How to remove the LinkedIn weekly invite limits

LinkedIn have recently introduced a limit to how many LinkedIn invites you can send each week as seen in this screenshot below:

But did you know there’s actually a few ways you can get round this weekly limit?

How to send 100+ LinkedIn invites each week with Meet Alfred

There are two ways you can send more than 100+ LinkedIn invites each week.

The first way (easiest way) is to use a tool called Meet Alfred.

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If you sign up for the “Advanced Package” or higher ($49/month paid quarterly) you get a feature which allows you to send more than 100+ invites a week.

This is probably the easiest solution to send more than 100+ invites each week.

How does it work?

I spoke to Meet Alfred’s support team to ask them how it works, but I wasn’t able to get a detailed explanation (see why below).

Here are some of the key points:

  • They use their own proprietary technology to send more than 100+ invites per week
  • They can send UP to 400 invites a week (but this is not guaranteed)
  • From my experience, the software does a good job of sending over 100+ invites per week

Is Meet Alfred safe for sending 100+ LinkedIn invites?

Since they don’t explain exactly how it works, I can’t say for sure. But their support team do claim goes over the Linkedin weekly limits in a safe and secure way.

Here’s a screenshot of the conversation so you can see what Meet Alfred’s support team says in their own words:

Meet Alfred Weekly Invite Limit

How to send 100+ invites with Linked Helper 2 and

Another popular way to send more than 100+ invites a week is to use LinkedHelper 2 and

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Linked Helper 2 Weekly LinkedIn invite limit

How does it work?

To see a step by step tutorial of how it works, you can watch the video I recorded here:

A warning about sending LinkedIn invitations

Before sending lots of LinkedIn invitations to potential clients, it’s important you:

  • Don’t come across as spammy
  • Get results from your LinkedIn outreach

And one of the biggest mistakes I see is that people use LinkedIn every day, but don’t get very good results.


It’s usually because of their LinkedIn strategy.

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