How do you get people interested in your product or service?

In the past, the answer has been adverts. Adverts with bright colours and exciting noises, or adverts with sleek sophistication and professional voiceovers. But over half a century later, we’re bored of adverts. The constant bombardment of blank sound usually leads to the consumer reaching for the mute button.

So, what is the best way to get people engaged? What is the best way to resonate your ideas with consumers, and motivate them to buy?

Give them things for free, of course.

In a world of faceless corporations and untrustworthy money-grabbing schemes, a little non-profit generosity makes for a refreshing change.

It doesn’t have to be an actualised product, maybe it’s just a list of helpful hints or interesting articles that are relevant to what you’re selling. However, whatever you share, make sure it’s the best you can give. Sharing something flat or uninteresting will go down like the present from your great-aunt at Christmas, so generate a positive reception with exciting content, aimed to genuinely help or interest your consumer.

The key is to create a buzz, and have a group of people who are excited and appreciative of the gift you have chosen to give them.

How should you start?

1. Decide on your content!

Always think about your target audience and what they will be interested in. For example, if you’re in the IT industry looking to target businesses with IT needs, consider sharing your views on topics such as “The best VOIP services for your business”, “How to keep your data secure”, “How a good IT system can save your business money” and so on.

If you’re in the world of coaching maybe share your favourite ’30-day challenge’. Doing so will give a much more 3D representation of who you are as a personable business.

2. ‘Share’ it. On every social media outlet.

Social media is a relatively recent platform perfect for marketing. Easy, economical access to a global audience, without the irritating repetitiveness of television advertising. As long as what you share is valuable, interesting and engaging to your target audience, you will get a great response.

3. Re-publish your content on other websites!

Don’t just publish your high-quality free content on your website only!

There are plenty of useful sites out there which provide a space to showcase a variety of useful articles and videos.

For example, is a helpful website from which writers can share their posts under several different categories and within different fields and YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

So don’t just share your content on your website but share it in as many places as you can.

Don’t worry

The concern can often be that giving things away for free will mean that there is no direction to a target audience. It is thrown into open air with no specification of where it will land, and all the quality content is tossed away to people who are never going to spend any money on it.

But that’s okay! Let the freeloaders do your marketing for you. They will become your fans, and pass on their good reviews to people they know have a need or interest in your product. Having recommendations from a trusted source is a marketer’s dream, the faceless is replaced by the faithful. It’s a personalised sell, to an audience who will appreciate it.

It’s about creating a good impression of your business.
Building a stronger brand.
Positioning yourself as an expert and a leader in your industry.

In a world where the price of potentially life-saving drugs is increased to $750 in the interest of financial gain, faith in the corporate world is quickly diminishing.

Let your business be the silver lining, the breath of fresh air, the comforting reassurance that it’s not all doom and gloom. Create the good character business where even if the product on offer is out of budget, anyone can benefit from the positivity and generosity you exude.