There are 4 things I recommend you track in your business:

  • Reach
  • Leads
  • New business opportunities
  • Sales

To learn more about how to track these areas in your business, watch the video below:

Summary of the video:

Tracking Reach

We use Sendible to track Analytical data such as reach for all the different social media channels. But every social media channel has it’s own analytics tools that you can use for free (for example “Facebook Analytics” and “Twitter analytics”).

Tracking leads

To track leads we use ConvertKit, but you can use any other email marketing tool to track your new leads and subscribers.

Tracking new business opportunities and sales

We to track proposals (new business opportunities) we send out and how many of those convert into sales.

Tracking the data

I compile all of the data from reach, leads, new business opportunities and sales each month and look at the results over a long period of time (6-12 months). This allows me to see how everything is progressing and what to do to improve.

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