Have you ever wondered how you can find, attract and win your dream clients? Not just clients that pay you good money, but clients that you actually enjoy working with. Clients who you can truly help and provide an amazing service and experience.

Maybe you have a rough idea of who these people are already, but you’re not quite sure how can you actually find, attract and win them as clients?

Here are some of the ways you can use social media lead generation to find your ideal clients and customers.

Know who your dream clients are

Who are your dream clients? What kind of people are they? I’m not just talking about things like their job title, industry, company size, etc. I’m talking about what their challenges are, what do they really want, and so on.

If you don’t know who your ideal clients are on a deeper level, it’s going to be more difficult to attract and win them.

Researching and understanding who your ideal clients are, takes some work and is usually an ongoing process, but the results are worth it if you want to attract and win them!

The more targeted and clear you are with who your dream clients are, the better results you will get when you launch a marketing campaign on social media.

Top tip: From a business perspective, you can work with different types of clients. From a marketing perspective though, it’s best to focus on one type of client at a time (in your targeting, messaging, etc). You want to be as specific as possible.

Where do your dream clients “hang out”?

If you’ve taken the time to do your research about your ideal clients, you’ll have a very good idea as to where they hang out.

Now the beautiful thing about social media is that chances are very high your dream clients are using some, if not all, of the main social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn).

So without guessing, you can go to Facebook (or any of the other social media channels) and create an audience to test and see if your dream clients are on that channel. For example, on Facebook, you can target by interests, demographics, behaviour and many other options! It’s crazy how much data Facebook has on people… but you can use that to your advantage in your business.

How can you attract your dream clients?

Now that you know that you can find your ideal clients on social media, how can you actually get them interested in working with you?

First, they need to know you exist. Second, they need to know you understand and can help them.

The best way to make your dream clients aware that you exist and that you can help them is by providing free educational content that solves a problem your dream client is facing right now.

That way, you build trust, and anyone that buys from you needs to trust you first.

Create content that solves one of your dream clients’ problem

If you’ve done research about your dream clients and even talked to some of them, you should have an idea of some of the problems they are facing. If your business helps them solve these problems, then create a piece of content with a solution to one of their problems.

For example, if you’re a business coach and one of your dream clients’ problems is “never having enough time,” then create content around how to manage your time more effectively. If you’re a web design agency and your dream clients’ problem is that their current website doesn’t make any money, then create content about how your website can win you more leads and customers.

The content doesn’t have to be an article. It could also be a video, a podcast or even an online mini course.

Top tip: There are hundreds of potential problems you can probably solve for your dream clients. Start by testing a few first and over time you will learn what content works better.

Get your best content in front of your dream clients

Now that you know where your clients are hanging out (what social media channels) and what problems they are facing (your free educational content) you can start to advertise to them. In return for the free content, ask people to give you their contact details (name & email) so you can follow up with them in the future.

When you give people free content in return for their name and email, you generate leads.

So if you target your dream clients and give them content they will find interesting, you can generate leads with your ideal clients, and not just anybody.

Create a lead generation campaign using social media.

Yes, this will cost some money, but you don’t have to spend a lot to get started. You can get started for as low as £200/month ($300), and once you get some results, scale up whenever you’re ready. The more you spend, the more results you can get.

You can even generate leads on Facebook without a landing page, and if you need more help you can always reach out to me for training or sign up for our done-for-you services.

Convert your dream clients into sales

There’s a difference between finding your dream client and getting them to work with you.

So, now that you’ve started to generate leads and attract your dream clients, you need to actually convert them into sales.

To do this you need to follow up with your leads until your leads are ready (it’s the right time for them and their business), willing (they trust you enough) and able (they have the money) to buy from you.

Here are a few ways you can nurture your leads into actual paying clients:

  • Offer an entry level service
  • Change the selling environment (offer free consultation, an online webinar, etc)
  • Follow up with your leads through social media posts and retargeting
  • Follow up with your leads through email marketing
  • Use Facebook Messenger bots
  • Be consistent in your marketing
  • Manually pick up the phone or record a custom video for your leads

It’s important to remember that no matter where your leads come from, you need to follow up consistently and keep building trust to convert your leads into paying clients.