Twitter is one of the most popular social media lead generation packages we offer at Skyline Social. It’s cost effective, delivers fast results and we regularly generate leads for our clients within the first few months.

There are lots of companies that claim they can use Twitter to generate leads for clients, with varying degrees of success. At Skyline Social, we have finely honed our processes to make sure we maximise exposure and deliver exceptional results.

Here are a few things that we do that make our Twitter Campaigns unique:

1. We build a high quality targeted audience of people interested in you

Our clients tell us what kind of customers they want to target. We research them on Twitter and then manually pick and choose the right people to follow. We find people based on:

  • What they tweet
  • Keywords in their bio
  • Twitter organisations, brands or people they follow
  • Their location.

We also unfollow those that don’t follow back after two days or more.

By using this method, we build up a high quality, targeted audience of people who are interested in you and your business.

2. We only ever send a targeted message to those we choose to follow

At Skyline Social, we send auto-direct messages using Twitter in quite an innovative way. Firstly, we ensure the message provides value to your target audience. Secondly, we do not message everyone that follows you. We only message those we have chosen to follow and who have followed you back (which means they have expressed some interest in what you do).

If you were to follow us or any of our clients, you would not automatically receive an automated direct message.

This means the messages we do send out, even though they are automated, are targeted and valuable to people.

3. It works

We practice what we preach, and the same Twitter campaigns we run for our clients we run for ourselves. I can’t tell you how many face-to-face meetings, phone calls, new clients and new business opportunities we’ve generated, simply from starting conversations with people on Twitter.

4. There’s a real person behind our outreach message

We strongly encourage all of our clients to respond back to the Twitter messages they receive and the leads they generate. I mean, why wouldn’t you? It shows that you care and it gives you the opportunity to win more business.

If our clients don’t have time to respond to the messages, then we can also do this for them.

5. Monthly Reporting (with Bonuses)

You also get a monthly report to show who has followed you, how many people have seen your tweets, what are your most popular social media updates and a full list of your Twitter leads. We also include some additional bonuses, such as the LinkedIn URL’s of some of your Twitter leads and their email address, so you can continue to market to them in other ways outside of Twitter.

Want to learn more about marketing your business on Twitter? Then watch this free video of a webinar I recorded earlier on “How to Generate Leads for your Business using Twitter”.

To think about: Should you use Twitter Auto-Direct Messages to message people?

We think it depends on how you use it. If you are just sending out messages with no value to random people, then it will most likely annoy people and you are very unlikely to get results. Yet, this is what most people do! We, however, send out targeted messages only to people we choose to follow and who agree to follow back (because they like what you do). The next step is naturally to start a conversation with them.

We view it like email marketing. If I had to, I would manually message each person on Twitter to start a conversation with them. However, with the technology now available, we can automate that first step. If someone is interested in talking more – great let’s talk. If they are not, no worries.

Just like you wouldn’t manually email everyone who subscribes to your email newsletter, instead you use technology to save time. We can do something similar. And like email marketing, if used correctly, it can have some excellent results.

Want to see if we can help you build a targeted audience and generate leads for your business using Twitter? Then book a free consultation with me, in less than 30 seconds, by using this link.