Are you tired of getting low quality leads and sales appointments? Do you find it frustrating to constantly be chasing and following up with leads and getting very little response?

If so, this article will go through steps you can take to get higher quality leads and appointments each month in your business.

When you start getting sales appointments with more potential clients, you’ll find that there are 3 main types of sales appointments you can get in your business.

  • HOT APPOINTMENTS – These prospects already know what you sell, they’re highly motivated to buy, and are essentially closed before they even speak to you. They can afford what you sell, want to buy what you sell, and they have a problem that needs fixing. They’ll want to speak to someone, usually because they have a few questions or want to verify that you’re legitimate. These are the best types of sales appointments that you can get
  • WARM APPOINTMENTS – These are people that are pretty interested in what you do, but might still need some convincing. They may have a few sales objections or a few questions that they’re not 100% sure about right now. You need to put in a little more work to convert these leads into a sale.
  • COLD APPOINTMENTS – These prospects just aren’t that interested at all… Why do these people even bother booking a call? I don’t know. But you really want to avoid these appointments as best as you can. You only want to speak to people who are both qualified and interested in working with you.

So the BIG question is, how do you get MORE warm and hot leads and sales appointments and less cold leads and sales appointments?

Well, before I go through how to get higher quality leads and appointments it’s important you have the right STRATEGY.

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Great, keep reading to find out some more specific tactics you can use to increase your lead quality…

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If you prefer to read, let’s go through how to get higher quality leads and sales appointments for your business.

Now, to show you how to get the higher quality sales appointments, I’m going to go through each type of sales appointments and go through how you can typically expect to get these types of appointments.

Let’s start with cold appointments…

How to avoid cold leads and appointments

Now, whenever someone gets COLD sales appointments, this is what they’re typically doing:

They’re reaching out to someone that is a potential client (LinkedIn Message, cold email, Facebook / FB ads or other paid ads), they’re asking the client to watch a 15 or 30 minute video, and they ask the client to book a call to learn more about how they can help the client.

That’s how you get appointments with people that haven’t been pre-qualified, you don’t really know if you can help them, you don’t know if you’re going to be a good fit or not, and it will either waste your time, the prospect’s time, or both.

It’s not a great idea to do this kind of marketing UNLESS your goal is just to get as many appointments as you can and you don’t care about the quality.

The big problem with using this approach in your marketing is that psychologically, you are chasing the lead, you’re chasing the prospect to get an appointment.

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This means that they have the upper hand since you want to work with them, rather than them wanting to work with you.

It’s a very different dynamic and situation speaking with someone you’re chasing.

It’s a lot of effort to sell to them and try to demonstrate the value you can bring them.

Even if you CAN provide them with a lot of value, they’re still going to be really skeptical.

They’re going to think that you’re just after their money.

That may not be true for a lot of people doing this strategy, but it’s still how it’s perceived from someone seeing these messages or ads.

So how do you change the dynamic?

How do you get people chasing to work with YOU?

This brings us to…

How to get WARM leads and appointments

To get WARM sales appointments, you need to give your leads free educational content FIRST before you have a sales appointment with them.

Provide VALUE to a prospect BEFORE they book a sales call.

If you help leads solve a problem they have BEFORE they book an appointment with you, they are going to TRUST you more.

How do you build up this trust?

What kind of content do you send them?

Well, you can pretty much use any educational content that you want, but I highly recommend a Video Sales Letter (VSL).

That’s the strategy that I use, and that’s the strategy that my clients use as well, in order to build up trust first before getting an appointment with someone.

Once you have a video sales letter and a way to build up trust, what happens is you can then get people wanting to work with you because they’ve watched the video explaining how you can solve a big problem they have.

If they like what they see in the video and want your help to get this problem solved, they are the ones who are then going to click on a button to schedule an appointment with you after watching that video.

That completely changes the dynamic of the conversation because now, instead of you chasing them, they’re chasing you.

So in your ads or marketing messages or whatever you’re doing to generate leads and appointments right now, just make that one little tweak in your strategy.

Instead of saying to people, “Hey, do you wanna jump on a quick call?” say “Hey, do you want to see a video that goes through how you can solve this problem?”

And this will actually get you a better result because people are not going to be pressured into having a call with you if they don’t even know if you can really help them.

You’re going to have higher quality appointments as well, because people will be able to see how you solve that problem in that video first.

Then, if they want your help, they can click on that button and book an appointment.

Now getting warm appointments is pretty good…

But, you can take this ANOTHER step further…

Here’s what you can do to get the BEST quality leads sales appointments.

Or, in other words…

How do you get sales calls with people who actually already WANT to work with you?

Before we get to that, I want to make it clear that I only recommend this next strategy if you’re already getting a lot of appointments.

If you’re looking for a way to filter people out and get more higher quality appointments so that you only speak to those who are definitely interested in working with you, then I recommend using this strategy.

If by now you still don’t have many appointments, then I suggest just focusing on the warm appointment strategy first, get that to a level where you’re getting many appointments, THEN move on to the next stage, which is getting HOT sales appointments.

How to get the best quality leads and sales appointments

How do you get HOT leads and sales appointments with prospects that pretty much already want to work with you?

To do this, there’s two things you need to…

1. Get leads to consume more content

They need to consume more content than just the video sales letter on its own.

So what type of content do you need to get leads to consume to get them to turn into that hot prospect?

Interestingly, Google and a few other big companies conducted a study that found that the more content someone consumes before reaching out to work with you, the higher the chances are for them to convert into a client.

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If you’re interested in the study, it’s called the “Zero Moment of Truth.”

You can use written content or video content. Personally, I find that video content works better, but both can work well.

Content that you send via email is good as well, and if you provide value and help them in those emails, that’ll effectively build trust.

2. Add filters to pre-qualify people before they book a call

You can do that in the form of some kind of survey. (click here to see an example of my Survey)

This is something I only started doing again once I maxed out my calendar with appointments.

I wanted to filter out and identify the highest quality leads from among the warm appointments.

What pre-qualifying filters do you need to add to get the hot appointments?

You need to think about what kind of questions you need to ask people before you speak to them, to make sure they’d be a good fit.

Some have a 15 minute call first to make sure an appointment would be the right move.

But I’ve found that it’s just easier to have the questions in the form of a survey on your website so that they don’t need to speak to anyone first.

If they answer the questions correctly, then they can move to the next step and book an appointment.

I want to make sure they’ve consumed a fair amount of content before booking that call, that they know how much we charge, and that they’re ready to start right now.

That explains COLD, WARM, and HOT appointments, how to get them, and how you can get higher quality sales calls by changing your digital marketing strategy.

If you’d like to learn more about the 5-step strategy to get leads and appointments predictably each month in your business then CLICK HERE to watch a video I’ve recorded that goes through how it all works in more detail.