How To Get Commercial Cleaning Leads (7 Best Strategies)

Commercial Cleaning Lead Generation

How To Get More Clients on Autopilot

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To grow a cleaning business, you need clients. And to get clients, you need leads.

That’s why getting qualified leads is the KEY to growing a cleaning business.

So, the big question is…

How can YOU get high quality cleaning leads, appointments and clients each month?

This article will go through the best strategies to get:

  • Commercial cleaning leads
  • Janitorial leads
  • Office cleaning leads
  • House cleaning leads
  • Residential cleaning leads
  • Medical office cleaning leads
  • Carpet cleaning leads
  • Window cleaning leads
  • Jet washing leads
  • And more!

So, let’s get started!

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Marketing Cleaning Services: The old vs new way

Business networking

There are two ways to grow a cleaning company:

1) Use OLD traditional marketing strategies

These are low-cost time-intensive strategies such as referrals, word of mouth, networking events, direct mail, cold calling, etc.

Although these strategies can work, they’re not very predictable or scalable.

They’re also very time-intensive.

2) Use NEW digital marketing strategies

This is where you leverage digital marketing channels to get leads, appointments and clients 100% online and mainly on autopilot.

It can take some work, in the beginning, to set these strategies up, but in the long term they are a lot more predictable, profitable and less time-intensive.

In this article, we’ll focus on the best digital marketing strategies to help you grow your cleaning business (with real-life examples).

How to get residential & commercial cleaning leads


Here are the 7 best strategies (both free and paid) to get more cleaning leads 100% online.

Note: In this article, we’ll be focusing on how to get “Commercial cleaning” leads, but the strategies can also work for ANY other type of cleaning lead (e.g. office cleaning, window cleaning, residential cleaning, janitorial leads, etc).

1. UpLead

Best for commercial cleaning leads

UpLead provides you with high-quality B2B leads in your local area.

This lead-generation solution is perfect if you’re looking to generate office or commercial cleaning leads in just a few minutes!

To get started, just type in your email address here and you’ll get your first few leads to try it out 100% free.

If you like what you see, you can upgrade to get even more leads.

What makes UpLevel different?

Unlike other low-quality lead scraping services, UpLead’s lead-quality data is far more accurate. On top of that, UpLead enriches the data by adding the lead’s website, social media profiles, phone number, email address, and more as seen here:

Click here to try UpLead for free!

Pro Tip: If you combine Uplead with a B2B sales funnel or cold email software, you’ll be able to maximize your results!

2. Customers.AI

Best for identifying anonymous website visitors

If you’re cleaning website is already getting traffic, you can use Customers.AI to identify the anonymous visitors on your website.

How does it work?

When people visit your website, only 1-2% of people will fill out a contact form to learn more about working with you. This means you’re missing out on lots of new clients!

By using Customers.AI you can copy and paste a pixel code on your website. Once the pixel code is installed, you will be able to identify about 20% to 30% of the anonymous visitors on your website.

Once you’ve identified the anonymous website visitors, you can reach out to them or add them to your email marketing software to follow up with them automatically.

The result?

You can generate more leads and clients from your cleaning website!

Note: As of right now, this technology only works for US-based website visitors.

Click here to try Customers.AI

3. Google SEO (FREE)

Best cleaning services SEO

The best way to get free commercial cleaning leads is by using SEO (search engine optimization).

Google SEO is when your website ranks at the top of Google (or even YouTube search) for keywords related to your cleaning services.

One way to do this is by creating a Google Business Profile and getting positive reviews from existing clients. One of my cleaning clients was able to rank on the first page of Google for “Window Cleaning London” by using this strategy, as seen here:

Window cleaning london

Another way to get commercial cleaning leads is to create content that answers questions related to your cleaning services.

What some cleaning companies do

Most cleaning companies will target local SEO keywords. Things like “Commercial cleaning NYC” or “Medical Cleaners in Miami” etc.

Local SEO is a great start, but it often has high amounts of competition (especially if you’re new to the game!).

So, while you’re doing local SEO, I also recommend you think outside the box and focus on keywords that your competitors are less likely to be targeting.

What you need to do instead

You should definitely focus on local SEO as a starting strategy. But instead of targeting location-based keywords related to your services, you could target questions people in your target audience are searching for.

For example:

  • How to find the best cleaning service in [your location]
  • How much do commercial cleaning services cost in [your location]
  • What to look for when hiring cleaners in [your location]
  • Who are the best residential cleaners in [your location]
  • Best commercial cleaning company in [your location]

Targeting these keywords will have less competition so that you can rank more quickly and easily.


Ranking first on Google for keywords related to the commercial cleaning industry is hands-down THE best way to grow your cleaning company.

You’ll get:

  • High-intent leads (people looking to hire a cleaning company right NOW)
  • FREE leads (since you don’t need to pay for any advertising
  • Evergreen leads (once you’re ranking first on Google, you can get leads for years into the future)

You can learn how to find the best keywords to target for your cleaning company by watching ‘Step 4′ of my free training here.

4. Linkedin Outreach (FREE)

LinkedIn outreach

Another way you can get b2b commercial cleaning leads is by using social media channels such as LinkedIn or even Facebook.

LinkedIn is an especially useful social media network because allows you to connect with local businesses in your area that are looking for commercial cleaning.

Or you can connect with a local business that may have had a bad experience with their previous cleaner and they’re looking for a good replacement.

Some good businesses or people to target on LinkedIn include:

  • Facility managers
  • Commercial facilities
  • Medical offices
  • Office manager

What some cleaning companies do

Most cleaning companies will send cold emails or cold call people to get leads. But did you know you can get even better responses – in less time for less money – by using LinkedIn outreach?

