One of the most popular ways to find more prospective clients is by using cold email software for lead generation.

Cold email software makes it easy for you to:

  • Generate leads

  • Get more sales appointments

  • Find new clients

  • Build new relationships

  • SEO link building

  • And more!

However, cold email software is just a TOOL. And a TOOL is only good if you use it the right way.

In other words, to get results from cold email lead generation or any other lead generation technique, you need the right lead generation strategy.

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How can you find the best cold email software?

To find the best cold email software you need to consider a few factors:

  • Cost: How much does it cost?

  • Features: What can you do?

  • Ease of use: How easy is it to use?

  • Effectiveness: Does it work well?

The best cold email software will have a balance of all of these factors.

What is the best cold email software?

Here are nine of the best cold email outreach software solutions specifically for lead generation:

1. Saleshandy

Saleshandy homepage

What I like about Saleshandy is that it’s an affordable, all-in-one cold email sales automation platform. And I love using all-in-one funnel builders!

With Saleshandy, you can easily create cold email templates, automate your email outreach campaigns, and track all your emails in one place.

Saleshandy Key features:

  • LinkedIn prospecting: Find and add leads directly from LinkedIn

  • Email warm-up: Build your email reputation score with gradual email ramp up

  • High deliverability: Includes features such as “Bounce Guard” and “Email health score” to improve email deliverability

  • AI Writing assistance: Get help writing cold emails that are likely to convert

  • Advanced Email sequences: Create automated email follow-up sequences with behavioral rules

  • Email tracking: Know when prospects open and click on emails

  • Split testing: see what cold emails convert best

Saleshandy Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use

  • Lots of features

  • Low cost

  • Advanced email personalization

  • High email deliverability rate

  • A / B testing

  • LinkedIn email finder

  • Free templates & training


  • No free plan (but they do have 14-day free trial)

Saleshandy Pricing

Saleshandy pricing

Pricing starts from $29/month per user, which includes everything you need to run cold email campaigns (unlimited emails, unlimited prospects, unlimited sequences, a/b email testing and more).

Click here to get a free Saleshandy trial.

Saleshandy final thoughts

In my opinion, Saleshandy is the leading cold email outreach software for lead generation. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use ALL-IN-ONE tool with lots of features at an affordable price, then Saleshandy would be my number one recommendation.


Snov homepage is a powerful cold email outreach platform that helps you find and verify email addresses of prospects, create personalized cold emails, and track all your email activity in one place. Key features:

  • Email Finder: Find the right email address for any prospect with just a few clicks

  • Email Verifier: Verify the accuracy of email addresses before you send your emails

  • Cold Email Templates: Create personalized cold email templates for your outreach campaigns

  • Email Tracking: Know when prospects open and click on your emails

  • LinkedHelper 2 Direct Integration

One of the unique features that I like from is its built-in integration with Linked Helper 2.

You can use and Linked Helper 2 to send more than 100 LinkedIn invites each week because LinkedIn allows you to add more than 100 connections each week IF you know their email address (which helps you find automatically). Pros and Cons


  • Easy-to-use email finder & verifier tool

  • A large number of verified email addresses in their database

  • Affordable plans

  • Email drip campaigns

  • 14-day free trial (no credit card required)


  • No free plan

  • Basic features are only available on the highest-priced plan Pricing

Snov Pricing

Pricing starts from $39/month, which includes 1,000 credits and 5,000 unique recipients. Credits can be used to find or verify email addresses.

Click here to get a free Snov trial. final thoughts

Overall, is a great cold email outreach platform with a user-friendly interface. It’s especially helpful if you want to find and verify email addresses of people on LinkedIn.

3. MeetAlfred

Meet Alfred

Even though MeetAlfred is primarily a LinkedIn lead generation tool, it is still a very good cold email outreach tool as well. I recommend using Meet Alfred when combining both LinkedIn & cold email outreach together and if you want to automate your lead generation as much as possible.

Meet Alfred Key features:

  • Multi-channel marketing: Automatically connect to potential customers on LinkedIn, email and Twitter using the same tool

  • LinkedIn Lead CRM: Manage your LinkedIn leads and contacts through Meet Alfred’s built-in CRM features

  • Messaging Inbox: You can reply to LinkedIn messages directly from within Meet Alfred’s software (this is helpful when using LinkedIn with teams because you don’t have to share your LinkedIn login info with anyone else)

  • LinkedIn InMail features: Send additional messages to potential customers using LinkedIn InMail

  • Works on the cloud: Unlike other LinkedIn automation tools, you don’t need to download any software for this to work

One of the unique features Meet Alfred has compared to other cold email tools is its built-in multi-channel marketing campaign features. This means you can contact leads through multiple channels including cold email marketing, Twitter marketing, LinkedIn and even cold calling.

