of LinkedIn automation tool.

But the problem is…

There are a LOT of LinkedIn lead gen automation tools out there!

How do you know which LinkedIn automation tool is best?

In this article, we’ll review the most popular LinkedIn automation tools to help you decide which LinkedIn automation tool is the best based on these three things:

  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Price
  • Safety

Let’s get started!

Tip: You can only use ONE LinkedIn automation tool at a time (per LinkedIn profile).

Before you start… Get the right LinkedIn strategy!

LinkedIn automation software is just software. It’s a tool. 

And it’s never the tool that gets you RESULTS with LinkedIn marketing.

It’s the strategy.

So BEFORE you use ANY LinkedIn automation software…

Make sure you use the right strategy on LinkedIn!

To learn more about the strategy I use for LinkedIn lead generation in my own business and for clients check out my Free Masterclass training by clicking here.

Top 5 LinkedIn Automation Tools

If you’re short on time, here are the top 5 LinkedIn automation tools:

Let’s look into each of these tools in more detail.

Meet Alfred Tool for LinkedIn

1. Meet Alfred


Meet Alfred is our number choice because of how easy it is to use. With Meet Alfred you don’t need to download any software. Everything works in the cloud.

Meet Alfred also offers additional features to maximize your LinkedIn lead generation results.

  • Runs in the cloud (no software download or extensions needed)
  • Easiest software to use
  • Has cold email features
  • Has Twitter outreach features
  • Integrates with your CRM
  • Goes over the LinkedIn weekly limits
  • Good support
  • Not the cheapest option on this list

Meet Alfred is the best LinkedIn tool if you’re looking for something that’s very easy to use and doesn’t require you to download any software or keep your computer running for it to work.

It is a little more expensive than other tools on this list, but you get a few more extra features.

Overall, it’s the easiest LinkedIn automation software on this list.

Meet Alfred Review

Is Meet Alfred easy to use?

Meet Alfred is very easy to use compared to other LinkedIn automation tools. It has a user-friendly interface, and it runs on the cloud.

This means you do not need to install anything on your local computer (unlike most other LinkedIn automation tools) to use it.

Because it’s easier to use and works in the cloud, managing your LinkedIn campaign with this software typically requires less time.

It works seamlessly in the background.

Does Meet Alfred have a lot of features?

Meet Alfred has a lot of features compared to other LinkedIn automation tools.

Meet Alfred advertises itself as an “all-in-one” lead generation tool.

See also: What is the best all-in-one funnel builder?

Some of the additional features they have include: Twitter automation and cold email automation from within the software without needing any additional Zapier integrations to do this.

How much does Meet Alfred cost?

Meet Alfred price starts from $49/month for some basic features or $89/month for access to most of their helpful features.

The $89/month package (in most cases) is what you’ll need to purchase to generate leads on LinkedIn successfully.

Meet Alfred also offers discounts if you pay quarterly, as seen here:

Meet Alfred Pricing

Click here to compare pricing

Is Meet Alfred affected by LinkedIn weekly limits?

No. Meet Alfred is not affected by LinkedIn invitation weekly limits. They can bypass these limits and send more than 100 invites per month. They say they do this using their own proprietary techniques.

2. LinkedIn Helper 2

Most advanced LinkedIn automation tool

Linked Helper 2 Review

Linked Helper 2 is a very cost-effective LinkedIn automation tool with many advanced features. It is definitely one of the best LinkedIn automation tools if you want the most control of your campaign.

Why is Linked Helper 2 the safest LinkedIn automation tool?

Linked Helper 2 is software you download to your computer or laptop to run automation tasks on your LinkedIn profile.

Because the software run on your computer, unlike Meet Alfred, you won’t be logging into LinkedIn from multiple locations. This creates less potential issues for your LinkedIn account to be flagged for security concerns.

