Are you ready to take your video sales letters (VSLs) to the next level? 

If you’re tired of spending countless hours creating VSLs manually and want to streamline your process for faster, more effective results, you’re in the right place. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the best video sales letter tools and software available to make your life easier and supercharge your VSL creation process. 

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just getting started with VSLs, these tools will help you optimize your workflow, enhance your presentations, and ultimately drive more conversions. 

Let’s dive in and discover the tools that will revolutionize your VSL strategy.

Key Points

Short on time? Here’s a summary of the main points.

  • The Best VSL software for writing VSL scripts is our AI VSL Writing marketing assistant (available to clients on our online course).
  • The Best VSL software for creating presentations is Canva (paid) or Google Slides (free).
  • The Best VSL software for recording video sales letters is Descript.

Best VSL Script Writing Software

To create a high-converting video sales letter, you need to write a powerful VSL script. But how do you know what to say in the VSL script to convert strangers into leads, appointments and clients? This is where VSL script writing software can assist you.

Skyline Social’s AI Marketing Assistant

Best overall

Writing a VSL on a computer

Want to create video sales letters at the click of a button?

Well, we all know by now this has (sort-of) been possible using AI tools like ChatGPT.

But there’s a BIG problem with ChatGPT and most AI marketing tools…

These AI tools have been trained on data from the whole internet (which includes good and bad data).

That’s why each time you ask ChatGPT to create content, it doesn’t always do so in the best way (from a marketing perspective).

The solution?

That’s why we’ve created DASH (short for Digital Ash).

DASH is an AI marketing assistant that has been trained on our own propriety data and templates to help you save time and get better results when creating marketing content.

The goal of DASH is not to do all your marketing for you (at least not yet), but as an AI marketing assistant, it is designed to help you with your marketing — including writing VSL scripts.

Here’s a quick preview of what it looks like:

An example of VSL script being created with an AI writing tool

This tool is currently only available to clients. To learn more about becoming a client and accessing this tool, watch this video here.


ChatGPT is a great tool for crafting the main copy of a video sales letter. Just type in: “Write a script for a video sales letter for [product or service]” and boom, you have a complete workover of text that should facilitate the necessary amount of time a VSL typically encompasses.

On that note, ChatGPT has some strengths and weaknesses. Though it is an excellent tool for most purposes, the problem many encounter is simply the amount of content it can attribute.

ChatGPT typically writes in spurts, so you may have to ask it for an outline first. Then, copy and paste the sections in the outline, ask it to write 500 words based on it, and rinse and repeat.

Jasper AI

Much like ChatGPT, Jasper is an AI tool that fans the flames of ingenuity. Jasper has a unique ability to write using a brand’s tone of voice, which ChatGPT lacks. 

What I like about Jasper is they have an AI writing tool specifically designed to create short VSLs, as seen here:

However, with Jasper, you are paying a higher premium.

The monthly subscription is $69, which is far more expensive than alternatives such as ChatGPT, which has a premium version for $19 a month. 

But Jasper may be for you if you want to maintain your company’s overarching structure and tonality.

Click here to get a Jasper free trial (and 10K free words as a sign-up bonus)

Grammarly GO

Ah, Grammarly. We all know its omnipotence, indicating every – single – error you make when writing an email or a document. But did you know it can also write for you?

Grammarly GO can produce basic topics and outlines, but it is recommended mostly for those sole purposes. It cannot compete with ChatGPT or Jasper AI, but it does hold some merit.

After all, Grammarly, of all products, understands the mechanics behind a well-written document. 

One strategy would be to use Grammarly GO to write your VSL’s outline and then copy and paste it into ChatGPT. From there, simply ask AI to write the outline in script or paragraph format, and boom. Instant VSL script!

Copy AI is not new on the market but replicates ChatGPT to its fullest abilities. Though a bit pricier at $36 a month, there are a) no word limits, b) SEO optimization, and c) A/B testing. is a great tool for writing the script of your VSL, but it is mostly used for purposes such as SEO optimization. Still, it is a considerable option that is definitely within the sales realm.

In fact, it is heralded for its ability to write compelling and persuasive content.

It is worth trying out, if nothing else.

 Text Cortex

Lastly, for writing a VSL, you can use Text Cortex’s AI assistant (known as Zeno) to engage with stellar copy. The great thing about Zeno is that you can simply type a sentence or two, and it will “expand” the copy. 

In other words, you can write: “[Product X] has full functionality within the [Market Z] environment,” and then the program will take this and make it much lengthier.

This is great for longer VSLs, which, based on speculation, are typically best for any brand or product trying to market itself.

Best VSL Presentation Software

Once you have your script, it is time to create the visuals. 

This comes in the form of a presentation.

Though some VSLs lack this component (I have even seen people ramble on as a talking head for five minutes), visual appeal is essential to catch the eyes of the potential user or consumer.

Heralded as the most notable graphic design platform on the market, and with over 150 million users, Canva is highly recommended for its easy-to-navigate interface.

However, beware. The basic concept of Canva is to simplify more advanced programs like Photoshop, and though it is great for developing dynamic presentations, it has its limitations.