Tip: If you want to stand out with the images in your email outreach, why not try using an AI image generator? AI image generated images can help you quickly create unique photos for your emails in seconds.

Meet Alfred Pros and Cons


  • Integrates well with LinkedIn and other social media platforms

  • Send personalized emails and LinkedIn messages

  • Great for teams because everything is on the cloud


  • Email marketing features are not as vast as other cold email tools

Meet Alfred Pricing

Meet Alfred Pricing

Meet Alfred pricing starts from $49/month and includes a 33% discount if you pay yearly.

Meet Alfred final thoughts

From my experience, Meet Alfred is a great tool if you want to combine cold email marketing with LinkedIn lead generation and social media marketing.

I’ve used Meet Alfred for a long time and as long as you have the right lead generation strategy in the first place, you can get great results from this lead generation tool.

Click here to get a free Meet Alfred 14-day trial.

4. Woodpecker

Woodpecker is a cold email outreach tool that helps you verify and send personalized cold emails at scale.

I’ve found that WoodPecker is especially useful for agencies or larger sales teams because of its built-in sales CRM features. I used WoodPecker a lot in the early days of my business and it was especially helpful when building up new strategic partners.

One great that I like about Woodpecker is that it allows you to manage multiple cold email campaigns at once.

Woodpecker Key features:

  • Sales CRM: Organize and prioritize leads that are generated from cold email

  • Email Finder: Find the right email address for any prospect with just a few clicks

  • Email Verifier: Verify the accuracy of email addresses before you send your emails

  • Cold Email Templates: Create personalized cold email templates for your outreach campaigns

  • Email Tracking: Know when prospects open and click on your emails

  • Agency features: Generate leads for your own marketing agency or your clients

Woodpecker Pros and Cons:


  • Lots of features including a sales CRM & email finder tool

  • Advanced personalization options

  • Sales CRM features built-in

  • Agency features built-in

  • Great for managing multiple cold email campaigns from multiple people


  • A bit pricier compared to other cold email outreach tools

Woodpecker Pricing

Woodpecker pricing

Woodpecker pricing starts from $44/month which allows you to contact up to 1,500 prospects each month. But they do also have an “unlimited” option which allows you to email an unlimited number of people each month for an extra $10/month ($54/month in total).

Woodpecker final thoughts

Overall, Woodpecker is a great cold email outreach platform for larger teams or marketing agencies that want to generate a lot of leads at scale.

5. Yesware

Yesware’s email tracking is a great way to keep track of your emails. You can see when your emails are opened, how many times they are opened, and where your recipients are located. This is a great way to stay on top of your email marketing campaign and ensure your messages get through to your recipients.

Yesware Key features:

YesWare is an excellent tool for sales teams who need to track their emails when doing cold email marketing.

  • Email tracking: YesWare gives you the ability to see when someone opens your email, how many times they open the email, if someone clicks on a link, or even forwards it to someone else.

  • Link tracking: See when your links are clicked and how many times they have been clicked

  • Location tracking: See where someone is based when they open your emails

Yesware Pros and Cons:


  • More advanced email tracking features compared to other cold email tools

  • Simple to use software with an easy-to-use interface

  • Inexpensive compared to other cold email platforms

  • Allows you to track when email attachments are opened (not a lot of other sales outreach tools have this feature)

  • Great for personalized cold email campaigns

  • Can be used when sending sales proposals to leads

  • Cheaper than other cold emailing software


  • Not as automated compared to other cold email marketing software

Yesware Pricing

Yesware pricing

Pricing for YesWare starts at $19/month or less if you pay yearly. However, you’ll need to upgrade to the $45/month package if you want to remove the “YesWare” branding.

Yesware Final Thoughts

YesWare is a great cold email outreach tool if your sales team is looking to send out more personalized emails. The real-time email tracking tools and notifications are also very helpful so you know when is the best time to follow up with leads.

6. homepage is a great tool for sales and marketing teams. It allows you to automate your email outreach and is especially helpful for outbound sales, account-based marketing and for link building campaigns. Key features:

One of’s key features is the AI email assistant.

The AI email assistant helps you write cold emails that are likely to receive a response.

They do this by analyzing your cold emails and look at the:

  • Subject length

  • Word count

  • Question count

  • Reading level

  • Positivity cold email score

It then gives your email a “score” on whether someone is likely to respond to one of your cold emails.