Furthermore, this tool doesn’t use any Chrome extensions. Although oftentimes you can use Google Chrome extensions to automate LinkedIn lead generation without any problems, it is more detectable by LinkedIn. So this increases your risk.

Because Linked Helper 2 uses their own proprietary web browser, no Chrome browser extensions are needed. This makes automating LinkedIn with Linked Helper safer compared to other automation tools.

Although Linked Helper 2 is very safe to use, this does come at a cost: Inconvenience. Compared to other tools, Linked Helper 2 is a little bit more complicated to use.

Is Linked Helper easy to use?

Linked Helper 2 has a LOT of features and gives you a lot of customization options.

This gives you a lot of control over your LinkedIn automation. For example, you can choose:

  • How many people you connect to
  • How many people you message
  • How often the software waits between connecting and messaging people

At the same time, all these features can be a bit overwhelming for someone new to LinkedIn lead generation.

So Linked Helper does have a bit of a learning curve (more so than other LinkedIn automation tools). However, the advantages are that once you know HOW to use it, it’s fairly easy to keep it running.

It’s worth noting Linked Helper also requires you to download the software to your local computer. This means it takes a little more time to manage vs other tools that run on the cloud and don’t require any downloads.

Ease of use: 2/5 (1 = difficult and 5 = easy)

Need help using Linked Helper? How to use Linked Helper to generate leads is covered in detail in our lead gen course.

Does Linked Helper have a lot of features?

Yes, Linked Helper has a lot of features, including:

  • Automatic LinkedIn connections
  • LinkedIn messages
  • Integrations with Zapier and a variety of other marketing tools

The only thing it lacks in features is built-in email or SMS integrations (like other LinkedIn automation tools).

However, our lead generation strategy in our lead generation course is super simple and effective. This you don’t really NEED all these extra features.

Even though Linked Helper does not have as many features as other LinkedIn automation tools, they do give you a lot of CONTROL over how your Linked connections and LinkedIn messages are sent.

For example, you can choose to send messages slowly or quickly. Other LinkedIn automation tools (such as Meet Alfred) do not give you this level of control when sending LinkedIn connections and LinkedIn messages.

How much does Linked Helper cost?

Linked Helper is one of the most cost-effective LinkedIn automation tools. The price starts from only $15/month, giving you access to most features you need for it to work properly.

Does Linked Helper 2 offer good support?

LinkedIn Helper offers fast email support; however, they do not offer any live chat support.

Is Linked Helper affected by LinkedIn weekly limits?

No. Linked Helper 2 is not affected by LinkedIn invitation weekly limits. They can bypass these limits and send more than 100 invites per week. They allow you to send unlimited weekly invites. However, to be safe, I don’t recommend sending more than 700 LinkedIn invites per week.

3. LinkedRadar

Cheapest & Best Google Chrome extension for LinkedIn auto connects & messages

LinkedRadar is the cheapest and safest Google Chrome extension for connecting and messaging people on LinkedIn automatically.

Why is it safer than other Google chrome extensions for LinkedIn automation?

  • It has safety limits to help you avoid getting restricted on LinkedIn
  • It uses AI and a proprietary algorithm to mimic human behavior
  • Unlike other tools, it warms up your account first so you can use LinkedIn more safely
  • LinkedIn cannot detect you are using this (unlike other Chrome extensions)

If you’re looking for a reliable, safe and cheap LinkedIn automation tool then LinkedIn radar is the one for you!

You can connect and message people on LinkedIn automatically. The tool works in the background of your web browser, so it works without you having to manage it constantly.

The price also makes it very competitive compared to other LinkedIn automation tools.

Click here to check pricing

4. useArtemis

useArtemis is a lead generation tool that allows LinkedIn & Sales Navigator scraping, enrichment, and multichannel outreach.

Is useArtemis easy to use?

Yes, useArtemis is easy to use and straightforward. It’s composed of an app and a chrome extension. The chrome extension is used to scrape LinkedIn in the cloud. Once exported, leads will be automatically enriched with emails.

