Are you looking for the best way to get Medicare leads? Getting exclusive Medicare leads from people who want to work with you is one of the best ways insurance agents and financial advisors can grow their business.

After helping hundreds of financial advisors and insurance agents generate leads, here are some of the best lead generation strategies to get medicare insurance leads, and medicare supplement leads.

And you can do this WITHOUT:

  • Buying expensive or shared medicare leads
  • Spending hours, days or months chasing leads to get an appointment
  • Testing different ads or strategies trying to figure out what works

And if you’re short on time and you’re looking for someone to help you do everything, watch this video to learn more about how our medicare lead generation strategy works.

Note: Although this strategy can work for ANY business that needs high quality appointments, we have a lot of experience specifically helping financial advisors & insurance agents who need medicare leads. Here’s an example of one of our clients who specializes helping retirees choose the best medicare insurance plan.

Quick Summary

If you’re short on time, the best way to get medicare leads is to generate your own exclusive medicare leads without paying a marketing company a higher premium for low quality shared leads.

This strategy works best because for medicare insurance leads:

  • You get your own exclusive leads
  • It’s cheaper than paying a company for medicare insurance leads
  • You’re in full control of your marketing

To learn how to do this in more detail, watch this video.

What is the best way to get medicare leads?

The best exclusive medicare lead generation strategies are:

1. Facebook Ads

Medicare facebook ads

Facebook ads are a great way to get exclusive Medicare leads because it allows you to target your ideal client base. You can choose who sees your ad based on factors such as age, location, and interests.

Pros of Facebook ads

  • Get leads quickly
  • Very scalable
  • Get exclusive leads
  • Cheaper than buying medicare leads

Cons of Facebook ads

  • It costs money because you have to pay for ads
  • Only works well when you have the right Facebook ads strategy

The best way to use Facebook ads to get medicare leads is to target people turning 65 and offer them a free educational video that explains how you can help them and why working with you is better than other alternative options.

Watch this free training to learn how to do this in more detail

This ensures that your ad reaches people who are likely to be interested in Medicare plans, which increases your chances of converting leads into customers.

Additionally, Facebook ads are affordable and scalable, making them a versatile marketing tool for insurance agents.

2. Google SEO

Writing medicare SEO articles

Medicare can be confusing. This means lots of people are searching Google for answers related to medicare. This strategy is called SEO (search engine optimization).

So, if you answer those questions in the form of an article. on your website, you can generate free medicare leads with people looking for your services.

SEO Pros

  • Target people searching for medicare help
  • Get free leads from Google
  • Evergreen (get leads each month consistently)

SEO Cons

  • Takes time to create content

The more questions about medicare that you answer on your website, the more likely Google will view your website as an authority on the topic of Medicare.

The more Google views you as an authority on Google, the more likely you will rank higher on Google.

You can see the best content to create for lead generation in ‘Step 4’ of this video.

3. YouTube SEO

Recording medicare youtube videos

YouTube SEO can help you generate medicare leads because a lot of people are searching YouTube for answers to questions they have about medicare.

YouTube Pros

  • Target people searching YouTube for help with medicare
  • Free leads
  • Evergreen leads

YouTube Cons

  • You need to spend time creating videos
  • Some insurance agents might not like being on camera

YouTube videos are highly visible on both Google and YouTube searches, which means that they can be easily found by people who are searching for information about medicare.

Additionally, YouTube videos can help to build trust and credibility with potential customers a lot quicker than written content on its own, which can lead to more conversions.

You can see how to get YouTube leads in ‘Step 4’ of this video here.

4. Buy medicare leads

The problem with buying leads

When you buy medicare leads, you’re getting real-time leads of people who need help choosing the right medicare insurance plan.

Pros of buying leads

  • Fastest way to get leads
  • No need to do any marketing yourself
  • Easy to get up and running

Cons of buying leads

  • Most expensive way to get leads
  • You often have to spend a lot of time chasing leads
  • Leads are sometimes shared
  • Not all leads are good quality

Buying medicare leads can help you save time on marketing because you don’t need to do any marketing work yourself. You just pay for leads and get them delivered to your inbox or phone.

The problem is that many of these leads don’t actually know who you are and they’re not sure why working with you is better than other alternative options.

This means you spend a LOT of time chasing leads and it’s difficult to speak to many of them. Furthermore, buying medicare leads is a lot more expensive than generating your own exclusive medicare insurance leads yourself (essentially cutting out the middle-person).

If you want to get your own exclusive medicare leads instead of paying another marketing company for medicare leads, click here to watch this video to learn how.

5. Direct mail

Medicare mail advertising

When prospects are turning 65 you can use direct mail to reach out to prospects who need medicare insurance.

However, the problem with sending mail is that many insurance companies are using this strategy, which often means customers are overwhelmed with advertisements when turning 65. So it’s a good idea that if you use direct mail to sell medicare, you stand out.

One way insurance agents can stand out is by offering to review and help reitrees find the best medicare insurance for them. In other words, be an advisor, rather than a “sales agent”.

Direct mail pros

  • Reach a lot of people at home
  • Target people by age and location
  • Target people by income level based on zip code

Direct mail cons

  • Can be expensive compared to other lead gen channels
  • Very oversaturated marketing strategy

Sending printed mail can also be expensive, when compared to similar digital marketing strategies, such as Facebook ads. On Facebook ads, you can reach a lot more targeted people for a fraction of the price. See ‘step 4’ of this video to learn how.


Overall, there are various strategies that agents can use to get medicare leads. One is to use paid advertising to target people turning 65 who are looking for help with medicare.

Other more cost-effective strategies include using Google SEO and YouTube SEO to answer questions related to Medicare insurance to attract people who are in the market for help with medicare insurance.

How to use both free and paid strategies to get medicare insurance leads is explained in more detail in this video.