Are you looking for high-quality, exclusive, accredited investor leads?

Having a steady pipeline of qualified leads is crucial for:

  • Investment firms
  • Private equity groups
  • Financial advisors
  • Any other type of business seeking to raise capital from accredited investors

Accredited investors represent a lucrative audience with the means to invest significant funds.

However, they also tend to be bombarded with pitches, so you need smart strategies to cut through the noise. 

After helping hundreds of businesses generate leads and appointments in the finance space (including accredited investors), here are my top lead generation tactics for targeting accredited investors and converting them into invested partners.

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Executive Summary

Short on time? Here are the best accredited investor lead generation strategies:

  • Run paid ads on platforms like TikTok & Facebook
  • Retarget Accredited Investors on finance websites like Forbes and Investopedia using Adroll
  • Target people searching for accredited investor opportunities with SEO
  • Establish strategic partnerships with financial advisors and tax planners
  • Create a strong email marketing strategy and follow-up process

To learn how to execute these strategies step-by-step, watch this video on accredited investor lead generation.

How can I get accredited investor leads?

Here is a detailed overview of the top ways you can get accredited investor leads:

1. Target affluent people with TikTok Ads

TikTok Ads

While TikTok may seem like an unlikely channel for accredited investor outreach, its advertising capabilities allow you to target high-income and affluent audiences very effectively.

With the right strategy, you can use TikTok ads to get in front of potential accredited investors in a creative, eye-catching way.

TikTok’s audience targeting lets you home in on users with household incomes over $200K, $500K, or even $1M+. You can further refine targeting by interests like finance, investing, high spending power, and more.

My top tips for targeting accredited investors with TikTok ads:

  • In the first few seconds of the TikTok ad, say this is for accredited investors. This helps the TikTok algorithm show the ad to similar types of people.
  • Target an older demographic for best results (preferably over the age of 45+)
  • Pre-qualify leads with a form that asks
  • Have a short 60-second video that briefly explains your unique value proposition for accredited investors
  • It helps to show your face in the video ad (or at least hire a video spokesperson to record the ad) ,as this will build up trust with leads
  • Offer a free lead magnet, such as an investor prospectus or video sales letter, in exchange for contact details.
  • Prequalify leads by asking them questions that confirm they are an accredited investor by asking about their income or net worth

In our experience, simple video ads with less hype perform better than ads that look too polished and overhyped. For an accredited investor audience, your ad shouldn’t sound too flashy or over the top. For best results, it needs to sound like a serious and genuine business opportunity.

To learn more about using TikTok ads to generate accredited investor leads, watch this video here.

2. Facebook & Instagram Ads (Meta)

Facebook ads

Another powerful way to get accredited investor leads is by using Facebook & Instagram ads (Meta ads).

Facebook’s powerful advertising platform provides numerous ways to get your investment opportunities in front of an accredited, high-net-worth audience. You can use detailed targeting parameters around income levels, net worth, investment interests, etc.

For example, you could run campaigns targeting people with annual incomes over $500K or net worths over $1 million (not including primary residence).

Like TikTok, I recommend driving these targeted Facebook ads to an appointment funnel that provides an overview of your investment opportunity.

Key Points:

  • Use Facebook’s income/net worth targeting
  • Layer demographic and interest targeting
  • Drive ads to high converting landing pages for lead capture
  • Targeting business owners or high level executives

Watch this video to learn more about using Facebook ads to get accredited investor leads.

3. Create Lead Magnets

Lead Magnet Download Report

At the top of your funnel, you need targeted lead magnets to capture accredited investor leads. Create gated content like investment guides, market analysis reports, portfolio breakdowns, and video presentations that will appeal to your ideal investor audience.

In my experience, I’ve found a video presentation or video sales letter converts best if your goal is to get high quality appointments.

Here are some of my top tips to get accredited investor leads with lead magnets:

  • Require people to submit their name, email and income/net worth details in exchange for accessing this premium content. This qualifies them as an accredited investor lead up front.
  • Promote these lead magnets to leads lists, your website, with paid ads and other channels
  • Follow up with leads who submit their contact info quickly
  • If leads don’t convert straight away, continue to follow up with until they do

To learn how to create a video lead magnet that generates and converts leads, watch our free training here.

4. Automated Email Nurture Sequences


Once you’ve captured an accredited investor lead, you’ll want to nurture them through automated email sequences that provide more value and insight into your investment opportunities over time.

Map out an email nurture sequence that starts by delivering the lead magnet, followed by additional educational content highlighting your expertise, investment philosophy, and what types of opportunities you focus on.

Gradually introduce soft-pitch emails that provide an overview of your current investment offerings, social proof from past investors, and calls-to-action to schedule an intro call.

Key Points:

  • Map out automated nurture email sequences
  • Provide more value and education upfront
  • Gradually introduce investment offerings

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5. Create engaging video content

Video call

Since you’re dealing with an audience of sophisticated investors, creating engaging video content and webinars can be a powerful way to nurture leads through your funnel.

Film video overviews of your investment opportunities, market insights, portfolio manager interviews, and more. Share these videos on YouTube, through email sequences and promote them with ads.

Host live and automated webinars where you can do a deep-dive presentation on your investment approach. Provide a ton of value while giving attendees a call-to-action to request more information or get on a follow-up call.

Key Points:

  • Create videos answering common questions leads ask
  • Share videos to leads via YouTube, email and ads
  • Use webinars for deep-dive presentations and live Q&As

To learn how to generate leads with YouTube, check out ‘Step 4’ of our free Masterclass training here.

6. Content Marketing

Creating high-quality educational content is one of the best ways to attract accredited investors to your firm. Through blogging, videos, webinars, podcasts and more, you can showcase your expertise while capturing leads.