You can create a campaign to reach out to your leads through multichannel marketing platforms, including: Linkedin, Emails & Twitter

Does useArtemis have a lot of features?

useArtemis has most of the typical LinkedIn automation features you can expect, such as:

  • Send automatic messages on LinkedIn
  • Send automatic emails
  • Send personalized-by-AI invite notes 
  • Send automatic LinkedIn connection requests
  • Send customized LinkedIn email campaigns
  • Push your own leads to your campaigns through API
  • Automatic enrichment of your leads
  • And more

One of the unique features I like about useArtemis is that it allows you to send personalized LinkedIn invitations using AI. This reduces the chances that LinkedIn will restrict your LinkedIn account.

How much does useArtemis cost?

useArtemis starts at $49 per month. With this plan you can enrich up to 2000 leads per month and run 4 multichannel campaigns at the same time.

Click here to try useArtemis for free!

5. BigLinker

BigLinker (also known as Big Linker) is a relatively NEW LinkedIn automation tool that is gaining popularity.

BigLinker Review

Is BigLinker easy to use?

BigLinker works in the cloud so it is relatively easy to use compared to other LinkedIn tools you need to download.

Does BigLinker have a lot of features?

According to their website BigLinker allows you to:

  • Send automatic messages
  • Send automatic LinkedIn connection requests
  • Send customized LinkedIn email campaigns
  • Manage leads from a sales CRM

How much does BigLinker cost?

According to their website, BigLinker costs $79/month.

6. Closely

Closely is a relatively new LinkedIn automation tool with a beautiful design and many features.

Closely review

Is Closely easy to use?

Closely is an extension you need to install on your Google Chrome web browser. Like many automation tools, there is a learning curve, but it’s relatively easy to use once you know how.

Does Closely have a lot of features?

Closely has most of the typical LinkedIn automation features you can expect, such as:

  • Send automatic messages
  • Send automatic LinkedIn connection requests
  • Send customized LinkedIn email campaigns
  • Manage leads from a sales CRM

It also has a few unique features such as:

  • Connect with people who like the same content
  • Connect to people who attend the same events as you
  • Sync and manage multiple accounts for wider outreach

How much does Closely cost?

The Cosely LinkedIn automation tool only costs $50/month, which is reasonable compared to other LinkedIn automation tools.

7. Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup is one of the oldest LinkedIn automation tools.

Dux-Soup Review

Is Dux-Soup easy to use?

Dux-Soup is an extension you need to install on your Google Chrome web browser. Because it’s not on the cloud (unlike other automation tools), it’s not the easiest tool to use. But it can still work well once you get the hang of it.

Does Dux-Soup have a lot of features?

Dux-soup has most of the typical LinkedIn automation features you can expect, such as:

  • Send automatic messages
  • Send automatic LinkedIn connection requests
  • Send customized LinkedIn email campaigns
  • Manage leads from a sales CRM
  • And more

How much does Dux-Soup cost?

You’ll need the Turbo Dux package to generate leads on LinkedIn effectively. The Turbo Dux package costs $55/month.

8. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a widely used, all-in-one Linkedin content automation tool. Especially if you are just starting, SocialPilot can help you build your LinkedIn marketing strategy from scratch. 

Is SocialPilot easy to use? 

SocialPilot is a cloud-based software suite that is easy enough to use but may need a few minutes to get your head around. After all, it does manage a wide range of social platforms, so this is expected. 

Does SocialPilot have a lot of features? 

In addition to the typical LinkedIn automation features you can expect, SocialPilot offers: 

  • Curate customized Posts
  • Bulk scheduling (up to 500 posts) 
  • Schedule the first comment on posts
  • Supports 7 platforms (TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  • Instantly generates a detailed performance report  

How much does SocialPilot cost?

This platform will cost you $30 monthly for 1 user, which is relatively affordable considering its capabilities.

