Once you start generating leads in your business it’s important to have a system that can follow up with these leads. One of the most effective ways to do this is through email marketing.

But you may be wondering, what should you say in your follow up emails?

This article will guide you on what to say and how to create a simple 4-step winning email sequence for new leads in your business using your favourite email marketing software. If you haven’t yet got any email marketing software for your business, we recommend you use Kartra.

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In the following example, I’m going to share with you a [fill in the blank] email sequence. I also recommend you don’t copy everything word for word. Instead, use this as a guide for your own email marketing sequence and change the language to your personal style.

Top tip: Make sure your emails come from a person and not a generic company name. For example, our emails at Skyline Social are sent from ashley@skylinesocial.com and are written like I’m personally talking to someone. Avoid generic email addresses like “info@example.com”. You’ll get much better engagement by using an email from a person.

First Email: The welcome email

Purpose of email: Did you know, the first email you send someone after becoming a lead, is usually the most opened and clicked on email you will send?

Therefore, this email is crucial to:

1. Provide the info the lead was requesting


2. Introduce yourself and let them know what to expect from you in the future

Email subject: Here is the free gift and what to expect from us [you can replace “free gift” with whatever free lead gen offer they requested]

Email content:

Hey (First Name), [or “Hi”, “Yo”, “Howdy” or whatever suits your greeting style best]

As promised, here is the [free guide or link to download lead generation offer they requested].

I also wanted to take a moment to give you a warm welcome to (your company name) and here is what you can expect from us moving forward.

What do you need to do next?

Occasionally, we will send you our latest and best content, to help you [grow your business, be more productive, lead a more fulfilling life, etc].

To make sure you don’t miss anything, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: If you’re using Gmail make sure you drag any emails from me into your “Priority Inbox”. If you’re using another email provider, make sure you whitelist any emails from (your email address) so you don’t miss anything. [this is good so that people save and open your email more in the future]

Step 2: Finally.. Let’s get social! Take a few seconds to like & follow us on your favourite social media platforms. [it’s a good idea to get people to follow you on your other social media platforms outside of email]

We share helpful content a lot more often on social media, than we do through email (and again you don’t want to miss anything!).

Twitter: https://twitter.com/skylinesocialco

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skylinesocialglobal

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skylinesocial/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/5150835

YouTube: http://youtube.com/skylinesocialglobal

[Feel free to add any of your most popular social media channels. Remember, people like to engage with your company and read your content in different ways. Some prefer Facebook, others prefer videos on YouTube and others will prefer to see images on Instagram]

You can also connect with me personally (if you haven’t already) by going to:



[Finally, it’s a good idea to share links to your most used social media channels for your personal brand]


(Your Name)
(Your Job Title / What you do)
(Photo of you)

P.S. [This is a good area to add one more call-to-action or form of engagement.]

In my emails, I say “P.S. I’d love to get to know you more. If you have a few seconds, hit reply, and let me know what specifically you’d love to learn when it comes to social media or digital marketing. I love meeting new people and I do personally read and reply back to everyone that emails me.”

Email #2: Follow up on the lead gen offer

Purpose of this email: I normally use a short second email as a way to remind people of the content they requested (sometimes people get busy or distracted and don’t consume it) and remind them of the value they get from it and why it’s important.

It’s worth noting, I get a lot of high engagement on this email, with people replying back with their thoughts, such as either they “loved the content!” or that they “haven’t had the time to check it out yet but will do so in the next few days!”

Date to send: Send email a few days after the previous email

Email subject: How did you find the [name of lead generation free offer]?

Email content:

(First Name),

How did you find the [name of lead generation free offer] you recently requested?

In case you need to refer back to it again, here is the link to [download, watch, etc]

Remember, this [name of free lead generation offer] will allow you to:

 – [benefit #1]
 – [benefit #2]
 – [benefit #3]

If you have any other questions or if there’s anything else I can do to help please do not hesitate to reach out.


