Want a quick, easy and free way to get more leads, sales appointments and clients with your new marketing and sales funnel?

If so, you need to think about what marketing activities you’re currently doing and how you can tweak those activities to include your marketing funnel as a step in your marketing and sales process.

That’s how you get quick wins from your marketing and sales funnel.

But wait!

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Here are 5 ways to get more traffic, leads, appointments and clients from your new funnel:


Note: The best way you can start getting leads, appointments and clients from your funnel is to implement strategies to generate leads on LinkedIn, Google and Facebook. Check out this video to learn more. This article is going to go through some alternative ways you can get leads using free, easy and quick methods.

Your website

Website links to funnel

A lot of people have a website, but there’s usually only a contact form or a phone number, and that’s ok, but the reality is that most people are not going to fill in a contact form the first time they visit your website.

So what can you do instead?

A better way to start getting leads from your website is to send people to your funnel through as many links on your site as you can. Your navigation menu, content pages, blogs, buttons, etc are all great places to start.

Remember, the more people that go to your funnel, the more leads you will be able to generate, the more appointments and clients you’ll get.

Your social media posts

Social media posts snip.ly example

If you’re already sharing content on social media, did you know you can send people to your marketing funnel from the social media posts you share, even if you send people to other websites?

How do you do that?

There’s a free tool called SNIP.LY that customizes every single social media link that you send on any platform.

Whatever you use, you’ll be able to send out a link to someone else’s website, but embedded in that link, you’ll be able to also link back to your marketing funnel.

It’s a great way to start getting some quick wins with the content that you share on social media.

Email Signature

If you’re already sending out emails to prospects, or even clients, an easy way to start getting them into your funnel is just having a link in your email signature going to your funnel.

You can ask if they’ve seen this latest video or other lead magnet that you’re using, and if not then they can click on the link to check it out.

Then whenever you’re sending out emails to people, or other people may be forwarding your email onto someone else, they’ll be able to see your email signature, click on that link, then go to your funnel.

I’ve seen some clients that have used this exact process, and they’re getting a steady stream of new leads from people that they’re emailing or people that have reached out to them.

It’s a great way to get people to go into the funnel and start building up more trust with prospects and people that you are already speaking to.

You already most likely email lots of people every day (suppliers, prospects and clients). So, why not use this opportunity to send people that you email to your funnel too?


You don’t always know if a referral is going to be a good fit for your business.

The only way you can know for sure and start building more trust with those leads to really get them to understand what it is that you do and how you can help them is by giving them content that allows them to educate themselves on what big problem it is that you solve for them.

So if you send any referrals that you get to your marketing and sales funnel, that marketing and sales funnel (if set up correctly) will build up trust with these referrals.

If you build up enough trust with these referrals, they will be more likely to actually want to work with you.

And the quality of those referrals will be even higher as well because you’ve educated them as to how you can actually help them since they’ve gone through your marketing and sales funnel.

Blog posts

Just like you can add links to your funnel all over your website, don’t forget your blog too! In fact, I recommend adding links to your funnel throughout your blog content itself.

You want to do this in a way where, when people are reading your blog post, it naturally takes them to that next step, which would be to go into the marketing and sales funnel.

Hint: See if you can spot all the links goin to my FUNNEL in this blog post as an example.

BONUS: Any other marketing activities

Have a look at any other marketing activities you’re doing and ask yourself ‘how can I send these people to my funnel?’ – Remember, the more people (traffic) that go to your funnel, the more leads, appointments and clients you can win.

Hope you enjoy these quick and simple tips to promote your new marketing funnel!