When you start generating leads and creating Facebook ads, one of the first things that Facebook asks you is ‘What is your marketing objective?’

Most business owners choose either the “Traffic”, “Lead Generation” or “Conversion” objective.

But which one of these Facebook Ad marketing objectives is best if your goal is to generate the most amount of high quality leads?

In this article, I break down the main key differences between the top 3 Facebook Ad lead generation objectives.

Traffic Facebook Ads Objective

Traffic FB ads objective

What this does: It will optimize your Facebook ad campaign for getting the most amount of clicks and visitors to your landing page.

Although this can generate leads, it still doesn’t optimize the Facebook ads algorithm for leads.

It’s optimizing your Facebook ads campaign for traffic, not leads.

When to use it: Traffic can still be good when you’re trying to get data into your Facebook Pixel to see how people respond to your ad and landing page… But, I would still recommend skipping traffic (in most cases) and doing one of the other following objectives.

Lead Generation Facebook Ads Objective (Facebook Lead Ads)

Lead Gen FB Ads objective

What this does: The lead generation option will show users a pre-populated form on the Facebook platform.

This makes generating leads really quick and easy, because someone on Facebook clicks on the ad and the form is usually pre-filled with their name, email, phone etc. But because it’s so easy for users to fill out a form, the quality sometimes isn’t that high.

Some people even fill in the form by accident.

When to use it: This method helps you generate a LOT of leads, and the lead cost is also usually a little lower than the other options, but you don’t normally get the highest quality leads.

Facebook Ads Conversion Objective

Conversions FB Ads Objective

This is my favorite objective on Facebook for generating high quality leads.

What this does: With the conversion objective, you can tell Facebook what you consider a conversion (for example a lead, sales appointment or new client) and Facebook will optimize your campaign for that specific objective.

In most cases, if you’re just starting out with a lead generation campaign, you’re going to be optimizing the conversion for generating leads.

You don’t want to optimize the conversion for sales appointments or clients (yet) because you’re not going to give Facebook enough data at this point in time to get enough conversions each week.

When to use it: With the Facebook Ads Conversion objective, you’ll be sending your leads to an opt-in landing page. You’ll also most likely get higher quality leads with prospects who are more serious in learning how you can help them.

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What is the best Facebook Ads objective?

When it comes to choosing the best quality leads with a good balance of quantity of leads, I recommend choosing the Facebook Ads Conversion objective as the primary one you use.

However, in 2021, Facebook introduced some iOS Apple Privacy changes to the Facebook Ads conversion objective.

This means to get accurate conversions from this objective, it’s recommended you track conversions using the Facebook API.

Here’s a tutorial video I recorded to show you how to do this:

Important: Choosing the right Facebook Ads Objective is only the beginning…

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