9. LeadFuze

One of the most laborious sides to lead generation can be finding the right contact details (if you don’t have a sales funnel), LeadFuze takes this hard work out of your LinkedIn lead generation strategy by sourcing the relevant details that you need. 

Is LeadFuze easy to use? 

LeadFuze is a cloud-based platform that utilizes AI and is very easy to use. 

Does LeadFuze have a lot of features?

Here is what LeadFuze offers as a lead-generation tool:

  • Matches specific opportunities and sectors to leads
  • Notes checked emails, social media accounts, and phone numbers
  • Use AI technology to find leads 

How much does LeadFuze cost? 

Considering the extent of other automation tools, LeadFuze can be expensive as it costs $147/month a month.

Consider another platform if you want a cheaper LinkedIn automation tool. However, LeadFuze offers additional data for LinkedIn leads not found in other typical tools. This may make the higher cost more reasonable if you want to access this information.

10. Crystal

Crystal is an AI powered lead generation tool. The platform analyzes a LinkedIn profile to determine their buying behavior accurately. 

Is Crystal easy to use? 

Crystal is very easy to use! It is a Chrome extension you can plug in and go with. 

Does Crystal have a lot of features? 

Crystal uses AI to analyze a prospect’s personality and then offers you insight on how to communicate with them, increasing the personalization of your outreach: 

  • Analyze prospect personality 
  • Customize emails and messages quickly 

How much does Crystal cost? 

Crystal has a free version that you can use for up to 10 prospects; then after that, it is $49 a month.

11. Wiza

Wiza is a platform that aims to condense your lead prospecting time to nearly nothing; Wiza connects to Sales Navigator and uses live-time-data technology to qualify leads for you.

Is Wiza easy to use? 

Wiza also works as a Chrome extension that syncs up with your LinkedIn; it is extremely simple to use. 

Does Wiza have a lot of features? 

Wiza remains focused on what it does best and that is qualifying prospects, here’s what it offers:

  • Data scraping in real-time
  • Integration with your CRM
  • Builds qualified lists for you with AI (with 99% accuracy)

How much does Wiza cost?

Wiza comes in at $70 a month and is worth every penny if you are looking for lead generating software that also qualifies leads for you.

12. Aeroleads


Aeroleads is a tool for B2B LinkedIn lead generation and can help you find the right details of leads that might otherwise be harder to source. 

Is Aeroleads easy to use? 

Aeroleads is relatively easy to use, and it offers both a Chrome extension and software to use. It integrates with both your CRM and LinkedIn seamlessly.  

Does Aeroleads have a lot of features?

Aeroleads works much the same as other tools mentioned in this article, here’s what it offers:

  • Finds emails, phone numbers, and social media for people and businesses with high accuracy
  • Transfers the file across as a .csv file for your CRM
  • Email suggestions and outreach automation 

How much does Aeroleads cost? 

Aeroleads comes in at about $49 a month!

Honorable Mentions

There are lots of LinkedIn automation tools not covered in this article, including:

  • Expandi
  • Lempod
  • SalesHub
  • PhantomBuster
  • Texau
  • Zopto
  • WeConnect
  • Growthlead
  • Octopus
  • Salesflow
  • LinkedFusion
  • Lead Connect
  • SalesLoop
  • Wiza

I hope that at least one of the LinkedIn automation tools on this list can help you choose the right one for you and your business.

Are LinkedIn Automation tools safe?

Can using LinkedIn automation software get your LinkedIn account restricted or banned? Yes. But what you may be surprised to learn is that NOT using LinkedIn automation tools can also get your LinkedIn account banned or restricted.

So whether you use LinkedIn automation software or not, your LinkedIn account can be restricted if you don’t use LinkedIn correctly.

See this video for a quick overview of how to use LinkedIn automation safely:

YouTube player

I’ve noticed one main thing when using LinkedIn automation tools.

