Are you tired of constantly chasing and following up with leads only to get silence? *crickets*

Would you rather your leads were chasing to work with YOU (instead of you chasing to work with them)?

If so, here are some of the best ways to follow up with leads through your email marketing to get them chasing to work with you AND at the same time without needing to be annoying or too salesy.

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The best email marketing strategy for following up with leads

Often when I get new clients who start working with me, they say that they’re tired of following up on leads over and over again just to get no response.

They have tried to persistently contact their leads through various means without any success.

And every time I’ve hear this problem…

Here’s what I’ve realized:

The problem is NOT with the leads leads itself…

The problem is (usually) because of the strategy being used to with the leads in the first place.

The old way of following up with leads

Here’s what most people do when generating leads:

  1. They run some ads
  2. They send people to an opt-in form (and capture their name, email and sometimes phone number)
  3. They follow up with leads saying (more or less) the same things again and again to try and get an appointment

But, here’s the problem…

These lead don’t know who you are, they don’t know you and they don’t trust you.

They are (most likely) only hearing about you for the first time.

This means that getting a lead to reserve time in their calendar to speak with you will be extremely difficult.

The leads don’t want to waste their time (and rightly so)…

So, to get any decent results, you need to spend even MORE money on MORE leads because most will not convert into an appointment.

And (to make matters worse) most of the leads that do book appointments are not really that serious about working with you…

The new way of following up with leads

To get better results with lead generation, there needs to be a dramatic shift in how you’re getting and communicating with your leads.

Instead of chasing them for an appointment, you need to change the dynamics of the conversation, and get them chasing YOU.

But how on earth do you do that?

First: Change your lead gen strategy

Instead of sending people to an opt-in form and then following up constantly to try and get an appointment…

A better way would be to get people to fill in an opt-in form and THEN get them to watch a short video about how you can help them.

Do NOT sell to them or try to get an appointment with them until they watch your video first.

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If done correctly, your video will build up TRUST and motivate them to WANT to work with you and book an appointment to learn more.

That one simple tweak in your strategy will make sure that only those serious about working with you will speak with you.

The video will also filter out a lot of the time wasters and people who are not a good fit.

For best results, I also recommend putting a button below the video that they can click on after the presentation is over that will direct them to book an appointment with you.

Best vsl strategy example

(See my video as an example)

However, the majority of leads coming into your funnel STILL aren’t going to make an appointment solely from watching the video.

You’ll always get SOME that do… But most still won’t…

The reason for that is because, as mentioned earlier, they still don’t know or trust you enough.

So how do you get them to book an appointment and start working with you?

Build up more trust through follow up emails

To get more high quality appointments with leads, you just need to build up more trust.

So, the wrong way to follow up with a lead, is to be constantly chasing them in an effort to get them to book an appointment.

Avoid sending follow up emails all the time saying things like:

  • Hey [NAME], just wanted to touch base and see if you had time for a 15 minute call?
  • Hi [Name], I saw you said you were interested in [your services], but you haven’t scheduled a call yet. How does tomorrow afternoon work for you?
  • [Name], thanks for [consuming my free content]. When is a good time to speak?

These kinds of follow up emails do NOT build up any trust with your leads.

One or two emails reminding them to schedule a call with you here and there are okay… But if that’s ALL you’re saying when you’re following up, you won’t get anyone taking action.

What to say in your follow up emails to get high quality appointments

So, if you want to build up trust with your leads in your follow up emails, what do you need to say?

The best thing you can do is follow up with them answering questions about different problems they have related to your solution.

Just take a look at my blog or YouTube channel and scroll down to see all the questions I answer for potential clients.

This is exactly the same content I send out in my follow up emails to leads.

And you need to do EXACTLY the same.

Each time you answer questions that your potential clients have, you build up trust.

The more trust you build up, the easier it will to get leads to move to the next step in your sales process.

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Have a call to action in your follow up emails

One final tip is to make sure that in your follow up emails, you have a call-to-action with the next steps (usually at the bottom of the email somewhere).

That way, after every email they open and read, they will know what next steps they need to take (if they want your help).

How often do you need to keep following up with leads?

Every lead will convert at different times.

Some relatively quickly (in a few days or weeks) and others (the majority) in a few months or even years.

So you need to keep following up with your leads (forever) until they are ready, able and willing to buy from you.

It does take time to build an email sequence that follows up with leads over such a long time period… But the results (higher quality sales appointments and more clients) are definitely worth it!

If you’d like to see behind the scenes of the follow up emails I use for my leads, then check out my free Masterclass training where I go through how to generate leads and convert leads into clients each month in a way that is automated, predictable and profitable.