(Your Name)
(Your Job Title / What you do)
(Photo of you)

Email #3: More value and educational content

Purpose of this email: To build more trust, likability and provide more value to your lead

Date to send: One day after the previous email

Email subject: Two [or one, three, etc] more tips on [the same topic as your lead generation offer]

For example, if I had a webinar on Twitter, I’d say something like “Two more Twitter tips to generate leads” in the email subject title.

Email content:

Hi (First Name),

I thought I’d share with you two of the most common questions I got about the [name of the lead generation offer].

1. How can I [common problem your lead/customer asks]

[For your answer, either answer it in the email itself – if it’s a short simple answer – or link to an article or video on your website answering the question if it’s a longer answer]

2. Where can I learn more about [name of your lead generation offer]?

A good place to start is by reading our blog post on [another blog post related to the original free lead gen offer that provides more value] and secondly check out our [YouTube video with more value].

Hope that helps!

(Your Name)
(Your Job Title / What you do)
(Photo of you)

Email #4: Soft sell

Purpose of this email: Now that you’ve provided a lot of value through free content, it’s time to actually remind your leads, how you can help them even more through some kind of paid service or product.

For example, you can see a template of one of the emails that we send out to some of our leads below.

Date to send: Three days after the previous email

Email Subject: Is [your product or solution] a good fit for you?

Some examples you could use, depending on your type of business, include “Want to fast-track your results?”, “Do you want to save time with [problem client has]?”, “Do you want to achieve [solution client is looking for]”, etc.

Email content:

Hi (First Name),

Every time we give people our [free guide, webinar, video, etc], we get people who say:

“This sounds great! But I just don’t have the time to do this myself…” [or “This sounds great! But I’m still not sure how this can apply to me…” or “This sounds great! But I’m still confused about *xyz*”]

And I totally get that. [show them that you understand where they’re coming from]

As a business owner [or entrepreneur, manager or whatever type of person you’re targeting], there are so many things to do in your business [or your role].

But [the solution you provide] is important. So if you don’t do it, an experienced expert should at least do it for you or guide you on how to do it yourself [for coaches, using the “an experienced expert should guide you on how to do it yourself” line – or something similar – can work well]

That’s why we created the [name of your solution, product or service].

So, you may be wondering… is our [name of your solution, product or service] right for you?

I’d love to find out.

Here’s what you need to do.

1. Reply back to this email with [your goals, your problems, frustrations, etc] and I’ll reply back to let you know if our [name of solution] will be able to help you with that.

2. Or… simply book in a 15-minute call [or 30/45-minutes] with myself by clicking here and we can discuss how to [solution that your service/product provides].

Speak soon.

(Your Name)
(Your Job Title / What you do)
(Photo of you)

What next?

Some of those in your 4th email will convert by booking a meeting with you (or ask you a question / request more info) – which is great. But remember, most leads still won’t be ready to buy. Why? It’s still very early days, and your relationship with the leads has just begun.

Therefore, you need to keep following up with your leads until they are ready, willing and able to buy.

Ready = This is the right time for them in their business and life
Willing = They trust you enough to buy from you
Able = They have the money necessary to make a purchase

So creating an initial email sequence is a great start, but don’t stop there.

Keep following up with your leads through email marketing, social media and so on.

Here are a few ways you keep following up your leads to convert them into sales:

  • Send your leads your best and latest content once a week, twice a month or once a month (depending on how much content you create)
  • Increase your follow-up sequence from 4 to 8, 12 or more emails. The main principle to keep in mind is to provide 3 or 4 emails with immense value and then 1 or 2 emails selling to them. You can use the templates above to help you.
  • Sell your product or service from different angles (for example, “this saves you time” is one angle and “this makes you money” is another angle.)
  • Keep track of engagement and open rates for your emails. If you see someone is highly engaged on your email list, it might be worth manually reaching out to that person with a personalised one or two minute video
  • Change the selling environment. The more expensive the product or service your selling, the harder it will be to sell using email on it’s own. When that happens, it’s good to change the selling environment. Sharing links to videos and webinars are one of the best ways to change the environment you sell in, because they have the potential of building a lot of trust very quickly.

So, if you don’t yet have any automatic email sequences in your business, get started today and create your first one. Then, continue following up with your leads until they either convert into a clients themselves.