Despite this, definitely consider Canva as a great way to develop an eye-catching presentation for your upcoming VSL.

Apple Keynote

Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote are the most cost-effective tools for creating a video sales letter presentation. Most Windows computers and Apple devices have Microsoft PowerPoint built-in, and Apple Keynote is also built-in.

So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create a video sales letter, you can always start with PowerPoint or Keynote.

Tip: You can even create a presentation on an Apple iPhone or iPad using Apple Keynote


PowerPoint has evolved in recent years. What was once Microsoft’s “D student” of tools, new features (such as AI-generated designs) have made it a stellar tool for a VSL’s presentation.

Coupled with some great recording software (more on that soon), the ability to record straight from the program itself, and its lack of a necessitated learning curve, PowerPoint still holds merit in developing a stellar presentation for your VSL.

Heck, if you want to truly be creative and stand out, design some slides in Canva or Photoshop, import them into PowerPoint, and use it with robustness!

Google Slides

Much like Microsoft’s PowerPoint, Google Slides holds its merit as a firm presentation tool.

It is a simplified variant of PowerPoint, but with one significant advantage: it has a cross-functionality like no other. 

With PowerPoint, it is possible to collaborate with others on the presentation, but with Google Slides, you can much more easily “share” your work with teammates. 

For larger teams and grander ventures, Google Slides is a great way to modernize from PowerPoint or Canva. However, note that its limitations are significant. 

There is only so much you can do with it.

Another AI phenomenon, has taken advantage of this notable trend by utilizing a stellar lack of creativity among many. 

In today’s ever-expedited world, it is sometimes easier to type in a paragraph or two about what you want and then click “Generate.”

From there, the platform will create a gorgeous presentation for you to use for your VSL. 

However, like most AI tools emerging in the visual realm, be careful. Copyright infringements have been noted, as in the end, all AI really does is artificially copy what it finds online.

Definitely consider it but double-check for any watermarks on images or any indications of non-Creative Commons videos or images.

Vimeo Video Creator

The thing with Vimeo is, we have all heard about it, yet 9 out of 10 people do not seem to understand its value. Vimeo is much like Canva, except it is on steroids.

It is a bit more technically minded, i.e., it will require some learning of the interface, and as with all tools, it has its limitations. However, it is a rising force in the VSL video editing department.

Consider Vimeo if you have the time to learn a brand-new platform. It is a great program and tool, and it promises to be improved in the future.

Best VSL Recording Software

So, you have your script, your presentation, your camera, and your microphone. What’s the last step?

Oh, that’s right: no one can see anything you have created without recording the darned thing! Here are some great tools that are utilized for their recording abilities.


Zoom is mostly known as a way to “video chat” with friends or coworkers, and we have all used it at some point. However, notably, there is a side hack you can use.

Simply create a meeting, share the screen, put your face in the bottom right-hand corner, and click: “Record.” Though it may sound a bit ostentatious, albeit poignant, the option to record a VSL can work.


Descript is a great way to record your VSL. It allows for editing, screen sharing (should you want to record your service or product), and comes with stellar reviews.

One of the things I like the most about Descript’s AI video editor is that you can edit your VSLs as if you were editing a Word document. With a powerful AI engine fueling its software, it will even cut out areas of your video (automatically, mind you) that are stagnant or silent.

Finally, Descript has a fantastic feature called “Studio Sound.” Studio Sound allows you to record your presentation without a professional microphone and instantly makes it sound like you’re in a recording studio.

Here’s a video to show you how it works:

YouTube player

Want to try out Descript? Click here to get a free trial


If you’re looking for a more advanced VSL video editor, Camtasia is another great option. I normally use Descript for quick edits, but I use Camtasia for video editing, which I want more control over.

Unlike Descript, Camtasia is NOT a subscription-based cost. You pay once to access a video editor that you can use forever.

Use Camtasia if you want great quality and more control over your video editing.

Click here to get a free 30-day Camtasia trial


EasyVSL is new but growing in size and usage. However, it comes at a premium price, and it is not perfect. For the price, however, you do not need to pre design your work.

It will do that for you. With rumors of incorporating AI into the platform itself, it is well worth testing out. They offer a free trial on their website, and it is sure to grow in size as time goes on.


This funny-sounding platform may cost $99 a month, but it is for a reason. Moovly is not just for a VSL; it can be used for any form of presentation.

As all platforms seem to be doing, Moovly is beginning to experiment in AI, allowing a duality of copywriting, presentation/design, and recording.

This would be our most recommended option if you can afford the monthly cost.


A video sales letter (VSL) comes with great advantages, and there are plenty of tools that can assist you in your ventures. However, note that you may have to try a number of options before settling on the best.

After you’ve created your VSL, what’s next? It’s important to start marketing your VSL.

Each of the aforementioned has pros and cons, whether the pricing, the interface, or its cross-functionality. Still, in an age where video tops text by a whopping amount, it is worth investing in the best possible program.

Well, that’s it for now!

Happy recording!