It’s not so much the tool LinkedIn doesn’t like; it’s more about HOW you’re using those tools.

Automation tools give you a lot of power, and that power can be misused.

  • You could spam people and send them links to things they don’t want to see.
  • You may send things like links to your products and services when they haven’t even asked for any of that stuff.

So these are all the wrong ways of using LinkedIn automation software.

How to use LinkedIn automation tools safely

To use LinkedIn automation tools safely, you need to use the LinkedIn automation tools to replace what you would otherwise be doing manually.

So it’s best to find LinkedIn automation tools that mimic human behavior.

What is the safest LinkedIn automation tool?

To use LinkedIn safely and increase the chances your account gets restricted, here are some things to consider:

  • Don’t use multiple LinkedIn accounts from the same location
  • Don’t send messages or connections too quickly
  • Don’t spam
  • Avoid sending more than 150 LinkedIn invitations each day (100 or less would be even safer)
  • Do not have more than 1,500 pending LinkedIn invitations
  • Upgrade to a LinkedIn Premium account

If you do this, you can likely avoid any LinkedIn restrictions. However, please note there are still no guarantees you will completely avoid LinkedIn restrictions. LinkedIn’s rules and policies are always changing.

Is Meet Alfred safe to use on LinkedIn?

Yes, overall many users have been using Meet Alfred to automate LinkedIn lead generation safely. Meet Alfred helps you stay safe by introducing daily limits for how many actions you can perform on LinkedIn each day, as seen here:

Meet Alfred Daily Limits

Is Linked Helper safe to use with LinkedIn?

Yes, Linked Helper is a relatively safe tool to use for LinkedIn automation. It gives you a lot of control over HOW the LinkedIn automation software works.

You can control both the daily limits (same as Meet Alfred) AND the “delay settings” between each action.

Linked Helper delay settings

In other words, you can control how long it’ll wait between sending one message and another message or between taking one action and another action.

It’s not about the tool… It’s about HOW you use it

Just like a hammer in real life can be used safely or dangerously, so can LinkedIn automation software be used safely or dangerously.

For example, you could use Linked Helper 2 to send out lots of messages to your LinkedIn connections very quickly (the dangerous way), or you could use it to send out LinkedIn messages to your LinkedIn connections slowly (the safe way).

Remember to use LinkedIn automation software safely to copy the same actions you would take on LinkedIn manually if the software didn’t exist.

Are LinkedIn bot chrome extensions safe?

LinkedIn auto connect and auto message bots using a web browser, Google Chrome extension do not mimic human behavior as accurately as moving a mouse and clicking on different links on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn chrome extension

They also change the code on the website, making it easier for LinkedIn to know if you’re using a LinkedIn bot.

Therefore using LinkedIn bots via web browser extensions is not as safe as using computer software or LinkedIn tools that mimic human behavior without modifying the LinkedIn web pages.

For this reason, I recommend using Linkedin bots that do not work with web browser extensions for BEST results.

So, what’s the best LinkedIn automation tool?

Although there are many LinkedIn automation tools to choose from, we would consider Linked Helper 2 and Meet Alfred the best ones.

Although any LinkedIn automation tool can work as long as you have the right strategy.

Which tool is better: Linked Helper 2 or Meet Alfred?

Both are good and here’s a quick summary of the key points from each software:

Linked Helper:

Meet Alfred :

  • Requires no more than 5 minutes a day
  • Price: $49/month (Personal plan)
  • Easiest LinkedIn automation software to use because it works in the cloud
  • Visit Meet Alfred to learn more

It’s totally up to you which one you decide to go for. If price is very important to you, then go with Linked Helper as it’s the most cost-effective solution (but does come with more of a learning curve).

If you want the easiest solution to use and the price isn’t a big deal, use Meet Alfred. It also has a few extra features (like built-in email / Twitter messages).

See this video for a more detailed comparison between Meet Alfred & Linked Helper:

YouTube player