Are you looking for the best video hosting platform for your business marketing videos?

Choosing the right video hosting website for your marketing and sales videos can have a tremendous impact on the results of your lead generation campaign.

After testing a wide range of video hosting services, here are the top 7 video hosting platforms for business owners – ranked and reviewed!

Quick Summary

Fast forward, here is a snapshot of the best video hosting platform: 

  • Kartra (best all-in-one solution)
  • Wistia (best for detailed data)
  • YouTube (best free option)
  • Vimeo (best for content creators)
  • Descript (best for audio and video editing)

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What are the best video hosting platforms for marketing?

1. Kartra 

Best all-in-one option

Kartra video

Kartra is an excellent video hosting site. Kartra video offers you the same (or sometimes more!) features as other video hosting solutions, but with one key difference: 

Kartra is an all-in-one solution. 

This means you can use Kartra for video hosting and everything else you need to market your business, including:

  • Building landing pages
  • Email marketing automation
  • Payment processing
  • Lead management
  • Online courses
  • And lots more!

For a successful sales funnel, you must attract leads and convert them into clients. This requires various integrations like email marketing, landing pages, and payment processing. 

Kartra makes this process simple by offering all these components in one platform.

This saves you the hassle of juggling multiple tools and integrations and also saves you money compared to paying for multiple separate plans.

Another feature I really like about Kartra is the ability to tag leads depending on how much of a video they watch. For example, if a lead doesn’t finish watching your sales video, Kartra can automatically tag them and then send them a reminder email.

Kartra's video tagging feature

With Kartra’s video hosting platform, you also get access to advanced video analytics, which give you metrics that can help you improve your videos performance:

Kartra video analytics dashboard

While Kartra provides comprehensive video hosting capabilities, it may be expensive if you are just looking for a video hosting service on its own.

Kartra video pros

  • All-in-one solution for digital marketing, including video analytics and hosting
  • Tag leads based on how much of the video they watch
  • Create marketing automations based on whether leads complete the video or not
  • Get advanced video analytics
  • Supports Picture in Picture (PiP)
  • Mobile friendly videos
  • Ad free video hosting
  • Unlimited video storage + views

Kartra video cons

  • May be expensive if you are looking for a video hosting service on its own.

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2. Wistia 

Best for Detailed Data


Click here to learn visit Wistia’s website

Maximize the impact of your video marketing campaigns with Wistia! This platform serves as both a video host and a powerful marketing tool, providing you with the tools to create engaging, customized video content and track your audience’s engagement. 

Experience ad-free, sleek video players with the ability to include calls-to-action (CTA) and lead-generation forms directly in your videos for higher conversions. 

Wistia call to action example

Wistia integrates with your sales funnel software, making it easy to manage your campaigns and leads all in one place.

Wistia Pros

  • Advanced video analytics
  • Highly customizable
  • Ad-free video players
  • Add CTAs and forms in videos
  • Embed videos on your funnel
  • Integrates with CRM software for easy lead management

Wistia Cons

  • Not an all-in-one solution like Kartra

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3. YouTube 

Best for free video hosting

YouTube dashboard

If you’re looking for a video hosting platform for your business, you can’t go wrong with YouTube. It’s free and has the largest audience out of any other video hosting platform – it is the second-largest search engine on the planet.

You can upload unlimited YouTube videos, share them with millions of people, and even monetize your content through ads!

While it’s true that YouTube offers a lot of reach for your videos with its massive user base, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll be facing lots of competition, and the ads and suggested video bar may distract your viewers from taking action.

To make the most of your sales funnel videos, it’s best to consider a paid video hosting site in addition to experimenting with YouTube for other areas of your business!

If you embed videos from YouTube into your sales funnel, the YouTube video ads and related YouTube videos could distract people from taking action and lower your conversion rate.

YouTube Pros

  • It’s a free video hosting site
  • People can find you via search
  • The second-largest search engine in the world
  • Upload videos with unlimited storage
  • Video monetization through ads

YouTube Cons

  • High competition with many other users and videos
  • Ads and suggested video bars may distract viewers and impact conversion rates
  • Not the best option for use in a sales funnel

Overall, I recommend using a paid video hosting service for any videos on your sales funnel and using YouTube primarily to help your normal video content get more reach.

