It’s crazy how many times I see videos, blogs and articles talking about the hundreds of ways you can generate leads online.

I saw one the other day that said ‘Learn 117 ways to generate leads online’.

Yep, you read that right.

One hundred and seventeen ways.

Heck, I would probably struggle to think of 20 ways, let alone over 100…

Here’s the thing…

There ARE hundreds of ways you can generate leads. And I’m sure many of them are good (if you stick to it, learn how it works and do the work).

But for most business owners I speak to, it’s overkill.

You don’t need 100, 50, 20 or even 10 ways to generate leads, sales appointments and clients.

You just need ONE.

One really good system that generates leads, sales appointments and clients every month.

One really good system that actually works.

One really good system that gives you predictable results.


Once you get good at using ONE system, you can (maybe) add two.


Once you get good at using two systems, then (maybe) add three.

And so on…

(You get the point)

So right now if you’re in a position where you don’t get any (or very few) sales appointments each month… Focus on just getting ONE channel working right.

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Here’s are the channels I recommend you use:

1. LinkedIn (great for starting out)

LinkedIn is a goldmine for business owners right now. With the right strategy, you can get anywhere from 5-30 high quality sales appointments every month without spending a penny on paid advertising.

Pros: Low cost and can deliver fast results

Cons: Difficult to scale past 30+ sales appointments and requires manual work

Learn how to use LinkedIn to generate predictable sales appointments

2. Facebook ads (great for scaling up)

Once you’re generating 5-30 sales appointments on LinkedIn every month, you can reinvest some of your profit from the clients you win into Facebook ads. Facebook ads will allow you to amplify what you’re already doing. You can expect to get 30+ leads and sales appointments each month when using Facebook ads (if done properly).

Pros: Can be fully automated. Extremely scalable.

Cons: Requires money. At least $500 to $1K or more each month. The more you spend the more results you get. Learn how to use Facebook ads to generate predictable sales appointments

3. Google

Google allows you to target the 3% of buyers that are actually looking for your services right now.

Pros: You can target people who are actually looking for your services in real-time

Cons: Requires money and time. Either time to create content (to rank higher organically) or money to pay Google for sponsored ads (to rank instantly).

Learn how to rank higher on Google organically

These are the three channels myself and my clients use regularly.

However, like I mentioned earlier, I recommend starting with ONE channel to begin with.

Master that ONE channel first.

And THEN re-invest the profits and do more later on.

Want to learn the exact strategy we use to get 20-30 or more sales appointments every month in our business (so you can do the same)? Check out the video I’ve recorded here.

Stay Focused!