Are you looking to hire the best financial advisor marketing agency?

If so, you may feel bombarded with marketing agencies promising the world.

So, how can you make the right choice? 

In this guide, I’ll give you my 7 top tips for hiring a financial advisor marketing agency to help you increase your chances of success and avoid getting burned.

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Quick Summary

Short on time? Here is a quick summary you can skim: 

  • Look for specialists rather than generalists.
  • Ensure they have experience working with financial advisors.
  • Prioritize agencies that focus on quality over quantity.
  • Request proof of results and success stories.
  • Evaluate their communication style and practices.
  • Consider agencies with transparent pricing.
  • Go for agencies offering personalized support.

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Tips for hiring a marketing agency for financial advisors 

Here are some helpful questions you can ask before you hire the best marketing agency to deliver consistent financial advisor leads and sales appointments: 

1. Are they specialists rather than generalists?


When it comes to marketing, financial advisors are often tempted to go for a one-stop-shop solution. 

Agencies that promise to handle everything from website design to social media management may sound convincing. But the problem is that you sometimes get nothing when you work with someone who can do everything.

Well, nothing in terms of what really matters (leads, appointments, and clients).

Here’s the harsh truth:

A fancy website looks good. But doesn’t bring in clients.

Social media posts can get likes, comments, and engagement. But don’t bring in leads.

Content marketing, logos, local SEO, and software can help… But only if you have the right strategy.

This is why it helps to ask yourself… What really is your goal when hiring a marketing agency?

If (like most of my financial advisor clients) your goal is to get leads and appointments with your ideal clients, then it helps to work with an agency that specializes in this.

Why does specialization matter? 

  • It allows for deep, focused expertise. When an agency concentrates on a particular aspect of marketing, such as lead generation, it develops hard-to-beat strategies. 
  • It helps to deliver superior results. They understand the pain points of your potential clients and the most effective ways to connect you with your prospects. So they deliver faster and better results. 

How do you determine if they are specialists or generalists?

  • Specialists usually focus on a narrow range of services. If an agency offers everything from web design to PR to lead generation, they’re likely generalists.
  • Check if they specialize in working with specific industries, like financial services.
  • Specialists often produce thought leadership content in their area of focus. Look for blog posts or other valuable content on their specialty, like this free masterclass video.

At Skyline Social, we have proven our expertise in generating high-quality leads for financial advisors. That is our strength. 

We don’t stretch ourselves by offering services like content creation, video editing, social media posting, PR, logos, graphic design, or web design. Instead, we focus on what matters most to your bottom line—bringing in qualified leads and filling your calendar with appointments.

If that’s your goal, great. If not, work with someone who specializes in whatever you want to achieve with your marketing.

2. Do they have extensive experience working with financial advisors?

Experience working with financial advisors

Another important consideration is whether your potential marketing agency understands your industry’s unique challenges and opportunities. 

An agency with real experience working with financial advisors brings valuable insights that can make your lead generation efforts more effective. They will know what works and what doesn’t work (saving you time and money from making common mistakes). 

How do you spot agencies with genuine financial advisory experience? 

  • Look for detailed case studies or success stories featuring financial advisors. These should include specific strategies used and results achieved.
  • Check their blog or resources section for content specifically addressing financial advisor marketing challenges and solutions, like this article on “Best Paid Advertising Platforms For Financial Advisors.”
  • Their service offerings should address the specific needs of financial advisors, such as lead generation or connection with high-net-worth individuals

Remember, you’re not just hiring someone to help with marketing services; you’re bringing on a partner who needs to understand your business almost as well as you do.  So, don’t hesitate to ask about their experience in the financial sector. 

An agency that can demonstrate a history of success in your industry is more likely to hit the ground running and deliver the results you’re after.

At Skyline Social, our experience with financial advisors allows us to get them quality leads and appointments by:

  • Speaking the language of finance and effectively communicating your value proposition to potential clients.
  • Targeting the right audience through the right channels, since we understand the demographics of individuals seeking financial advice.

The testimonials on our results page show how our experience has helped clients acquire a large number of leads and high-quality appointments.

Watch this video to see how we reach target audiences as financial advisor lead generation specialists. 

3. Does the agency focus on quality over quantity?

quality over quantity?

When it comes to lead generation, I strongly believe quality is better than quantity. 

Yes, it is tempting to go with an agency that promises hundreds of leads. But ask yourself: would you rather have 100 low-quality leads that don’t show up for the call or are impossible to get hold of, or 10 high-quality leads that are a perfect fit and interested in working with you? 

For me and my clients, we would much rather have better quality leads than just a large quantity of leads.  

This is why it helps to work with an agency that specializes in getting quality, qualified financial advisor leads.

Here is why quality matters: 

  • High-quality leads are more likely to convert into clients, saving you time and resources in the long run.
  • Focusing on quality leads results in a higher return on your marketing investment.
  • Engaging with the right prospects helps maintain your professional reputation.
  • Quality leads are more likely to become long-term, satisfied clients.

So, how do you identify agencies that prioritize quality? 

