Short vs long videos: what length is best?

How long should a video sales letter, a webinar or any kind of video content be if your goal is to get more sales appointments?

Short answer: The longer the video, the less (but higher quality) appointments you will get. The shorter the video, the more (but lower quality) appointments you will get.

Long answer: The actual length (2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, etc) depends on your target audience and the quality of appointments you want to get.

Here are some questions to consider which will help you decide how long YOUR webinar or video sales letter (VSL) should be…

How much information do you need to get across in order to motivate people to schedule a call?

This depends on what you’re actually selling. For example, if you’re selling something that is very straightforward and simple to understand, then a short video will probably work best.

But if you provide business services that are a little bit more complicated and you need more time with people in order to really explain the value you provide, then most likely you’ll need to do a longer video.

Do you prefer more appointments (quantity) or better appointments (quality)?

More people are likely to watch a shorter video.

So, if you want to get as many appointments as possible (quantity), a short video is a good option.

By the way, this doesn’t mean the quality is BAD. Having a short video, will still get you better quality appointments vs not having any video at all. All I’m saying is with a longer video, the quality of appointments will be even better.

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In a short video, how well can you explain how you help people?

Can you really explain the value that you provide people?

This is not a question I can answer.

It’s just something for you to think about in your business.

Remember, anyone who schedules an appointment with you after watching a longer detailed video of how you can help them (but not too long where you’re just dragging it out and you’re just making it long for the sake of making it long) is more likely to be a better quality prospect on the appointment.

My recommendation to start out

I typically recommend to clients using our lead gen services that you start off with a shorter video, but not too short to the point where you don’t have enough information to motivate people to schedule an appointment.

The sweet spot is usually between five to ten minutes long (for a short video).

Now obviously this shorter video (5-10 mins) wouldn’t really be considered a webinar. It would be more like a video sales letter (VSL).

Moving to higher quality appointments

A short video is really easy way for you to start getting some appointments.

Because people are watching a video before they schedule an appointment with you, the quality of the appointments will still be better than if they just fill in a form or book a call without knowing much about how you can help them.

But, there’s still a way to get even higher quality appointments.


By increasing the video length and going into more detail as to how you can help your ideal clients. A longer video will filter some appointments out, but it will also keep the best ones in.

The benefits of a longer video

In my own business, I first created a short video, until I got to the point where I was getting lots of appointments (40-50+ each month). My conversion rate for these appointments was one out of four (25%).

Then I decided to improve the quality of these appointments by extending the short video (which was about nine minutes long in the beginning) to about 30 or 40 minutes long. And the longer video got less appointments, but the quality was much better. My conversion rate for people watching the long video was three out of four (75%).

The longer video goes into a lot more detail about how i can actually help people and at the end of the video, I go through exactly how our services work and how much it all costs.

That way, there are no surprises on the call.

So, by the time prospects schedule a call, they already know everything they need to know before working with us.

So, on that appointment, they usually only have a few questions and they’re already 80-90% sold.

In your business, I would recommend a short video to start off with. Then once you’re getting lots of appointments, IF you want to improve the quality of those appointments even more, then you can do a longer video which goes into more detail as to exactly what you can do to help people.

That way you get the best of both worlds (both quantity and quality appointments).

Examples of long vs short video sales letters

You can see an example of our short video sales letter here.

And you can see an example of our longer (30-40 min) video sales letter here.

The long video sales letter is the video we are currently using in our business to generate leads and high quality appointments each month.