What you need to do instead

Instead of sending cold calls or cold emails, connect with local businesses through LinkedIn and ask them if they or anyone they know is looking for commercial cleaning services.

It is a bit of a numbers game, but many of our clients have picked up many new cleaning contracts very quickly just by using this strategy alone!

For even better results, you can automate your LinkedIn messages using LinkedIn automation software.


LinkedIn is an excellent modern way to get more commercial cleaning clients, either for free or for a low cost of $15/month using LinkedIn automation tools.

For more free training on how to use LinkedIn to generate leads watch ‘Step 4′ of this video.

5. Facebook & Instagram Ads

Paid ads

After you’re getting commercial cleaning leads for free using LinkedIn outreach or Google SEO, you can reinvest some of your profit into paid advertising.

Paid advertising involves spending money on ads to generate cleaning leads on marketing channels such as Google and Facebook.

You can even use Facebook ads to target people searching Google on Facebook ads for less money (in most cases) than it costs to advertise with Google directly.

What some cleaning companies do

Some cleaning companies spend a lot of money on paid ads without knowing how to run ads profitably. For example, they’ll spend money on ads by sending people straight to their website.

This is the worst way to run ads.

You’re practically burning money if you do this.

What you need to do instead

If you run any kind of Facebook or Instagram ads, you need to:

First: send people to a lead generation funnel

Second: Give people some kind of special offer or free lead magnet

Third: Create high-converting messages that resonate with your target audience


Facebook ads are a great lead generation channel for cleaning companies that are more established and have additional money they can reinvest in advertising. It’s a great way to scale up and grow your commercial cleaning business much faster.

Want to learn more about using Facebook ads effectively? Watch ‘Step 4’ of my free training.

6. Pay Per Lead


Another great way to get cleaning leads is to hire a pay per lead service.

There are a lot of pay per lead generation services to choose from.

Here are some things to keep in mind when using pay per lead generation services:

Are they selling shared or exclusive leads?

Shared leads are cheaper, but exclusive leads are much better quality. Unless you’re an excellent salesperson, in most cases, it would be better to buy exclusive leads only.

What is the quality of the leads?

It’s important to find out what is considered a lead. A lead that is from a database is not very good quality. A lead that has filled in a form to request a quote for cleaning services is a much better quality lead.

Pros and cons of buying cleaning leads


  • Requires very little time-investment
  • Pay for results (amount of leads generated)
  • Get leads delivered in your inbox each month


  • You can probably get the same leads at a lower cost (or free) if you invest in your own marketing
  • Many people complain that the lead quality is not very good
  • You could end up wasting your time if the lead quality is not good


Buying cleaning leads from another lead generation or marketing company is a popular solution for many cleaning companies.

But the reality is that it’s very hard to find a good lead generation company to sell you leads.

If you’re looking for leads without hiring a lead generation company to get them for you, a better option might be to hire a freelancer on Upwork to do this for you.

7. Cold email


The last strategy to generate commercial or janitorial leads is by using cold email automation tools.

What others do

Many cleaning companies try to get commercial cleaning contracts by manually contacting business owners.

However, the problem with cold email is that it can be:

  • Very time-consuming to find the right person
  • Time-consuming to send all these emails
  • Difficult to get any kind of response

What you need to do instead

If you really want to use cold email to reach out to business owners, then you need at least to automate your cold email in a way where:

  • It doesn’t take too much time
  • It allows you to find the right people
  • Can still be personalized

To do this, you’ll need to use an email automation tool.


Rather than send cold emails manually, use email automation tools to save time!

There are hundreds of cold email automation tools, and my favorite is SalesHandy!

It has the most cost-effective cold email outreach software with the most features.

Click here to get a SalesHandy free trial.

Successful Commercial Cleaning Companies (Examples)

Office cleaning

One reason I love helping other cleaning companies generate their own EXCLUSIVE leads, is because three members of my family each have built their own cleaning companies.

And by implementing the strategies in this video they have been able to grow their cleaning business to six and seven figures and then later sell their cleaning businesses for a nice profit.

Now, I want to help other cleaning companies – like you – grow as well!

But it’s not just my clients these strategies have worked for…

If you look at the most successful cleaning businesses, you’ll see they use digital marketing to generate leads.

How a commercial cleaning business went from $0 to $120K/month

Carpet and window office cleaning

In a recent interview, Clean Bee Cleaning Services was asked how they get new customers to help them grow their business to $120K/month.

Here are the top 3 marketing channels they said they use to get cleaning leads each month:

1st Place: Google

2nd Place: Facebook

3rd Place: Yelp

You can see the full interview here (from 4 minutes 12 seconds):

YouTube player

As you can see, Google and Facebook are the best two-performing marketing channels to generate cleaning leads that convert into new customers.

In the interview, Clean Bee Cleaning Services specifically mentioned that Google has been the most effective marketing channel because they’re able to target potential clients who are looking for a cleaning company right NOW.

See ‘Step 4’ of this video to learn how to generate leads and appointments using Google.

Next steps?

Are you looking to get qualified leads and appointments for the following services?

  • Commercial cleaning leads
  • Janitorial service leads
  • Office cleaning leads
  • House cleaning leads
  • Residential cleaning leads
  • Medical office cleaning leads
  • Carpet cleaning leads
  • Window cleaning leads
  • Jet washing leads
  • And more!

If so, you can get started right now for FREE!

Some of these free (or low-cost) lead generation channels include:

  • LinkedIn lead generation
  • Google (SEO) lead generation
  • YouTube lead generation

Obviously, if you use paid ads, you can scale up and get even better results.

But no matter your budget – big or small – you can start getting qualified leads and appointments in your business each month.

Want to learn more?

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Please note: Although the strategy works for ANY business that needs leads and appointments each month to win clients, we’ve seen it work especially well for cleaning companies.