Qualified Leads for Financial Advisors

Are you tired of buying low quality financial advisor leads that you can never seem to get hold of?

Are you looking for high quality qualified leads with prospects that are actually looking to work with a financial advisor or financial planner? Would you like to find clients who need help with retirement planning, annuities or other wealth management related services?

Over the years, we’ve helped lots of financial advisors get high quality exclusive financial advisor leads and pre-qualified sales appointments each month with their ideal clients.

Should You Buy Financial Advisor Warm Leads?

One of the reasons financial advisors often don’t see any results is because they buy leads from a 3rd party lead gen company.

Even if these are so-called “warm leads”, the leads are often shared with other financial advisors and not exclusive to you. This means the quality of the leads are not very good and you’re constantly competing with other financial advisors for the same leads.

On top of that, even if you buy exclusive leads, the exclusive leads usually only fill in an online form. They haven’t actually requested to speak to you. Which means you need to constantly chase and follow up with leads in order to get a simple phone conversion.

Is there a better way?


The Best Lead Generation Strategy for Financial Advisors

To get high quality warm financial advisor leads you need to:

  • Get your own exclusive leads at cost (rather than rely on a 3rd party lead gen company)
  • Be in control of the whole lead gen process from start to finish (so you can improve the quality of the leads over time)
  • Educate leads BEFORE they book a call with you (watch this short video to learn how)
  • Pre-qualify leads so you can filter out the “wrong type of leads” and only get leads that are your ideal clients
  • Position yourself in a way where leads are chasing to work with you (rather than you chasing to work with them)

How can you do all this?

How to create a successful financial advisor digital marketing campaign

I recommend you watch this video which goes through the strategy you need to get high quality leads and appointments each month with prospects that actually WANT to speak to you.

Finished watching the video?


Now you know the strategy to get high quality leads and appointments each month.

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Here are some additional tips that can help you get even better results…

Create financial advisor ads that convert

To create a successful financial advisor lead generation campaign, you need to get two things right:

  • The strategy
  • The messaging

Click here to watch a video that explains how the strategy works.

Once you know how the strategy works, the next step is to SAY the right things on your ads, landing pages, follow up emails, videos and so on (in other words, have the right messaging).

This normally takes months (or sometimes even years) of trial and error before you get it right.

Fortunately, we’ve already worked with lots of financial advisors and helped them get excellent results.

So, we already KNOW what to say in your ads so that everything converts well from the beginning.

By working with us, you save time and avoid making many mistakes. Instead of you having to GUESS what works, we will give you the whole system that’s already been proven to work.

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Next steps to learn more?

If you’d like to get your own high quality warm exclusive pre-qualified leads in a way that is automated, predictable, profitable and scalable then watch this video here. This video will go through how the strategy works in more detail AND at the end of the video, you’ll learn how we can do everything for you (if you prefer).