Are you still paying full price for a LinkedIn sales navigator account? If so, STOP!

There are a few ways you can legitimately get up to a 95% discount on a LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator account!


The short answer is to purchase a Sales Navigator license through Fiverr for only $5/month to $45/month.

This gives you a 50% to 95% LinkedIn LIFETIME discount!

Click here to see examples of LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator Licenses with up to 95% off!

Please note: The listings change every day.

So here’s what you need to look for to get a LinkedIn premium discount:

  • Look for listings that upgrade your LinkedIn account to Sales Navigator. These listings typically say something like “I will activate your LinkedIn sales navigator account
  • Only purchase listings that require your LinkedIn email address (never give your LinkedIn password to anyone)
  • The prices range from $5 to $50 per month. You can usually get bigger discounts if you purchase a LinkedIn sales navigator account for more than one month.

Here’s an example of what one of these listings looks like:

Keep reading if you want to see more examples and how this all works…

How to get a LinkedIn premium discount

The main way business owners can get a LinkedIn premium discount is to find another business overseas that will buy sales navigator licenses in bulk at a cheaper price and then sell you the spare LinkedIn premium sales navigator licenses they don’t need at a discount.

How do you find these businesses?

The easiest way is to search for them on Fiverr.

On Fiverr, there are hundreds of listings from business owners overseas who sell their spare LinkedIn sales navigator seats at a discount.

Here are the 5 most popular ways to get a LinkedIn premium sales navigator discount:

1. Buy a Discount LinkedIn Sales Navigator License on Fiverr

On Fiverr, there are a number of listings from people that allow you to purchase a LinkedIn Sales Navigator license for $5/month to $45/month (up to 95% off the normal price!).

This is the cheapest way to buy a LinkedIn premium sales navigator license.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Search for “LinkedIn sales navigator account” on Fiverr

Look for listings on Fiverr that allow you to activate or upgrade to a LinkedIn Premium sales navigator account.

Click here to see some examples Fiverr.

These LinkedIn sales navigator discounts on Fiverr might not be available forever so take advantage of them while you can!

Note: LinkedIn are starting to limit how many people can resell sales navigator accounts at a discount, so it’s getting harder to find LinkedIn premium discounts on Fiverr. But they are still there if you do some digging! Keep searching and feel free to reach out to me if you don’t think you can find any.

Oh and these discounted LinkedIn sales navigator upgrades work in ANY country.

Step 2: Check reviews and do your due diligence

If possible, make sure the listing has some positive reviews before purchasing.

Also, make sure that the listing does NOT require your LinkedIn password.

You do NOT need to give anyone your LinkedIn password to upgrade your account.

All they need is your LinkedIn email address to upgrade your LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn sales navigator discount packages on fiverr

Click here to see some examples of listings with good reviews.

If you need help finding a listing on Fiverr, sign up for my Free Masterclass here.

Then reply back to the email you’ll get and let me know you’re looking to upgrade your Sales Navigator license.

I can help you find one if you can’t find one yourself.

Tip: Some Fiverr gigs might allow you to purchase a Linkedin premium discount for one year. This is recommended if you want to avoid the hassle of manually renewing the LinkedIn premium sales navigator license each month.

Step 3: Purchase a discounted LinkedIn premium sales navigator license

After purchasing a discounted LinkedIn premium account, give them your LinkedIn email address.

After about 24-48 hours, the person you purchased a LinkedIn premium sales navigator account from on Fiverr will send you an email (from LinkedIn) with some instructions on how to activate your new LinkedIn premium license.

Here’s an example of what the email looks like:

You now have a LinkedIn premium account at a significant discount!

How can they afford to give a 95% LinkedIn premium discount?

People on Fiverr can get a LinkedIn premium sales navigator discount because most of them are based in India.

In India, the cost of a LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator team is much cheaper than in other countries.

These people purchase a LinkedIn sales navigator team account at a discount and then sell you the extra LinkedIn accounts they don’t need for a small profit.

