If you are a commercial or residential roofer looking to increase your business, getting exclusive roofing leads is the fastest way to win more customers.

Exclusive leads are only seen by one roofing company at a time and are not shared with other roofers. This gives you the best chance of working with new roofing customers.

But not all exclusive roofing leads are the same and some lead generation strategies work better than others. After helping hundreds of business owners generate their own exclusive leads, including cleaning leads, medicare leads and life insurance leads (to name a few!), here are the best ways to get roofing leads online – rated and reviewed!

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Quick Summary

If you’re short on time, there are top three main ways to get roofing leads.

  • FIRST: You can get your own exclusive roofing leads by running paid ads yourself. This is the cheapest way to get exclusive leads, but it does require some work, in the beginning, to set everything up. Watch this video to learn how to set up your own lead generation system in your roofing company.
  • SECOND: You can get your own exclusive roofing leads by paying a marketing or lead generation company for leads. This method is more expensive, but you don’t need to do anything on your end to set it up.
  • THIRD: You can get your own free roofing leads by appearing at the top of Google for searches in your local area related to roofing. This is called local SEO. This method takes more time to implement, but in the long term, it is the most profitable way to get roofing leads online for FREE.

See ‘step 4’ of this video to learn how to get your own free roofing leads from Google.

What is the best way to get exclusive roofing leads?

Here are the top ways roofing companies can get exclusive roofing leads.

1. Paid Advertising

Facebook ads

Running paid ads on channels such as Facebook or TikTok ads is a great way to get exclusive roofing leads because it allows you to target medium to high-income homeowners who need roofing services.

Paid ad Pros

  • Exclusive leads
  • Get leads very fast
  • Cheaper than buying roofing leads
  • Pre-qualify leads
  • Be in full control of your marketing strategy

Paid ad cons

  • Requires work, in the beginning, to set everything up
  • Only works well if you have the right strategy
  • Need to split test which ads work best at the start

Many lead generation roofing companies who sell roofing leads will run ads and then resell the leads to roofing companies for a profit.

For example, they might generate a roofing lead for $5 on Facebook ads and then resell the same lead to a roofing business for $50. This makes them a nice $45 profit!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this because they are the ones doing all the work to generate the leads in the first place.

But, of course, a roofing company could also generate the same leads themselves if they run their own ads. This is what we help business owners do. We help them generate their own exclusive leads without paying a lead generation company for leads.

This gives you more control over your marketing, more roofing leads, and roofing leads at a lower price.

You can learn how to get your own exclusive roofing leads by watching this video here.

2. Buy Roofing leads

Another great way to get roofing leads is to buy leads from lead generation companies. This allows you to get leads delivered to your inbox or call your phone number in real-time with little to no work on your end.

Pros of buying roofing leads

  • Fastest way to get leads
  • Requires no work on your end to get leads

Cons of buying roofing leads

  • More expensive than getting leads yourself
  • Some roofers have complained lead quality is low
  • You need to spend a lot of time chasing leads
  • You’re not in control of your marketing
  • You can choose the type of leads you want (residential or commercial roofing leads)

A challenge of buying leads from a lead generation company is that it’s hard to know which companies are good. So you will probably need to test other lead generation companies to see which one you prefer.

As a reminder, we don’t sell leads. But we do help you set up your own lead generation system to get your own leads without relying on another lead generation company for leads. Watch this video to learn more about how this works.

3. Google business profile

Google search

Appearing on Google search results can help a roofing company generate roofing leads with people who are actually searching for roofing contractors or different roofing services.

Google SEO Pros

  • Free roofing leads
  • Get leads each month
  • Quality local roofing leads looking for your services
  • Leads often convert quicker than other lead generation strategies
  • No need to pay for expensive Google ads

Google SEO Cons

  • Takes time to see results
  • Requires work to set everything up properly

Although getting leads from Google requires some work in the beginning, the results in the long-term are well worth it.

First, by optimizing your website for local search, a Google business profile can appear on Google’s local map pack in search results. Second, by creating content (also known as content marketing) which answers questions that people are searching for related to roofing, you can appear at the top of Google for the answers to these questions.

The more content you create, the more leads you can get from Google organic SEO.

To learn how to get leads for free from Google in your roofing business, see ‘Step 4’ of this video.

4. Hire a marketing freelancer


Another effective way a roofing business can generate leads is by hiring a marketing freelancer. There are a lot of marketing freelancers who specialize in generating roofing leads for roofing contractors. They can either work part-time or full-time, depending on your needs.

As another positive, a marketing freelancer could help with various aspects of your business, including invoicing and roof estimating. They can use software like Joist, a roofing estimating and invoicing app, to help automate this process, saving you time and money.

Pros of hiring a freelancer

  • Provides on-going marketing support to your roofing company
  • Saves you time
  • Cheaper than hiring someone in-house

Cons of hiring a freelancer

  • You may need to manage their work
  • You need to spend time interviewing the right prospects

If you’re looking for a cheap marketing freelancer who specializes in roofing lead generation for roofing professionals, I recommend you check out some of these freelancers on Fiverr.

5. Direct mail

Direct mail

A popular way to get commercial roofing leads is with direct mail. However, for the best results with direct mail, I recommend you combine direct mail with digital marketing.

For example, you can run a direct mail campaign to get commercial roofing leads and then retarget people who visit your website from the direct mail campaign. Some of our other clients have been able to get leads for less than $1 using this strategy.

With this strategy, you combine the best of both worlds in online advertising and traditional marketing.


Lead generation for roofing is a process that involves generating potential leads and converting them into customers. This can be done through various means such as online marketing, advertising, and even word of mouth.

It is important to target the right leads and to provide them with the information they need in order to make a decision. The goal is to create a relationship with potential customers and to convince them that your company is the best option for their needs.

Hopefully, the strategies above help you start generating leads in your roofing business.

My number one lead generation tip for generating qualified leads would be to make sure you automate the process of nurturing leads into customers. This can be done by using a “video sales letter” to convert strangers into customers who know, like and trust you.

To learn more about how to automate this process and create a video sales letter that does most of the selling for you (on autopilot) check out this free training I’ve recorded.