The truth about buying internet leads right now

Here’s something very interesting I’ve noticed over the last few years.

There are a LOT of lead generation companies today that will sell you internet, web or shared business leads.

Whatever you want to call it, these types of leads are generated when someone fills in a form online (usually their name, email and phone number) because they say they are interested in learning more about your services. This lead is then passed either to your business (as an exclusive lead) or to your business and a few other competitors (a shared lead).

Watch the video to see my thoughts on buying exclusive leads online:

Shared leads vs exclusive leads

I personally don’t like the shared leads model. I don’t believe it provides the best experience to both the business buying the lead and the prospect looking for help.

Exclusive leads on the other hand are much better. You pay a lead generation company to send you leads in real-time with people that are interested in learning more about your services. All you need to do is call them and close the sale. Sounds easy right?

In theory, it does sound pretty good.

But is it really as good as it sounds?

Now… full disclosure: this strategy (sending clients exclusive leads) is, in the past, something I have used myself for many years (for my own business AND clients) and it was working very well at the time.

However, I started to notice some interesting trends… across ALL industries (financial advisor leads, accounting leads, insurance, cleaning, real estate, etc).

The quality of buying internet leads

The biggest trend was the QUALITY of the leads.

Put simply:

The quality of the leads were not as high as they used to be.

Here are some of the problems I would hear from people buying internet leads:

  • The leads are hard to get hold of on the phone
  • The leads don’t respond to emails / calls / messages
  • The leads are shopping around and looking for the “best price”
  • The leads are not the right type of clients that I’m looking for

If you’ve ever tried buying leads yourself online, you might be able to relate to some (or most) of these issues.

And when I would speak to potential clients on the phone, many had tried buying internet leads in the past from all kinds of different lead gen companies and they were getting EXACTLY the same problems again and again.

Now, with determination, constant following up and a little hussle there are people who CAN get still get a good ROI on buying internet leads. It’s tough, but not impossible.

So it’s not always the case that the “leads are bad”. In most cases, if the lead generation company is doing a good job, these are people who have genuinely filled in a form to learn more about how you can help them.

But – and here’s the key point –  the reason why most businesses buying leads say the leads were bad (or hard to get hold of, or not a good fit, etc) was because of the STRATEGY used to generate the leads in the first place.

On top of that, most businesses are not set up to handle leads from web forms effectively.

Most businesses don’t want to spend a LOT of time manually chasing and following up with leads…

Most businesses don’t want to waste time speaking to the WRONG types of leads….

Most businesses don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on leads that were just shopping around for information…

So, I decided to made ONE simple change to the online lead generation strategy…. which completely changed the results for myself and my clients.

How to get pre-qualified booked sales appointments instead of “internet leads”

Let me explain…

Here was the old way of generating leads online:

  1. People see an advertisement online (Facebook ads, Google, etc)
  2. People fill in a form to learn more
  3. You chase the leads for an appointment

Here is the new way of generating leads online:

  1. People see an advertisement online
  2. People fill in a form to learn more
  3. They watch a short video presentation (about how you can help them)
  4. If it sounds like a good fit, THEY schedule a call with you (rather than you chasing to work with them)

This tweak to the strategy (steps 3 and 4) completely changed everything for myself and my clients.

Now instead of you chasing internet leads, THEY chased YOU.

Now instead of convincing the leads to work with you, they WANTED to work with YOU.

It’s funny how one simple tweak in a strategy can make such a big difference…

Should I pay for internet leads or generate them myself?

At this point, you might be wondering: is it better to generate the leads myself or pay someone to generate the leads for me?

It’s a good question.

In the past, my business model was based around selling leads to businesses. But I found that clients wanted to (and rightfully should) be in control of their own marketing.

And I believe if you want to grow your business in the long-term, you need to always do what is best for your client.

Because of this, I now help clients set up their own lead generation system so they don’t need to pay or rely on a 3rd party lead gen company for leads.

There are a few advantages to being in control of your own lead generation system, including:

  • Lower cost: you get the leads at-cost without paying a premium or any mark-up to a lead gen company.
  • Higher quality leads: leads are seeing your business and not a generic brand which builds more trust
  • Exclusive leads: obviously any leads you generate won’t be shared with any competitors
  • Full control of your marketing: you are not locked in to any contracts so you can generate as many leads as you like on-demand
  • New innovative ideas: you have room to experiment and test your own marketing ideas
  • Education: once you know how to generate leads, you can use this knowledge for years to come in any business

These are just a few (of the many) advantages that come from generating your own leads instead of paying a 3rd party marketing or lead gen company for leads.

If you’re currently buying internet leads or thinking about paying for online leads… don’t just get a lead with someone who fills in a form online. Get a lead to watch a short video presentation about how you can help them and then get them to schedules a call with you straight in your calendar.

Want to learn how to generate your own leads on-demand on autopilot?

I’m sure right now you might have some questions about how to actually generate leads yourself. Such as:

  • How do you create a short video presentation? Do you need any fancy video equipment, to be on camera, etc? (hint: no, you don’t)
  • How do you actually generate leads online yourself? (it’s easier than you think)
  • Do you need a lot of money to generate leads (you can get started for free and scale up with paid ads when you’re ready)
  • How can you use software and tools to automate 80% of the work? (this one is a game-changer for most people)

If you’d like to learn, step by step, how this strategy works, you can sign up to my 100% free masterclass training. I’ll show you exactly how you can generate your own exclusive high quality leads with prospects that actually want to work with you… without you having to pay a penny to a lead generation company or even spend any money on paid ads (unless of course you want to).

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Stay Focused!