How Commercial Cleaning Businesses Can Generate Leads with Digital Marketing

Commercial Cleaning Lead Generation

How to generate commercial cleaning leads

Every business needs a pipeline of high quality leads to grow and win new clients. However, finding the best way to generate leads effectively is often difficult.

So, how can you generate a steady stream of new commercial cleaning leads in your area…

… Without:

  • Paying for low quality / shared leads
  • Networking
  • Cold calling
  • Relying on referrals
  • Spending lots of money on ads
  • Creating lots of content
  • A fancy website
  • Creating a blog
  • Creating YouTube videos
  • Posting every day on social media
  • And so on…

I’m going to show you exactly how you can generate a steady stream of new leads every day, week and month for your commercial cleaning business and get booked pre-qualified appointments with prospects that actually WANT to work with you.

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The old way of generating commercial cleaning leads

The old fashioned method for marketing commercial cleaning businesses is word of mouth. Most of your customers will be looking for a long and loyal service from you. That’s why spreading the word of commercial cleaning businesses through honest recommendation and referral has often worked well.

But unfortunately in this age, things are changing. Although referrals are still a great way to grow your client base, a lot more people are doing their research online FIRST before working with a commercial cleaning company.

During this online research phase, relying on referrals alone isn’t always enough to keep your cleaning business growing. On top of that, relying on referrals isn’t very predictable, reliable or scalable. You never know when that next “lead” or “referral” will come through. And if you lose a client, it can be a real struggle to replace the income you were getting before.

Other times, commercial cleaning businesses go to random networking events and although this can sometimes work, it’s definitely not a strategy that generates predictable leads and new clients every month.

Is paying for commercial cleaning online leads a good idea?

A lot of the time commercial cleaning companies pay for “lead generation” services that only deliver low quality or shared leads that are difficult to get hold of and convert into clients.

In theory, paying for leads to a lead generation company, sounds like a good idea. You save time and outsource your lead generation to a specialist.

However, in reality, you’ll realize that this model isn’t as good as it sounds.

This is because generating leads isn’t enough.

If you generate 30 leads and you can’t get hold of any of the leads or the people you do speak to are haggling with you on price… Do you think you’ll be able to get a good return on your investment? Most of the time the answer is no…

So not all leads are created equal.

What you really need are high quality leads with people that actually WANT to work with you. 

… You don’t want to pay for leads that are “vaguely interested” or just shopping around for the best price…. Which is what most online lead generation services deliver.

The best way to generate commercial cleaning leads

The best way to generate commercial cleaning leads, is to generate the leads for your business YOURSELF.

Yes, you can definitely work with a lead generation specialist, marketing agency or consultant to help you… But ultimately, you need to be in control of your businesses lead generation process.


Because this part of your business is TOO important to 100% leave in the hands of a 3rd party company.

On top of that, if you are in control of your own lead generation, you are able to get exclusive commercial cleaning leads, higher quality commercial cleaning leads and commercial cleaning leads at the lowest cost (because you’re getting them at cost from the source rather than paying a middle-person to deliver the leads for you).

On top of that, with technology and software these days, you can actually automate about 80% of the lead generation work. This is another reason why it’s even better for you to generate the leads for yourself.

How can you generate commercial cleaning leads yourself?

It all starts with learning.

It’s important to learn the right strategy to generate leads and then take action on what you learn.

At Skyline Social, we provide training and expert guidance to commercial cleaning companies on how to generate leads themselves and automate 80% of the work.

Our system allows you to generate commercial cleaning leads every single month without having to even spend a penny on paid advertising.

Our system allows you to generate commercial cleaning leads with people that are actually looking for your services

Our system allows you to generate commercial cleaning leads in a way that is scalable, profitable and predictable from day one.

Now, obviously there’s only so much I can explain in a written article like this one.

What I’d rather do is SHOW you how it all works.

So, if you’d like to learn the strategy and the process to generate commercial cleaning leads in your business, then I recommend you sign up for my free masterclass training that goes through how it works step by step.

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