Many think that the only way you can target people who are searching for your services on Google is by either doing Google ads or ranking at the top of Google organically.

But what if I told you that there was a way to target these people via Facebook ads instead?

Yep, that’s right, you can actually target people searching on Google… Using Facebook Ads. 🙂

Watch the following video (or scroll down if you prefer reading) to learn how it all works…

MYTH: Facebook only gets data from Facebook’s own assets

When you’re advertising on Facebook, many are under the impression that Facebook only has data on the channels and platforms owned by Facebook.

These would be:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Whatsapp
  • Instagram… And any other assets that Facebook owns

In actuality, Facebook collects a LOT more data than through those means. Those platforms that they own are only a small fraction of the data they use to target people with their ads.

How Facebook REALLY gets data to target people

When you’re looking to target people with Facebook ads and when their algorithm is optimizing the ads to find those who are more likely to buy and be your ideal client, the majority of Facebook’s data actually comes from other websites. 

This includes websites that people find when searching on Google. 

This is because the majority of websites have the Facebook pixel installed.

How does the Facebook Pixel track Google Searches?

Imagine that someone’s on Google and searches for “how to generate leads”.

How to generate leads Google Search

The majority of the websites that you’ll find on the first page of Google will have the Facebook pixel installed.

This means that every time someone goes to that website, Facebook will be able to know that the person has visited this web page.

Facebook looks at the data, as well as all the different keywords and phrases that this web page the person is visiting actually has. 

So for example, if the web page has the keywords “lead”, “lead gen”, “lead generation” (or anything similar) throughout the page, Facebook will be able to look at that page and create an ‘interest’ for the people browsing that page as people that would be interested in lead generation.

Then when you go to Facebook and type in ‘lead generation’ in the Facebook Ads interest targeting section, you can see this as an option:

Facebook Ads Lead Generation

This example works for pretty much any keyword in any industry.

For example:

A financial advisor could target people who are looking for wealth management or insurance

Financial Advisor Facebook Ads Targeting


An accountant could target those looking for accounting services, bookkeeping, or how to save money on taxes.

Accounting Taxes Facebook Ads Targeting

And so on…

And there’s an almost endless amount of interests that you can target people on when it comes to using Facebook.

Now, just to be clear: the Facebook Pixel is of course not on Google itself. So (as far as I know) Facebook can’t track people on Google, but they can track the websites people visit FROM Google (which is almost the same thing).

Now, I could dive really DEEP into this topic and show you how Facebook actually uses AI, machine learning and big data to predict what someone is interested in BEFORE they even search for it (which is insane…), but I’ll leave that topic for another time / future blog post. 😉

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How ‘interest’ targeting on Facebook Ads really works

So when it comes to targeting people that are searching for different keywords and websites on Google, all you need to do is target people using the ‘interest’ targeting feature in Facebook.

When you create Facebook ads to target different interests, many think that the interests are from data that’s been compiled only from people using Facebook or browsing specific Facebook pages, when most of the data comes from websites that those people are browsing online.

If you are already using interest targeting in your Facebook ads, then hopefully this gives you some additional insight into how it all works.

And if you haven’t yet used interest targeting, I would highly recommend you do. It’s a very powerful way of targeting people based on different keywords that people are searching online and consuming content on.

How can Facebook Ads interest targeting help your business?

By using Facebook Ads, you can now target more people looking for your services without paying the typically more expensive costs of Google ads.

Facebook ads work so well because Facebook has so much data at its disposal and it uses Ai & machine learning to get better results over time.

Is it better to just advertise with Google directly?

Yes, you can always use Google ads or rank organically and target potentially interested people. But the problem is that usually, Google ads are more expensive than Facebook ads, and ranking organically for free on Google takes time. For example, in my own business right now I get hundreds of leads each month through ranking organically on Google… But it took years of creating helpful free content to get to that stage.

If you don’t want to wait for that to happen, then Facebook ads are a great shortcut to get results right away, and start targeting people who are actually searching for your services right now..

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