They are able to sell the LinkedIn premium sales navigator accounts at a much lower cost to business owners and sales teams around the world.

For example: A company purchases a LinkedIn sales navigator team account for 100 seats. They get a discount for buying LinkedIn premium sales navigator licenses in bulk. But they only need seats for 30 sales people.

The other 70 seats can be sold at a discount to other users even if they are not part of the same company.

Are there risks with buying LinkedIn sales navigator license on Fiverr?

The main risk is that your Linkedin sales navigator premium license is associated with another LinkedIn account. This means they can cancel your premium account at any time if they wanted to.

If this happens, you will lose all of your saved LinkedIn sales navigator searches and data.

To clarify: your LinkedIn sales navigator searches and data is the only thing that will be gone if they cancel your license. Everything else on your LinkedIn account will remain the same. You still retain full control of your LinkedIn account and all the data in your free basic LinkedIn account.

I’ve never had this happen to me any of the times I’ve purchased a LinkedIn premium discount using this method.

2. Get a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Discount through Meet Alfred

Meet Alfred is running a special promotion where you can get 60% off the monthly LinkedIn Premium sales navigator account price. However, this offer is only available while stocks last.

In other words, once they run out of licenses to give out, the offer will stop.

LinkedIn Meet Alfred discount

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this offer from Meet Alfred has expired. I will update this article in the future if the special offer returns.

3. Get a free LinkedIn Premium Account

If it’s your first time upgrading to a LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator account, you will probably qualify for a free one-month LinkedIn trial.

Or, if you haven’t used a LinkedIn Premium account in over a year, you may also qualify for a free LinkedIn 30-day trial.

To see if you qualify, click here and see if you get an option to sign up for a free trial.

If you’re using LinkedIn automation tools, you can search for potential clients using the free trial option and then cancel before you need to renew. The LinkedIn automation tool will save your LinkedIn searches and add any leads you found from a LinkedIn sales navigator search, even if your LinkedIn sales navigator license is no longer active.

Once you run out of LinkedIn leads to connect and message though, you will of course need to sign up again for a LinkedIn sales navigator account again.

However, some LinkedIn lead generation strategies do NOT require a LinkedIn sales navigator account and you can generate leads using just the free basic LinkedIn account.

4. Get a free LinkedIn Sales Navigator 60-day trial

There is a way you can get a free LinkedIn premium 60-day trial even if you’ve already qualified for the free 30-day LinkedIn premium trial in the past.


All you need to do is find another LinkedIn Sales Navigator and ask them to refer you.

Every LinkedIn Sales Navigator account can click on “Referrals” and refer up to 10 friends:

So if you have any friends or work colleagues who are already using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can ask them to refer you and get a discounted LinkedIn sales navigator account for free for the first 2 months.

Note: You must be the 1st connection of the person who is referring you in order for the LinkedIn referral program to work.

The LinkedIn referral program is the closest thing to an affiliate program that LinkedIn sales navigator has.

5. Linkedin sales navigator coupon codes

There are many websites offering so-called LinkedIn coupon, promo or discount codes. Unfortunately, everyone I know who has tried them has never got them to work.

So unless it’s coming from a very trustworthy source, in most cases, LinkedIn promo codes to get a discount will not work.

So, don’t bother searching trying to find a LinkedIn premium discount promo code online! You’ll just end up wasting your time.

How much does a LinkedIn sales navigator plan cost?

The LinkedIn sales navigator price range from $99/month to $159.99/month.

The “Core” LinkedIn sales navigator price is $99/month as seen below.

For most business owners, this will be the best LinkedIn sales solution if you want to generate leads on Linkedin.

LinkedIn sales navigator packages / pricing

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How can I learn more about generating leads on LinkedIn?

Check out the video below which goes through how to double the amount of leads you get from LinkedIn each month:

YouTube player

Feel free to also check out our lead generation online course if you require extra support while doing this.