It’s crazy how often I see people create lots and lots of content on their website and blog, only to get 0 new leads, sales appointments and clients from all their hard work.

Why would you spend lots of time or money and resources in creating content if it doesn’t actually convert leads into sales?

In this article, I’m going to go through ONE simple change you can make in your blogging and content marketing strategy to get more leads, appointments and clients every month…

All you need to do is send people from your BLOG POST CONTENT to YOUR MARKETING AND SALES FUNNEL!

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And how do you do that?

With a simple call-to-action!

In other words, send people from your website and blog in a call to action to your marketing and sales funnel (just like I did here).

I know it sounds so simple, but almost every day I keep seeing more and more people create content without ANY call-to-actions.

Some of their articles are really good and ranking quite high on Google for different search terms, but they’re not getting any new business from the content they’re creating.

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Nowhere on their content are they sending people to a marketing and sales funnel to generate leads from all the content they’ve spent time creating.

This means that people will just go to your content and *gasp* leave.

If you’re not sure what to do, let me give you an example of how to do add some really good call to actions across your website and blog.

For more ideas, see this video:

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Have a call to action on the side of your blog

If you look at the top right-hand side of this blog, you’ll notice there is an image linking people to my marketing and sales funnel where I go through a video which explains in detail how to get predictable leads and appointments each month.

In your own business, you can have a call-to-action on the side of your blog (either through an image, text or both) which takes people to your marketing and sales funnel.

Top tip: Make sure your marketing and sales funnel solves a big painful problem your potential clients have for best results (see step one in the ‘5 steps to predictable appointments‘ video).

Have multiple call to actions in your blog post

If you read carefully, you’ll see an example of how to do this in this very blog post!

All throughout the blog post, I have links at key places, going to my marketing and sales funnel.

On your blog, you need to do the same.

Most people only have ONE call to action on their blog post (usually at the end). Instead, I recommend having multiple links to your funnel scattered throughout your blog post (wherever it makes sense).

Top tip: Linking to your marketing and sales funnel will only work if your funnel actually solves a big problem that people have (preferably related to the blog post they’re reading)… Otherwise, people won’t care.

Retarget people that visit your blog

The last (and one of the most powerful) things you can do to get more leads is to retarget people that visit your website.

You can retarget people using Facebook & Instagram ads (See step 4 of ‘The 5 Steps to Predictable Appointments‘) and also on thousands of other websites using Adroll.

See this video how to retarget people on Adroll:

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Retargeting works especially well because people have already seen your content and it therefore makes it easier for those same people to trust you more when they see your ads online.

Make this one change in your content marketing strategy (adding more call to actions on your website & blog) and see how quickly you can start converting your website and blog visitors into leads, sales appointments and clients!

For more info on how to generate predictable leads and sales appointments each month, watch my free Masterclass here.