In my experience, creating YouTube videos and blogs is the most effective way to target high-net-worth individual investors, including many retail accredited investors.

But don’t make the big mistake of creating content for nothing!

In all your content marketing, always offer a free lead magent to convert visitors into leads. Gate this premium content behind lead capture forms requiring name, email, and details about investment interests/qualifications.

To maximize your conversions, nurture those leads with helpful follow up emails. In each email or text you send, be sure to provide value and talk about your investment opportunities and philosophies to your investment leads.

Key Points:

  • Showcase expertise through educational content
  • Develop gated premium lead magnets
  • Nurture leads via email marketing sequences
  • Create helpful educational YouTube videos

To learn more about our strategy to get accredited investor leads with content marketing, watch this video.

7. Targeted Advertising on Finance Sites

Paid advertising allows you to get your investment opportunities in front of an accredited audience through targeted placements on finance websites, apps, and publications they frequent.

For example, you could run display ads on sites like the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Forbest, Investopedia and Investor’s Business Daily through networks like AdRoll.

I’ve found that Adroll works really well to retarget accredited investor leads who have yet to convert from your paid advertising campaigns (including Facebook and TikTok ads).

When retargeting accredited investor leads, I would recommend sending them to a landing page on your website or sales funnel with more information about your services.

Key Points

  • Run targeted ads on finance sites/apps
  • Focus targeting on accredited demographics
  • Drive traffic to optimized landing pages

8. Networking Events and Conferences


While digital channels are valuable, face-to-face interaction and in-person networking shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to accredited investor outreach. Attend local and national investing conferences, meetup groups, alumni events, and other gatherings where your target audience is present.

Come prepared with an elevator pitch for your investment opportunities, as well as marketing collateral you can leave behind. Collect contact information and business cards from promising leads to follow up with after the event.

You can also consider sponsoring or exhibiting at relevant conferences to increase your visibility and brand presence among potential investors.

Key Points:

  • Attend investing conferences and events
  • Network and collect leads in-person
  • Sponsor/exhibit for increased exposure

9. Strategic Partnerships and Co-Marketing

Partnering with other firms and service providers with an existing accredited investor audience can be a win-win scenario for lead generation. Explore co-marketing opportunities with companies where you can get exposure to their investor base through co-hosted webinars, joint email promotions, and more.

Some examples could include partnerships with accredited investor lead databases, wealth management firms, investment newsletters, financial advisory firms and more.

Not only does this allow you to piggyback on their audience, but it also provides added credibility and social proof by being associated with those established brands.

Key Points:

  • Partner with firms that have investor audiences
  • Leverage co-marketing and cross-promotions
  • Gain credibility and social proof

10. Outbound Prospecting and Cold Outreach

While inbound marketing is valuable, you can also take an outbound approach by directly prospecting and reaching out to potential accredited investors through cold outreach channels like email, LinkedIn, and more.

Some of my clients even use AI lead generation tools like Customers.AI to identify the names & emails of anonymous prospects who expressed interest but didn’t schedule a call. This enables you to retarget them via email or a phone call.

You can also use financial advisor prospecting tools and data sources to build lists of accredited investor contacts matching your ideal target profile based on factors like net worth, income, investing experience, industries, and more.

With accredited investor prospecting strategies, you can target the following people:

  • Angel Investors
  • Real estate investment trust managers
  • Owners of financial companies
  • Chief investment officers (CIOs)
  • Chief Executive officers (CEOs)
  • Chief Financial officers (CFOs)
  • Vice Presidents (VP) of finance
  • Presidents of companies
  • Real estate investment companies
  • Retirees
  • And more.

Once you’ve found your ideal target audience, execute multi-channel outbound sequences delivering personalized, value-driven messaging that aims to start a conversation about their investing goals and how you may be able to help.

Key Points:

  • Identify your ideal investor profile to target
  • Build lists of matched accredited contacts
  • Execute personalized outbound sequences
  • Use AI lead generation tools to automate your prospecting

11. Referral Partnerships and Affiliate Programs

Establishing referral partnerships and affiliate programs can be an extremely effective way to consistently generate accredited investor leads through your own network and ecosystem.

Identify potential referral partners, such as financial advisors, wealth managers, investment advisors, lawyers, accountants, business brokers, and more. These people usually have the knowledge and access to accredited clients. Offer them incentives like revenue shares for any investors they refer that end up investing with you.

You can also explore setting up an affiliate program that provides a cash commission or finder’s fee to anyone who successfully refers an accredited investor who converts.

Key Points:

  • Establish referral partnerships
  • Incentivize with revenue shares/commissions
  • Create formal affiliate programs

12. Leverage Online Investor Platforms

There are several online platforms and marketplaces designed specifically to connect accredited investors with real estate investment trusts and opportunities. Having a presence on these sites allows you to reach an audience that is actively looking to invest.

Some popular options for targeting accredited investors looking for new investing opportunities include sites like OurCrowd, EquityMultiple, and CrowdStreet for real estate investing. For targeting angel investors, startups and funds, platforms like AngelList, and MicroVentures can be leveraged.

Optimize your profiles, be active in discussions, and promote your investment offerings through these channels to get on investors’ radars.

Key Points:

  • Get listed on accredited investor platforms
  • Optimize profiles and be active
  • Promote investment opportunities


Generating a steady stream of accredited investor leads is essential for any firm looking to raise capital and secure committed investors for funds, startups, real estate projects, and other investment vehicles. 

By leveraging a mix of the strategies covered here – from content marketing and online platforms to advertising, networking, partnerships, outbound prospecting, and referrals – you can effectively connect with your target audience of qualified investors and nurture them into invested partners.

If you want to dive deeper into building out a comprehensive accredited investor lead generation engine for your company or your firm, watch my free Masterclass training here.


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