This can help you significantly improve your cold emails (especially if you’re new to cold emailing).

Other key features include:

  • Whatsapp and SMS integration: Engage with prospects through whatsapp or via text messaging

  • Multi-channel outreach: Reach out to prospects on multiple marketing channels such as email, phone, text and LinkedIn.

  • Automatic email warm up: Slowly send out emails at the start to build up your domain name email reputation and trust score with email providers Pros and Cons:


  • Helps you write more effective cold emails through the AI email assistant feature

  • Allows you to do sales outreach on multiple marketing channels

  • Lots of helpful statistics to improve your cold outreach campaigns

  • Easy to use interface


  • Can be pricier compared to other software that handles sales outreach campaigns Pricing pricing pricing starts from $70/month per user for their sales engagement plan. They also have additional packages for business sales teams and agencies. Final Thoughts is best if you’re looking for a tool that will help you and your sales teams write better cold emails using AI.

7. homepage is a cold email tool which is especially good for digital marketing agencies. Key features:

  • Automated email outreach: You can send automatic follow up emails at the push of a button

  • Improved email deliverability: Before you send any emails, SmartReach can if previous emails were reported as spam

  • Email validation: SmartReach will check to see if the email address you’re using is real or not

  • Project Management: Manage campaigns for your business and your teams Pros and Cons:


  • Manage clients using this cold email tool from a single login (useful for agencies)

  • Create personalized email campaigns with dynamic email content based on lots of variables

  • Manage multiple email campaigns with built in project management CRM features

  • Integrates with lots of other 3rd party software

  • Use a primary inbox to manage all your messages in one place


  • Can sometimes have a bit more of a learning curve compared to other solutions Pricing

SmartReach price starts from $24/month for an individual account that can contact up to 1,000 people per month. Final Thoughts

SmartReach has similar features to other cold emailing tools. Their biggest strength and USP is probably their agency account features. The SmartReach agency account is great for agencies that want to use cold email to run lead generation campaigns for clients. which would be great for agencies that are looking to generate leads for their clients.

8. ContactOut

ContactOut homepage

ContactOut is a Google chrome extension that allows you to send personalized email campaigns quickly and easily.

ContactOut key features:

  • Helpful templates: Write emails quickly using a sales email template from either ContactOut, AutoKlose or another cold email tool which can be imported in
  • Automatic follow up: Send multiple follow up emails to multiple people
  • Data enrichment: Upload a list of LinkedIn URL’s and instantly find their job details and contact information (including personal email)
  • Search portal: Find new contacts who are NOT on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn integration: As you’re browsing LinkedIn, you can easily find your LinkedIn contacts phone number and email address at the click of a button

ContactOut Pros and Cons:


  • Integrates well with Linkedin
  • It’s very helpful when finding potential clients
  • Allows you to search for new leads who are both on and off LinkedIn
  • Very easy to use


  • Doesn’t have as many features compared to other emailing tools

ContactOut Pricing

Contactout pricing

ContactOut has a free plan for up to 40 contacts per month. The paid plan starts from $29/month for up to 100 contacts per month.

ContactOut Final Thoughts

ContactOut is an excellent cold email platform if you’re looking for a simple to use Chrome extension for LinkedIn search. The great thing about this tool is that you don’t need to be connected to people on LinkedIn to find their email and phone number.

9. Lusha

Lusha homepage

Lusha is a great cold emailing tool if you’re looking to run b2b lead generation cold email campaigns targeting key decision makers.

Lusha key features:

  • Employee search: You can find decision makers or business owners using their built-in search tool
  • Chrome extension: Quickly and easily find the contact details of people on LinkedIn, Salesforce or any other website
  • Data enrichment: Upload a list of your own Salesforce data and Lusha can find additional contact information about those people

Lusha Pros and Cons:


  • Fresh and accurate data on people
  • Great for b2b lead generation
  • Helpful when finding contact info of decision makers
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t have as many features compared to other emailing tools
  • Can be more expensive then some other cold emailing tools

Lusha Pricing

Lusha pricing

Lusha has a free plan for up to 5 credits (or contacts) per month. The paid plan starts from $39/month per user and for 40 credits (or contacts) per month.

Lusha Final Thoughts

Lusha would be my recommendation if you’re using Salesforce because of the helpful integrations it has with that platform.

Honorable mentions

If none of the email tools above look like a good fit for you or your sales team, here are some additional cold email outreach software that you can use for lead generation (honorable mentions):

  • Autoklose


  • GMass