With over 15 years of experience running successful online businesses, video has always been superior for selling online.

When done right, video establishes trust rapidly. This is extremely important if you want to sell online successfully.

But what if you’re not comfortable with being on camera?

Some of my most successful videos are faceless. You do not always need to be on camera, the main thing is that you are communicating your key message to your audience in an engaging way.

Enter AI voice generators. Keep reading to find out which are the 6 best AI voice generator tools and how you can capitalize on this new technology to give your marketing strategy the boost it is looking for.

Quick Summary

In case you are in a rush, here are the 6 Best AI voice generators on the market right now:

  • Descript (Best all-in-one): Known for its user-friendly interface, Descript allows you to create, edit, and collaborate on audio content. It offers AI voiceover capabilities such as voice cloning to enhance your projects. the best ai voice generator for creating your video in one place compared to other AI voice generators.
  • Synthesis (Best for quality): Natural-sounding AI voices in multiple languages and styles. It offers voice cloning capabilities for a personalized touch. Best AI voice generator for quality.
  • Lovo.ai (Best free version): This tool provides high-quality voice generation and supports various use cases such as marketing, education, and chatbots. It offers a wide range of voice options and customization features.
  • Listnr: Listnr specializes in creating human-like AI-generated voices for podcasts, audiobooks, and other audio content. It offers easy integration and customization options.
  • Play.ht: An AI voice generator designed for e-learning platforms and educational content. It supports multiple languages, and you can easily embed generated voices into your projects.
  • Respeecher: Respeecher provides advanced voice cloning technology, enabling you to clone your own voice or create unique voices for characters in gaming or entertainment applications.

Whether you need voiceover for marketing, education, chatbots, or gaming, these tools have you covered.

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How can AI voice generators help my business grow?

Man who is happy with business

Here are some types of faceless videos that can boost your business’s profitability:

  • Video Sales Letters (VSLs): Persuasive voice-overs deliver your sales message effectively, leading to higher conversions.
  • Explainer Videos: Simplify complex concepts and showcase product value with AI-generated voices, building trust and influencing purchasing decisions.
  • Animated Advertisements: Engage viewers with captivating animated ads and compelling voice-overs, increasing brand recognition and potential reach.
  • Product Demonstrations: Clear voice-overs explain product features, and benefits, and address customer concerns, enhancing the chances of a purchase.
  • Educational Tutorials: Provide valuable insights and practical knowledge through voice-guided tutorials, establishing authority and customer loyalty.

All of the above serve a very important role in your online marketing strategy and thanks to the recent and rapid advancement of AI voice generators and video creators you no longer have to spend huge amounts of time and money on creating them.

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What are the best AI voice generators now?

1. Descript

Best all-in-one

Descript is an AI voice generator that offers 12+ ultra-realistic stock voices and allows you to clone your own voice, making it a unique and versatile option for businesses. It is part of the Descript suite for video editing, making it an all-in-one solution for businesses looking to create engaging multimedia content.

With Descript you can create realistic-sounding voiceovers using your own voice thanks to its voice cloning technology.


  • Descript’s user-friendly interface streamlines content creation.
  • Collaboration tools for audio teams enhance productivity
  • A one-stop shop for post-production simplifies the content creation process
  • Voice cloning adds personalization and authenticity
  • Stock voices offer a variety of options for businesses


  • Has an initial learning curve because it’s very different from other video editing tools


Descript offers plans starting at $12/month, providing a range of options for businesses with varying budgets and needs. The affordable pricing and comprehensive suite of features make Descript an attractive option for businesses looking to invest in an AI voice generator and video creator.

2. Synthesys

Best for quality

Synthesys is a cloud-based AI voice generator that boasts over 110 different AI voices, allowing users to customize the voice-over with tools such as tone setting, pitch adjustment, and punctuation introduction. It offers a wide variety of male and female voices, giving businesses the flexibility to find the perfect voice for their specific needs.

The AI voices are designed to be natural and lifelike, making them perfect for any type of project. With Synthesys, businesses can create professional-sounding voice-overs quickly and easily, without the need for expensive voice actors or sound engineers.