  • Ask about their lead qualification process. Ensure they have a system for vetting and qualifying leads. For example, we use a video sales letter and an application form to pre-qualify leads before they speak with you.
  • Ask about their targeting methods. Do they use precise targeting to reach your ideal client profile rather than casting a wide net? For example, many of our clients prefer to target people with over $500K in investable assets.
  • Check their metrics. They should focus on metrics like lead quality score and conversion rates, not just lead volume.
  • What is their follow-up process? The right agency should use follow-up strategies like email marketing to nurture leads and improve conversion rates.

At Skyline Social, we understand that for financial advisors, one high-net-worth client can be worth more than dozens of unqualified leads. That’s why we’ve built our strategies around attracting and engaging the right prospects for your practice.

Learn more about how our lead generation strategy focuses on quality over quantity in this free masterclass training.

4. Do they have client case studies?

Client case studies

Talk is cheap. Anyone can say anything they like on the internet. That’s why it helps to have other people back up what is being claimed when hiring a marketing agency. 

So, does the marketing agency you’re thinking of working with actually have client case studies and testimonials? At the end of the day, the results are what matters. 

Why does proof matter?

  • Proof validates claims. It’s easy for agencies to make bold promises. Proof shows they can deliver.
  • Actual results also show an agency’s understanding of the financial services terrain.  
  • You can also set realistic expectations based on the success stories you have seen.  

So, how do you go about getting these proofs and evaluating them?  

Ask the agency for case studies specific to financial advisors. For example, an ideal case study would explain an advisor’s lead generation problems and the strategy the agency used to resolve them. It would also outline the measurable results. 

At Skyline Social, we’re proud of our track record with financial advisors. You can always check out our lead generation client results and testimonials, which show our ability to generate high-quality leads and appointments for them.

I explain the strategy we use to get these results in this video.

5. Do they provide ongoing 1-to-1 consulting?

1-to-1 Consulting

When working with a marketing agency to get financial advisor leads, personalized support is important. 

Many agencies offer “lead generation training programs” with group coaching and support, but this approach does not address your unique needs. 

Group coaching is time-consuming. You often have to wait your turn to get answers to your questions. Plus, your concerns may not get the full attention they deserve, and this may slow you down considerably. 

Also, every question and challenge you put out there is exposed to other participants, who are usually potential competitors. 

That’s why at Skyline Social, we provide all our clients ongoing 1-to-1 private consulting and support for as long as it takes to get results at no extra cost. That way it’s in our best interest to help you get results as fast as possible.

Our free masterclass video explains how it all works in more detail.

6. Do they have transparent pricing?

Transparent pricing

Another important tip for financial advisors looking for a marketing agency is to choose one with clear pricing. 

Why? Because transparent pricing helps you budget accurately and avoid unexpected costs. You can better understand the value you are receiving. Also, transparency in pricing often indicates transparency in other areas of business. 

Here is how to identify an agency with a transparent pricing system: 

  • You can find their prices or pricing structure on their website. 
  • They offer well-defined service packages, each with an outline of what is included. 
  • They are clear about any potential additional costs or fees. 
  • They offer different pricing tiers or customizable service packages that suit various budgets and needs. 

A red flag is a marketing agency not ready to discuss pricing until late in the sales process. The same applies to those who pressure you to sign contracts without clear breakdowns of costs. 

I must point out that the cheapest option isn’t always the best value. So, when looking for a marketing agency, go for one that clearly demonstrates their value.

This approach ensures you can make a confident decision about your marketing investment. After all, you know what you are getting and at what cost. 

Our pricing system at Skyline Social is transparent. When you work with us, you pay a one-off fee. Then, we get to work and continue until we get results.  

7. Do they customize your marketing campaign?

Marketing Campaign

Some marketing agencies will offer you cookie-cutter marketing content (such as blogs, emails, videos, etc). The problem with this is that other financial advisors are also the same material. This makes it harder for you to stand out from thousands of other financial advisors. 

Your practice as a financial advisor is unique. 

So, your lead generation strategy should also reflect that. You need an agency that can provide you with marketing materials that have been proven to work for other advisors while still tailoring them to your needs, goals, and target audience.

This is what we do with our clients.

Our years of experience enable us to see what works and doesn’t work for financial advisors. However, our clients don’t all have the exact same campaigns.

We tailor each campaign based on the financial advisor’s unique strengths while keeping in mind marketing principles that have worked well for other advisors.

At Skyline Social, our financial advisor clients receive highly personalized support. We don’t just sell you leads or emails. Instead, we work closely to generate high-quality leads and appointments to grow your business.

For us, it is not a one-off transaction but a collaboration that lasts until we get the desired results. 

This free masterclass explains our customized service approach in-depth. 


Choosing the right marketing agency as a financial advisor is a crucial business decision. By following these tips, you can find a partner that can truly improve your lead generation efforts. 

Your ideal marketing partner should understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the financial advisory space. They should understand your goals and have the expertise to help you achieve them.

In addition, their approach should be about connecting you with high-net worth individuals who are interested in your services. 

Remember, do not leave your lead generation efforts to chance. You need an agency that can deliver those leads, get you the appointments, and help you build a long-term client base. 

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