Done-For-You Lead Generation

We can set up your whole lead generation campaign for you! 


How to best win clients fast

What’s included:

  • Everything in the training program, plus:
  • Done-For-You video sales letter (VSL)
  • Done-For-You funnel landing pages
  • Done-For-You follow up emails
  • Done-For-You Facebook ads campaign set up and management for 30 days
  • After everything is set up and working, we give you personalized training on how you (or someone in your team) can keep the momentum going (or we can keep managing it for you).

Who is the done-for-you program good for?

If you think you’ll be too busy to set up and manage your lead generation campaign yourself, the done-for-you program is a great way to get started without it taking up too much of your time.

What is it?

We create your lead generation campaign for you following the information in our training program.

Who is it for?

Business owners who are too busy to set up and manage everything themselves.

How does it work?

We’ll send you a two page questionnaire to learn more about your business. Then we do everything else for you!

You Still Get Access To Our Online Course

On the Done-For-You program, you’ll still get access to our 4-week lead generation online course. We recommend going through the material even if you’re on the Done-For-You package so you have a better understanding of how everything works. The only difference is you only have to watch the videos. We’ll be the ones doing the work.

Here are the contents of the online course:

Week 1 - Strategy

Build the foundation for a successful and high converting marketing funnel that generates leads, appointments and clients

You’ll learn:


  • How to create the right messaging to attract your ideal clients
  • How to get results as fast as possible with this program
  • How to create your video sales letter (with templates)
  • How to record and publish your video sales letter (with templates)
  • How to create your marketing and sales funnel (with templates)
  • How to get quick wins with your new marketing and sales funnel
  • Organic vs Paid client attraction methods: which is best for you?
  • The best and easiest way to create a simple professional website with a blog (optional bonus)
Week 2 - Organic Client Attraction

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Learn how to generate exclusive leads and clients systematically on LinkedIn every month (without spending a penny on paid ads).

  • The LinkedIn Lead Machine organic strategy
  • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile
  • How to find potential clients on LinkedIn
  • How to use automation software to save 80% of your time on LinkedIn
  • How to avoid LinkedIn limitations
  • How to maximize your LinkedIn results
  • How to track and improve your LinkedIn results

Google Lead Generation

Learn how to generate exclusive leads and clients systematically on Google every month (without spending a penny on paid ads).

  • How to generate leads on Google organically
  • How to create a search engine friendly website
  • The best content to create to generate leads on Google
  • How to brainstorm and organize content ideas
  • How to structure your content for lead generation
  • How to publish your content
  • How to generate backlinks organically
  • How to get results on Google… As fast as possible!

YouTube Lead Generation

Learn how to generate leads and clients each month for free by using YouTube videos.

  • How to maximize your SEO results with YouTube videos
  • How to create YouTube videos (including what equipment you need)
  • How to edit your YouTube videos
  • How to optimize and publish YouTube videos to generate LEADS (not just likes, subscribers and views)
  • How to optimize your YouTube channel
  • How to get results on YouTube… Fast!
Week 3 - Paid Client Attraction

Automate and scale up your lead generation using Facebook Ads.

  • The Best Facebook Ads strategy for leads, appointments and clients
  • How to build strong Facebook foundations
  • How to structure your Facebook ads campaign for leads & appointments
  • How to create high converting Facebook ads (with templates)
  • How to create & launch your Facebook ads (step-by-step training + real-life example)
  • How to manage and optimize your Facebook ads
  • How to troubleshoot Facebook ad problems
Week 4 - Client Conversion

Build trust and nurture your leads into paying clients to maximize conversions

  • How to follow up with leads automatically (with templates)
  • How to retarget your leads using Facebook and/or Instagram
  • How to achieve omnipresence online (retarget leads EVERYWHERE!)
  • How to follow up and nurture your leads on autopilot to maximize conversions

Learn the basics first for FREE

To get an idea of what we’ll do for you in the Done-For-You program, please watch the free masterclass training first by clicking here.

We also have a bunch of free YouTube videos and blog posts with helpful tips on how to generate leads if you’re not yet ready to take the plunge and get additional help and faster results by working with us.

Any guarantees?

Yes! On the Done For You program you pay once for us to help you set everything up and we guarantee you results or we keep working for free until you do.

Please note, we do not provide money back guarantees for the done for you package as we are the ones doing the work. We do provide a money back guarantee for our consulting package.

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