  • Studio-quality AI voiceovers for professional results

  • Customizable voice-overs to align with brand image
  • Integration with grammar assistants for error-free content
  • Wide range of voices for versatility


  • Limited editing features may require additional time and effort to achieve desired results
  • Difficulty in pronouncing foreign words may impact the accuracy and naturalness of voiceovers when dealing with non-native languages.


Synthesys offers various pricing plans starting at $23.25/month. These plans cater to a range of budgets and requirements, ensuring that businesses can find the right plan for their needs without breaking the bank.

3.  Lovo.ai

Best free version

Lovo.ai is a text-to-speech tool that provides users with the ability to generate speech from text and create natural-sounding voice-overs with a selection of over 180 voice styles in 33 languages. Its cutting-edge AI technology ensures lifelike voices that can be used for various applications, such as marketing materials, e-learning content, and more.


  • Offers a wide range of voices in multiple languages and accents, providing versatility and catering to diverse audience preferences
  • The platform allows easy customization of pitch and speed, giving users control over the tone and pacing of their voiceovers


  • Limited editing features, particularly in managing pauses, can pose challenges in creating the desired voice-over without additional time and effort for fine-tuning and editing


Lovo.ai offers a free version, as well as paid plans starting at $9/month.

4. Listnr

Listnr is an AI voice generator that offers over 900 voices in 140+ languages, allowing users to easily convert text to speech for various use cases. With an array of editing options for pitch, pauses, pronunciations, and inflection points, Listnr ensures that you can create the perfect voiceover for your project.

Additionally, audio files can be exported in WAV or MP3 format for easy integration into your content.


  • Ease of testing allows users to quickly experiment and find the right voice for their project
  • Support for multiple languages and accents caters to diverse audience demographics and global markets
  • The added style of reading enhances the expressiveness and engagement of the voiceovers


  • Listnr can experience slow performance and lag, which can be problematic for businesses needing quick audio generation.


Listnr offers both a free version and paid plans starting at $19/month, providing a range of options for businesses with varying budgets and needs.

5. Play.ht

Play.ht is a cloud-based platform that offers customizable AI voice generation features, including 570 unique voices, 60 languages, and both free and premium versions.

This powerful tool enables businesses to create realistic-sounding voiceovers for various applications, such as podcasts, e-learning projects, and converting blog posts into audio with the available synthetic voices.


  • Offers customizable AI voice generation, allowing businesses to adapt the voice to match their specific needs and requirements
  • With a selection of 570 unique voices available in 60 languages, businesses have a wide range of options to choose from, ensuring compatibility with diverse target markets
  • Offers both free and premium versions, providing flexibility for businesses with different budgetary considerations


  • Has limited customization options and lacks support for Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML), which may restrict advanced control over voice generation


Play.ht offers a free version, as well as paid plans starting at $29.25/month. This pricing structure ensures that businesses of all sizes can find a plan that suits their requirements and budget, making it an attractive option for those looking to invest in an AI voice generator.

6. Respeecher

Respeecher is an AI voice generator that specializes in creating realistic voice clones and offers real-time API integration for creating human-like AI voices. This powerful tool can be used for a wide range of applications, such as smart assistants, call centers, advertisements, games, and more.

Providing businesses with a versatile solution for their voice generation needs, Respeecher is an invaluable tool for any organization looking to create realistic AI voices.


  • Respeecher provides realistic voice clones that are indistinguishable from human voices, offering a high-quality and immersive experience for users
  • The real-time API integration allows businesses to integrate AI voices seamlessly into their applications, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow


  • Respeecher has limited language support, offering only a few languages for voice generation, which may not cater to businesses with diverse linguistic needs.
  • The platform provides limited customization options, which may be insufficient for businesses that require more advanced control over the voice generation process
  • Expensive


Respeecher offers voice-over generator standard packages starting at $0.09/second (minimum purchase $29), providing businesses with a range of pricing options to suit their specific needs and budgets.

In Conclusion

AI voice generators have become an essential tool for businesses, offering a range of benefits such as creating engaging content, providing personalized customer service, and increasing customer engagement.

Whether you are a small business owner or part of a large enterprise, AI voice generators are a powerful tool that can help you create engaging content and improve customer engagement, ensuring long-term success in an increasingly competitive marketplace.