Using organic and paid methods for lead generation on social media

How do you attract your dream clients to your business?

Not just any clients; I’m talking about the right kind of clients. You know, profitable clients, and the ones you love working with.

There are two primary ways you can attract your ideal clients with social media:

1. Using organic methods

2. Using paid methods

In this article, let’s dig in and find out which method (or methods) are best for your business.

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Watched the video FIRST? Great… Then keep reading to learn more about the differences between organic and paid lead generation.

Finding what method works

Both methods work well in attracting clients, but what one works better?

I’ll explain the ins and outs of these methods, and how you can use them to work for your business.

What’s the difference between paid advertising and organic marketing?

The main separating factor between organic and paid client attraction is the amount of money you use for advertising.

This in turn, impacts how you reach and communicate with your potential clients.

Lead Generation using Organic Marketing

Using organic marketing to attract clients means you’re spending only a small amount of money (no more than a couple of hundred dollars a month), or sometimes nothing at all, to get sales appointments.

It’s usually suited for newer businesses, or ones that target a small group or a niche market. Most of your time with organic client attraction is spent personally reaching out to potential clients.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • It requires time. With the organic method of attracting clients, you’re generally putting a lot of time into actually communicating with them. You do this by starting and continuing conversations with potential clients on different social media channels.

It’s more cost effective of course, but you’re paying in the time you must put in to get this system working.

  • Can be difficult to scale. Attracting your ideal clients with organic marketing is a great way for most businesses to start. However once you’ve start filling up your pipeline with lots of sales appointments, your time will be more limited. At this point, there are more effective ways to grow your business and scale everything up (by focusing more on paid advertising).
  • Main channels for organic client attraction: LinkedIn Outreach, Facebook groups, content on your website, and email outreach to contact your potential clients.

Lead generation using Paid Advertising

To get the paid advertising method of attracting clients working well, you’re looking at spending at least $1,000 a month on your advertising.

This is usually more appropriate for businesses with the money to invest in advertising.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • It’s mostly automated. With paid advertising, you end up not having to spend a whole lot of time reaching out to your clients; it’s already done for you. They respond to the advertising, and they come to you.
  • And extremely scalable. You can get as many sales appointments as you like (or that are possible within your market). If you need to scale up, all you need to do is increase your budget.
  • Main channels: you’ll be using ads. Our favourite channels include ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, and AdRoll.

How do you attract potential clients to you?

Notice that a lot of the time I speak about “attracting clients”. This is what we do with both organic and paid client attraction methods.

Our “Client Attraction” method is a strategy you can use to get people to raise their hand, and say that they need your help. You can do this in the form of free content and our favourite method is by using a video sales letter (VSL).

In your VSL, you’re showing potential clients that you have what they need to solve their problem.

You attract clients to you, because you’re offering to help them solve a problem they have. If after watching your video sales letter presentation, they need more help, they can schedule a call with you to learn more. You can see an example of my VSL to generate leads and more sales appointments by clicking here.

The best channels to use

The channels you use to target your potential clients are crucial. There is a variation between what channel is most effective, depending on whether you’re using organic or paid methods of client attraction.

  • Organic Marketing: LinkedIn
  • Paid Advertising: Facebook ads

Using these platforms efficiently in advertising can result in more high quality leads, sales appointments and clients.

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Paid vs organic: who’s the winner?

Now that we know about these methods, and what they’re trying to achieve, the final question still lingers. What method is the best?

What method should you be using to increase your lead generation and traffic flow of clients?

My advice, is to do both. Both are extremely powerful ways to get sales appointments and generate leads. They’re most effective when used together – which is exactly what you should be doing.

The key is in finding what suits your business better

Knowing your business, resources and budget, is the only real answer you can get when asking what method will work best for you.

If you’re a small business with not enough of a budget to spend a thousand dollars a month on advertising, then focus your energy on reaching your clients with organic marketing. If you have no budget then you might need to focus all your energy on it.

However, if you’ve got a budget of over $1000/month, then your time should be spent mainly with paid advertising to generate your leads. Just don’t start neglecting the important use of organic methods, too.

Whatever you chose to focus on, the most important thing is that you’re doing both together.

Where you decide to put most of your focus on, solely depends on what stage you’re at with your business.

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