Can you go on camera to record videos? Absolutely.

Do you need to? Not at all.

You can record videos without being on camera.


By creating FACELESS videos.

How do you do this?


Follow these steps:

Step 1: Put a paper bag with a smiley face over your head


Step 2: Hit record

Step 3: Ta-dah! You’ve created a faceless video

Okay… I’m just kidding…

Here’s how can really create a faceless video… 😄

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a video script (you can use one of your existing blog posts for inspiration)

Our most popular video – that produces 99% of the sales in our business – is a Faceless Video Sales Letter. You can watch the video sales letter we’ve recorded and learn how to create your own by watching the free training I recorded here.

Step 2: Record a voiceover

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Step 3: Put text, images and/or stock videos over your voiceover

Step 4: Save the video file as an .mp4

Step 5: Upload to YouTube (or any other video hosting tool)

“But wait a second, Ash…”

I hear you mumble…

“Isn’t showing your face on video better?”

Well, yes…

I would agree that showing your face on video is better than not showing your face.

But… here’s the thing…

If you feel a little shy or you don’t feel comfortable being on camera (yet) then recording a faceless video is still a LOT better than not recording any video at all.

It’s often easier too.

So, you could record some videos on camera and some videos off camera (if that helps you record more often).

In fact, I was just looking at my top 5 most popular videos on YouTube and – to my surprise – 2 out of 5 of those videos are actually FACELESS videos.

So, it doesn’t matter (too much) if you show your face or not. What’s most important is the content in the video itself.

If you’d like to learn in DETAIL how to actually do this, check out the video I recorded here:

Canva is great for beginners, but if you’re looking for something a little more advanced, then Camtasia (which is what I use for most of my video editing) might be better for you. Either way, with whatever tool you prefer to use, creating videos is a great way to generate leads in your business.