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Are you a business owner and an entrepreneur looking to use social media and digital marketing to grow your company? Do you want to make your life easier, less stressful and have new clients coming to you on a regular basis? Then you’re in the right place. Welcome to Skyline Social.


Creating an effective social media plan is the best way to get started.

WANT more leads?

We find your potential customer using social media and help you generate leads.


Content marketing & email marketing can help you convert leads into paying clients

Are you a web design, creative or digital agency?

We’ve got a special plan just for you. Learn how we work with agencies by providing white-label social media lead generation services to you and your clients. No hassle, no worries and a true partnership where we are an extention to your team.

Do you sell to other businesses?

If you own a business and you sell a professional service to other businesses – we’ve got you covered. We work with B2B clients and understand the lead generation and lead nurturing process that is unique to b2b service based businesses.

Are you a business consultant?

If you’re a business coach or consultant who wants to help your clients small businesses grow through social media lead generation, then we can help.

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How to target business owners on Facebook ads

How to target business owners on Facebook ads

Think LinkedIn is the ONLY channel for B2B? Think again! 🙂 We use both Facebook and LinkedIn for lead generation and Facebook (believe it or not) most of the time performs best when targeting business owners using paid ads. Are you wondering how on earth you'll find...


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