Did you know LinkedIn has a powerful search feature that allows you to find people who are looking for your services in real-time?

It’s super-easy and takes as little as 2-minutes to get started.

We’ve even picked up a few clients ourselves using this exact method.

Watch the full video below to see how it works:

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And here is a step-by-step breakdown of the process I go through in the video:

Time needed: 1 hour.

How to find leads with LinkedIn search

  1. Once you have logged in to LinkedIn you will see a search box on the top-left corner of your page:

    LinkedIn Search Box
    Click on the LinkedIn search box to start typing.

  2. In the search box type in “Recommend + [keywords related to what you do in your business]”

    For example, for Skyline Social, I would search for “Recommend social media” and this will find people who have posted updates on LinkedIn using those keywords.

    So when someone posts an update on LinkedIn saying “Can anyone recommend a good social media agency?” then I will be able to find that person and reply back to them.

  3. Click on “Posts”

    Once you click on “Search”, the next step is to select the “Posts” category as seen below:

  4. Scroll down the page and find people who are looking for what you do.

    I just did a quick search now and in 10 seconds found the following two potential leads:

  5. Reach out to those new leads

    I normally reach out to people in two ways.

    A) Add them as a connection on LinkedIn
    When you do this make sure you add a “Note” to your message as to the reason WHY you are adding them as a LinkedIn connection. I’ll normally say something along the lines that “I saw your post on LinkedIn looking for social media and thought it might be good to have a chat and see if we would be a good fit”.

    B) Message them
    Look for their contact details (most people have their email listed on their profile) or send them an InMail through LinkedIn.

    In my experience, you will get a much better result if you can find their email address and send them an email instead, rather than a message through LinkedIn.

  6. Repeat this process and try different keywords in the search box.

    You can keep scrolling through an almost endless list of posts with the keywords you selected. Remember, not everyone will be related, but some will.

    You can further refine your search by experimenting with different keywords. For example, if I wanted to find people who are looking for an IT Support company in London I could search for “Recommend IT Support + London”.

    Play around with different keywords and think about what would someone potentially post on LinkedIn if they are looking for your services.

Try it out for yourself

Within the first day of publishing this article, I already had someone who contacted 5 possible leads as seen below.

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Happy LinkedIn prospecting!