4. Vimeo 

Best for content creators


Vimeo is a top-notch platform designed specifically for businesses in the content creation industry. With its emphasis on high-quality online video content and thriving community of creators (with whom you can collaborate), you can display your work to its full potential and collaborate with freelance video creators championing the same values.

Vimeo creator collaboration

If presenting your sales funnel with high-quality videos is important to you, then Vimeo could be a great fit! Its emphasis on high-quality video, especially for content creators, sets it apart.

Vimeo offers a free plan and standard analytics, but not as in-depth as Kartra. Ideal for businesses in content creation, Vimeo is a great place to display your work, with a strong creator community.

Vimeo Pros

  • High-quality video emphasis, ideal for businesses in content creation
  • A thriving community of creators offering opportunities to collaborate
  • Standard video analytics
  • Has a free version with Vimeo branding
  • Has a paid version with custom branding options
  • Embed ad-free videos

Vimeo Cons

  • Not an all-in-one solution
  • Doesn’t offer as many marketing features compared to Kartra or Wistia

5. Descript 

Best for editing videos


If you’re tired of the complicated and time-consuming process of editing videos (or do not know how to edit video), then Descript is a solution you may want to explore closely. It also holds up well as a video hosting site too. 

With Descript, you can edit videos and then host them with Descript’s online video hosting service.

Imagine being able to edit your videos just like you would a word document – this makes creating and refining your sales funnel video quick and stress-free, giving you more time to focus on what truly matters – delivering your key message to your audience and inspiring them to take action.

Descript video editor

Descript may not offer as many features as other platforms such a Wistia or Kartra in terms of analytics and marketing tools, and may have limited integration with other platforms. This can make it harder for you to track video performance and integrate it with your marketing strategy!

Descript Pros

  • An innovative approach to video editing, allowing you to edit videos like a word document
  • User-friendly interface, making video creation faster and more efficient
  • Record and host videos quickly and effortlessly
  • Record your screen very easily

Descript Cons

  • Does not have as many features as other video hosting sites in terms of analytics and marketing tools

See pricing for Descript here.

6. BombBomb

Best for email marketing focus


As I discuss in this video, If you want to stand out and grab people’s attention in your communication, like email, using video is key. And that’s exactly what BombBomb is designed for.

BombBomb allows you to easily embed and share personalized videos with leads in your sales funnel, allowing you to connect with your audience in a highly impactful way.

Record your screen using BombBomb

Though if you are looking for marketing features or unlimited storage space for your online videos, then BombBomb may not be the best video hosting service for you.

Pros of BombBomb

  • Personalized videos for impactful communication
  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Increases engagement and conversions

Cons of BombBomb

  • Limited video storage in some plans
  • Quality depends on shooting equipment

See pricing for BombBomb here.

7. Loom

Best for client collaboration


If you’re tired of spending countless hours trying to schedule meetings with clients or staff to discuss work, Loom is the solution you need.

Unlike any other video hosting site, Loom allows you to quickly and easily record and share videos, improving collaboration and simplifying the process of training and working with clients. 

With Loom, you can communicate ideas, provide feedback, and build relationships with ease. No more back-and-forth emails or scheduling headaches. Loom makes it easy to have more efficient and effective communication in your business. Oh, it also has a free plan!

Remember, while acquiring new clients is important, maintaining strong relationships with current clients is key to securing long-term business success. Two things that make a huge difference in client satisfaction and loyalty are exceptional communication and delivering outstanding work. Using Loom, you can stand out for your communication.

Loom Pros

  • Quick and easy video streaming, recording and sharing
  • Improves collaboration and simplifies the process of training and working with clients
  • Good enterprise video hosting site as it enhances internal and external communication
  • Great for recording quick screen shares
  • Has a free plan

Loom Cons

  • Free plan has limits to video length
  • Limited marketing features compared to other video hosting sites
  • Limited video analytics compared to other video hosting services
  • Not an all-in-one solution like Kartra

See pricing for Loom here.

In Conclusion

Videos are a must-have for your business. And so is the right video hosting platform!

By using them, you can connect with your potential customers and show them who you are and what you offer. And when it comes to the sales funnel, videos can help you attract, engage, and convert your prospects into customers. 

So, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, check out this video and learn how to get high-quality leads, sales appointments and clients by using video in your marketing strategy.