How To Get Commercial Cleaning Leads…

… Without buying low quality cleaning leads from a lead gen company!

Commercial Cleaning Lead Generation

Commercial Cleaning Lead Generation: What you need to know

To grow a cleaning business, you need clients.

And to get clients, you need leads.

In other words, getting leads is the KEY to growing a cleaning business.

But the problem is… Many lead generation or marketing companies will SELL you cleaning leads.

But they are often expensive, hard to get hold of and low quality…

You don’t need ANY cleaning leads…

You want the BEST cleaning leads.

You need cleaning leads that will actually convert into good clients.


How can you get warm commercial cleaning leads with people actually WANT to work with you?

The Problem with Buying Cleaning Leads (Pay Per Lead)

There are a lot of lead generation companies that sell leads.

Although buying commercial cleaning leads can work, there are some problems.

1. The quality is often not very good

Many cleaning companies that we’ve spoken to have said that the quality of the leads they purchased are not very good.


It’s usually because the leads are not pre-qualified before they speak to you.

Instead, the leads have just filled in a form online and they’re looking for the cheapest option.

They don’t know WHY working with you is a BETTER option that working with one of your competitors.

2. The leads are shared

Very often the cleaning leads you buy are shared with other cleaning companies.

This instantly puts you at a disadvantage because you’re now competing against other cleaning companies.

So, if you REALLY want to buy leads, make sure they’re at least exclusive leads.

When you buy shared cleaning leads you are competing against other cleaning companies for the same client.

So the leads you buy are more likely to go with the cheapest option or try to negotiate you down on price.

Instead, it’s better to position yourself in a way where your potential clients understand the value you provide and why working with you is better than your competitors (even if that means you charge more!).

3. Buying leads is expensive

When you buy leads from another lead generation company, they are usually paying for leads themselves through Facebook or Google and then selling you the lead for a premium price.

It would be cheaper for you to cut out the middle person and generate your own leads directly from the source (Google and/or Facebook).

Is there a better way to get cleaning leads?

Yes! Instead of trying to…

  • Pay for low quality / shared leads
  • Go to networking events to find clients
  • Cold call businesses to see if they need cleaning or facility management services
  • Rely on referrals to get leads
  • And so on…

It’s much more effective to create your own lead generation system for your cleaning business so you can get leads and clients each month.

By doing this you will get:

  • Exclusive cleaning leads
  • Higher quality cleaning leads
  • Cleaning leads that WANT to work with you
  • Leads for a lower price (sometimes even free!) vs buying leads from somewhere else

Now that you understand WHY getting cleaning leads is important, let’s explain your options to getting cleaning leads.

There are two ways you can get your own commercial cleaning leads: the free way and the paid way.

I recommend starting out with the FREE way and then when you’re winning clients using the FREE method, you can re-invest some of your profits in the paid method.

The best way to generate cleaning leads each month

Before you start generating leads using the marketing channels, I’m about to show you, it’s important you have what I call an “automated appointment funnel”.

This is a funnel that is specifically designed to help you get high quality leads and appointments with prospects that actually want to work with you.

How can you create this automated appointment funnel?

Watch this video I’ve recorded which goes through how it all works.

Please note: Although the strategy works for ANY business that needs leads and appointments each month to win clients, we’ve seen it work especially well for cleaning companies.

How to get free commercial cleaning leads with SEO

The best way to get free commercial cleaning leads is by using SEO (search engine optimization).

Ranking at the top of Google & YouTube for keywords related to your cleaning services, may sound daunting at first…

But it’s actually easier than it looks.

You can learn how to rank first on Google & YouTube for keywords people are searching for by watching ‘Step 4’ of this video here.

How to get free commercial cleaning leads with LinkedIn

Another way you can get b2b commercial cleaning leads is by using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn allows you to connect with local people in your area who are looking for commercial cleaning.

It’s a little bit of a numbers game with LinkedIn, but the good news is that you can automate the whole process.

So each day, you can use LinkedIn automation software to connect and message your potential clients.

How to do this in more detail can be found in ‘Step 4’ of this video.

How to get commercial cleaning leads with paid ads

After you’re getting commercial cleaning leads for free using LinkedIn, Google & YouTube, you can reinvest some of your profit into paid advertising.

Paid advertising is where you spend money on ads to get cleaning leads on marketing channels such as Google & Facebook.

See also: How to target people searching Google with Facebook ads

How to do this in more detail can be found in ‘Step 4’ of this video.

Why do we help cleaning businesses?

One reason I love helping cleaning companies generate their own EXCLUSIVE leads, is because THREE members of my family each have built their own cleaning companies. And by implementing these strategies I’ve been able to help them grow and later sell their cleaning businesses. Now, I want to help other cleaning companies – like you – grow as well!

But it’s not just my clients these strategies have worked for…

If you look at most successful cleaning businesses, you’ll see they’re using digital marketing in some way to generate leads.

And they’re NOT paying another company for leads.

They’re generating their own leads!

How a cleaning company went from $0 to $120K/month

In a recent interview, Clean Bee Cleaning Services were asked how they get new customers.

Here are the top 3 marketing channels they use to get cleaning leads each month:

1st Place: Google

2nd Place: Facebook

3rd Place: Yelp

You can see the full interview here (from 4 minutes 12 seconds):

As you can see, Facebook and Google are the best performing marketing channels to generate cleaning leads that convert into new customers. In the interview, Clean Bee Cleaning Services specifically mentioned that Google has been the most effective marketing channel because they’re able to target potential clients who are looking for a cleaning company right NOW.

How much does it cost to generate leads?

You can get started for FREE!

Contrary to popular belief there are strategies our clients use to generate leads for FREE.

Some of these free (or low cost) lead generation channels include:

  • LinkedIn lead generation
  • Google (SEO) lead generation
  • YouTube lead generation

Obviously if you use paid ads, you can scale up and get even better results.

But no matter your budget – big or small – you can start getting high quality cleaning leads in your business each month.

How much do we charge?

We show you what you need to do to get predictable leads, appointments and clients for FREE in this video.

We only charge if you a) want us to help you do it (consulting) or b) if you want us to do everything for you.

Otherwise, just can watch the free training video to learn what you need to do.

What’s the advantage in working with us?

The hardest part of generating cleaning leads and getting more cleaning clients is KNOWING what to do and what to say (in your ads, website, emails etc).

We show you what to do for FREE in this video here.

AND, for our clients, we show you what to SAY in your ads, website, emails, etc to get the best results.

Normally you would need to spend thousands of dollars (or spend months/years) testing what works and what doesn’t.

But we already know what works for cleaning companies.

And we can give you a proven framework for you to follow.

All you need to do is change the text slightly for your own cleaning business so that the content is unique to you (which we help you with as well).

Our system allows you to generate commercial cleaning leads every single month without having to even spend a penny on paid advertising.

Our system allows you to generate commercial cleaning leads with people that are actually looking for your services

Our system allows you to generate commercial cleaning leads in a way that is scalable, profitable and predictable .

Now, obviously there’s only so much I can explain in an article like this one.

What I’d rather do is SHOW you how it all works.

So, if you’d like to see HOW the strategy and the process to generate commercial cleaning leads in your business works, then watch my free Masterclass training that explains it all in more details.