Want to get more leads, appointments and clients with your Video Sales Letter (VSL)?

Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of business owners create high-converting video sales letters (VSLs) and them to their ideal clients.

In this article, I’ll share my top VSL marketing strategies to help you get more leads and clients from your video sales letter!

Let’s get started!

Video Sales Letters

Need more appointments with your VSL?


If you’re looking to get high-quality sales appointments each month with your ideal clients using a VSL, check out this free training which goes through:

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  • How to best promote your VSL
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How to promote a video sales letter (VSL)

You could have the best VSL in the world, but if no one sees it, what’s the point? That’s why Video sales letters alone are not enough to generate sales. You need to promote your VSL!

Here are some of the best strategies to market, promote and advertise your VSL to get leads, appointments and clients in your business:

1. Use the VSL as a lead magnet

Promoting VSL through landing page

The best way to get leads with your VSL is to use it as a lead magnet. This involves creating a gated opt-in page where people must enter their contact details to access the video.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars sending leads directly to a video page or an opt-in page first, and I’ve found that sending people to an opt-in form landing page gets significantly better results.

This works better because only a small percentage of leads convert straight away after watching the VSL. Most leads convert days, weeks or months later. So, if you don’t have a way to follow up with them, you’ll miss out on a huge number of conversions.

For these reasons, it’s best to host your VSL on a sales funnel, where people need to enter their name and email to access it.

Here’s an example of how I’ve done it.

2. Promote it on your website & blog (SEO)

Promote VSL on Google SEO

Adding a link to your VSL from your website and blog content is one of the fastest ways to get leads with your video sales letter.

That’s why I have links going to my VSL everywhere on both my blogs and website, as seen here:

Website links to funnel

Ranking higher on Google is an excellent way to get more leads from your VSL. The key to doing this quickly is to create long-tail SEO content. Long-tail SEO content includes articles that answer a specific question on a page or blog of your website related to the services you provide.

For example, if you’re reading this article right now, chances are you came from a Google search related to video sales letters. Throughout this article, there are links to my VSL .

Once you click on one of those links, you’ll be taken to my appointment funnel, where you can watch my VSL. If you like what you see on the VSL, you can learn more about working with me.

In your business, you can do something similar.

For best results, in all the content you create on your website, you need to send people to your marketing and sales funnel (which has your VSL).

3. Promote it on YouTube videos

Ranking higher on YouTube is another excellent way to get more people to see your VSL.

For example, if you type in “video sales letter” on YouTube, you can see one of my YouTube videos shows up on the first page and has over 13,000 views:

Example of my VSL YouTube video found on YouTube search

To promote your VSL on YouTube, you need to tell people in the video to click the link in the description to watch another video that explains how you can help them.

When you do this, you can generate leads on YouTube with your VSL.

The advantage of using YouTube to promote your VSL is that YouTube has less competition compared to ranking your website higher with SEO. Furthermore, YouTube videos can rank on both the YouTube search and Google search results pages.

For example, if you search for “how to record yourself with AI”, you’ll see my YouTube video appears first on Google!

4. LinkedIn outreach

Example of my VSL YouTube video first on Google search

For the right target audience, LinkedIn is a goldmine for promoting your VSL!

But you need to use LinkedIn the right way.

The wrong way:

On LinkedIn, everyone else is spamming links to their services, scheduling pages or pitching their services.

As you can probably guess, this does not work very well.

The right way:

Instead, a better strategy for LinkedIn lead generation is to ask people on LinkedIn if they want to watch a short video that solves a problem they have (which, you guessed it, is your VSL!).

The more people that say “yes’ to watching your VSL, the more leads, appointments and clients you can get.

Here’s a video I recorded that explains how to promote your VSL on LinkedIn:

YouTube player

5. Paid Ads

If you have the budget, you can get much quicker and more scalable results by promoting your VSL through paid advertising.

This includes:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Google Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • Adroll ads

Be sure to check out ‘Step 4’ of my free Masterclass training to learn how to use Facebook ads to promote your VSL correctly.

6. Split test your VSL for best results

Once you’ve promoted your VSL to potential customers, you should monitor its engagement and conversion rates. This will help you increase the amount of appointments you get from your VSL.

If you use a video hosting tool like Kartra, you can see if there are parts of the video that are causing people to lose interest:

Kartra engagement video stats example

You can also use Kartra (or any other funnel building tool) to track how many leads and sales you get from your VSL.

Finally, you can use Kartra to split-test different landing pages that have different versions of your VSL:

Split testing videos

7. Keep your VSL length short (at first)

Man getting bored watching video on laptop

To get the most conversions from your VSL I recommend you keep the length fairly short at first.

Your video sales letter needs to be as short as possible while still being long enough to motivate people to schedule a call or proceed to the next step in your sales process.

This (in theory) could be anywhere from 2 minutes to 60 minutes.

But on average, most of our clients have VSLs that are 5-10 minutes long.

You can learn more about what affects the length of your VSL in this video:

YouTube player

You can use video editing tools to remove parts of the VSL that are not necessary.

Factors that can affect the length of your VSL include:

  • How complicated is your solution? Is it easy to explain?
  • What is the attention span of your target audience?
  • What do you need to say to motivate people to schedule a call?

Remember, anyone who schedules an appointment with you after watching a longer, detailed video explaining how you can help them (but not too long where you’re just dragging it out and making it long for the sake of making it long) is more likely to be a better-quality prospect on the appointment.

I typically recommend that clients using our lead gen services start with a shorter video, but not too short to the point where there isn’t enough information to motivate people to schedule an appointment.

The sweet spot is usually between five to ten minutes long (for a shorter video).

Benefits of longer video sales letters

In my own business, I first created a short sales video until I got to the point where I was getting TOO many appointments for me to handle (40-50+ each month). My conversion rate for these appointments was one out of four (25%).

Then I decided to improve the quality of these appointments even further by extending the short video (which was about nine minutes long in the beginning) to about 30 or 40 minutes long.

The longer video got fewer appointments, but the quality was even higher. My sales conversion rate for people watching the longer video was now three out of four (75%).

In your business, I would recommend a shorter video to start off with. Then once you’re getting lots of appointments, IF you want to improve the quality of those appointments even more, then you can consider creating longer sales videos that go into more detail as to exactly what you can do to help people.

Video Sales Letter FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about marketing VSLs: