The best strategy to increase your sales calls

When it comes to increasing your sales appointments, there are a million and one familiar tactics – from cold calls, emails and door knocking to seminars and networking. Meanwhile, others rely on referrals, create lots of content for the sake of creating content, or buy leads from marketing companies.

What if I told you that investing time and energy into these techniques isn’t necessary?

There is in fact one very simple strategy to get sales appointments, which is far more effective and will save you valuable time.

Firstly, let’s look at what you’re currently doing

Let me start off by asking you: how many sales appointments did you have last week?

If the answer is ‘zero’, or ‘not as many as I’d like’, let me ask you another question… What did you actually do to generate more sales appointments last week?

Time for an upgrade

I’m going to show you how to get sales appointments, using one simple strategy that generates leads and new clients predictably every day, every week, every month – as often as you like!

Not only this, it will get clients chasing and reaching out to work with you.

Let’s break it down: what do you need to run a successful business?

In my opinion, in business, there are only three things that really matter.

1. Generating sales appointments. This is your marketing strategy.

2. Conducting sales appointments. This is the sales part of your business, when you sell your product or service to your customers.

3. Getting your clients incredible results. This is what you do best – it’s the operations and client delivery end of the business.

For many people, they’re pretty good at sales and helping their clients, but completely lost when it comes to marketing (getting more sales appointments in the first place).

This article is all about how to create a digital marketing strategy that’s designed to get help you increase your sales appointments, with the kind of high quality clients and prospects that you love to work with.

How to get sales appointments – a strategy that actually delivers results

Let’s dig in to the strategy. A lot of people’s marketing is focussed on the wrong thing, especially in digital marketing.

Everyone is talking about vanity metrics – getting more likes, more followers, more “engagement”. None of that actually correlates with getting more sales appointments.

Take LinkedIn, for example. There are people I’m connected to who spend all day commenting and posting on that channel. I asked some of these people, “How many sales appointments are you actually getting from LinkedIn every month?” The answer was zero.

To me, this is madness.

Why would you spend all day doing something that doesn’t bring in any business. Is it because LinkedIn, the tool, doesn’t work? Or is it because their digital marketing strategy doesn’t work?

The key to getting real results here lies in using the right marketing strategy.

For example, I hardly ever post or comment on LinkedIn, yet I get over 30 high quality sales appointments, predictably every month, from this channel alone.

You see, it’s the strategy that gets results.

Finding the best strategy for your business

The challenge when it comes to generating leads online is that there are hundreds of different strategies, and not all of them are relevant to you. A lot of them don’t even work!

For example, selling an online product, a course or an info=product is very different to selling a service.

So what if, just like me, you sell a service?

If that’s the case, there’s only one marketing funnel you need, and it’s actually one of the easiest ones to create.

And if you’re reading this and you don’t yet have this marketing funnel in your business, that’s good news! It means there’s a huge opportunity for growth for you and your business right now.

What does this marketing funnel look like? And how does this strategy work?

Let me show you and you’ll see how, logically, this strategy makes complete sense.

1. First of all, we start off with your target audience. If you have a particular niche or people that you help, we can find those people out there, using social media.

2. Now we figure out what their problem is, and what’s your solution for this problem. You need to have a message that presents a solution for your target audience’s problem. If you’re using Facebook Ads, you can turn that message into an advertisement, or if you’re using LinkedIn, you can send a message out to people in your target audience.

3. If people are interested in learning more, show them a video presentation, which explains how you can help them solve their problem. At the end of the video, if they’re interested in speaking with you to to learn more, they schedule a call.

This is called your video sales letter.

4. This means they’re the ones who are scheduling a call with you. You’re not going out cold calling these people.

5. Once you get on the phone, you carry out your own sales appointment.

By now, you’re probably thinking, this sounds great but how do I actually get this done?

How to get sales appointments, the easy way

At this point, there’s only so much we can cover in a blog post like this. However, you can watch my full free training which goes through each of the steps above in a lot more detail.

Instead of spending hours, months or even years wasting time and money trying to figure everything out, we give you a proven solution that works. This way, you can get results straight away. In other words, we make the tricky, time-consuming parts of developing and implementing a marketing strategy easy for you.

In the free training, you’ll learn a solution to your two biggest problems with increasing your sales appointments and winning more clients in your business.

1. Lead Generation. In other words, the people you are actually targeting. We help you to identify clearly who they are, and figure out the right message to send them. Then we get them to raise their hand to say they’re interested in learning more about what you do. We do this using various lead generation channels.

2. Lead Conversion. Just because you generate a lead, doesn’t mean that it’s a sales-ready lead and that this prospect is ready to become a client. You need to nurture and build up trust with the leads that you generate. This ensures you only get high quality sales appointments with people that already want to work with you.

This is the second part of the marketing and sales funnel. After having shown you what to include in a video to get the best results, we show it to your potential clients. Then, we help you set up the whole infrastructure so people can schedule a call straight into your calendar.

This way, you’re getting a booked sales appointment with someone who’s expecting your phone call, predictably every single month.

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How to learn more….

Are you interested in taking the next step to getting more sales appointments in your business predictably every single month?

If so, all you need to do is watch the free training I’ve recorded right here. This will go through the 5 steps to predictable appointments each month in a lot more detail. At the end of the training, you’ll have the option to choose whether you want to do this yourself or whether you want us to do it all for you.