Quoting software tools allow you to send out business proposals, quotes, and price estimates easily, accurately, and efficiently.

The right kind of quoting software can save time and even help you increase the chances of converting leads into clients by making it:

  • Easy for clients to electronically sign
  • Take payments online
  • Follow up automatically with reminder emails

Oh, and did I mention that it saves a LOT of time too?

With that in mind…

Here is a list of the top 10 quoting software tools to send impressive business proposals. Select the one that suits you best and watch it increase your business conversion rates.

Quick Summary

Short on time?

Here’s a rundown of the 10 best quoting software tools to send business proposals. 


Quoting software tools offer a range of benefits that make them indispensable.

And on that note…

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1. Quotient

Best overall for simple quotations 

Quotient App

If you’re looking for a quoting software tool to prepare proposals and close business deals easily, Quotient is a great choice. 

It’s not very popular, but it’s a pretty decent choice with its incredible user-friendly features and affordable prices.

I personally used Quotient for my own business the most when I would send out business proposals. Now I just have set packages that people sign up for directly through my sales funnel. But it was a very good solution when I did need to send out quick sales quotes and proposals to potential clients.

A standout feature is its organized product catalog feature, with which you can present your services in a price-per-item format. You can also activate automated reminders and follow-ups for your proposals. Furthermore, you receive notifications when clients view your quotations.


While Quotient is a good quoting software tool, it can only be used to prepare quotations. 

It does not have additional tools that perform other administrative functions or help to curate other sales documents. 

Pros of Quotient:

  • Extensive dashboard with easily accessible features.

  • Integrated payment systems. 

  • Its templates provide image and file attachment options.

  • A storage system that makes quotations easily retrievable by searching using keywords.

Cons of Quotient:

  • Cannot create other sales documents apart from quotations.

  • Limited template features and content libraries.

Click here to get started with Quotient today!

2. Scoro

Best overall


Scoro is a flexible quoting software tool that simplifies quoting, billing and workflow automation, proposal and project tracking, financial reporting, and analytics. 

With Scoro, you can create customizable quotations and invoices, store customer information more securely, and time-track sales goals.

It even helps you forecast future sales goals!

In addition, it has a calendar and a built-in time monitor that gives you a detailed overview of your sales operations, including billable and non-billable hours. 

You can also view your team members’ individual capacity and use it as a guide when allocating tasks for maximum efficiency. 

Think that’s all?

Scoro has integrations with OVER 1000 external tools you can choose from. 

Pros of Scoro:

  • Extensive and easily accessible dashboard. 

  • Various language options for multilingual quoting.

  • Great for customer relationship management (CRM) and project management. 

  • Automation feature which helps to turn quotations into projects and tasks.

Cons of Scoro:

  • Its free plan is limited.

  • Its custom template features are limited.

  • Not beginner friendly. 

  • Scoro emails tend to get lost in clients’ junk folders. 

Click here to try Scoro today!

2. DocSend

Best for client management


DocSend is a quoting software tool accredited for its streamlined approval processes for quotations, invoices, contracts and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

It also boasts dynamic watermarking and a data room for safe and secure file storage. 

DocSend notifies you when clients view your proposals and other sales documents so you can reach them on time.

It also enables you to see how they interact with the documents. This will give you insight into clients’ focus areas and guide your negotiations with them. Thus, ensuring a smooth sail toward closing the deal. 

To top it off…

DocSend is popular among small businesses and large firms alike. This makes it a great tool for improving collaboration with other companies and boosting your company’s productivity and growth. 

Pros of DocSend:

  • Advanced organization and tracking resources.

  • Helps to improve business branding.

  • Provides features that enable remote presentations to clients.

Cons of DocSend:

  • Some customization features are challenging to use.

  • Some features are hard to differentiate.

Click here to view DocSend’s features today!

3. PandaDoc

Best budget plan


PandaDoc is an incredible quoting software for document automation. 

Its distinct features include e-signature tools, pre-approved templates, pricing tables, and product catalogs, which help streamline the quote-to-approval sales process further.

Its pricing tables are designed to be interactive, meaning that you can provide different options for your clients to select from, and they can edit the quantities section. There’s also a chat feature that they can use to communicate with you.

A smart way to have sales reps shorten the sales cycle, right?

Wait until you discover you can access all this with the free plan!

Pros of PandaDoc:

  • Easy to use and beginner friendly.

  • Free and unlimited use of its e-signature feature.

  • Unlimited storage for sales documents.

  • Easily customizable quotation and proposal templates.

  • Advanced document tracking analytics.

Cons of PandaDoc:

  • Requires integration with external CRM tools for proper client management functions.

  • PandaDoc emails tend to get lost in clients’ spam folders. 

Click here to check out PandaDoc today!

4. Nusii

Best for freelancers and creative agencies


Nusii is one of the top quoting software tools in the market right now.

Nusii helps you to prepare creative and interactive proposals with pricing tools that allow you to cross-sell and upsell products and services to your own customers and clients.

In addition, its features enable you to customize the proposals to align with your brand identity. 

Nusii is also great for e-signatures. It automatically records your clients’ names, the dates they signed, and the IP address each time an approval is made.

If you’re into e-commerce, Nusii will suit you well with its diverse currency options, languages, and administrative tax features. 

Pros of Nusii:

  • Integration with Stripe payment system, which supports different currencies.

  • Its integrated tools load fast, thereby improving workflow.

  • Immersive and well-designed templates.

Cons of Nusii:

  • It does not have a free version.

  • Its most affordable plan is limited to one user. 

  • Some of its new features load slowly.

  • Limited editing capacity for its templates.

Click here to try Nusii today!

5. Salesforce CPQ

Best for sales teams

Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce is a leading platform with a range of efficient software for CRM, marketing, sales, and other business-related services. 

And with the addition of Salesforce CPQ, the software company is constantly making things easier for professionals.  

Salesforce CPQ, which stands for Configure, Price, and Quote, has an array of standard quoting tools users will appreciate. 

From automated renewals to pricing analytics and a unified pricing engine, Salesforce CPQ helps you prepare your quotation within minutes and prevent discrepancies.

It even has a configuration wizard that recommends the right products and services for clients! Utilizing this feature will help you to impress clients and improve customer support.

Pros of Salesforce CPQ:

  • It’s streamlined with other Salesforce software to boost overall business operations.

  • Accessible on mobiles with user-friendly features. 

Cons of Salesforce CPQ:

  • Its packages are pretty costly and not suitable for small businesses.  

Click here to see Salesforce CPQ’s features! 

6. Qwilr

Best for creative proposals


Boosting the appearance of your proposals enables you to impress clients and make them more inclined to interact with your documents. 

And that’s what Qwilr is here for!

This quoting software helps you to build your brand appeal by preparing creative, visually appealing, and interactive proposals. 

Qwilr also sends you notifications when your clients view proposals. In addition, they can approve and sign the documents with the e-signature feature and pay easily without wasting time. 

Another benefit is the ability to share interactive product demos and extra services with clients.

Pros of Qwilr:

  • Customizable templates for business, marketing, sales, and sponsorship deals.  

  • Wide-ranging and easy-to-use features.

  • Integrations with external payment systems.

Cons of Qwilr:

  • Some of its customization templates are outdated.

  • Its free plan features are limited. 

Click here to get started with Qwilr!

7. Bidsketch

Best for beautiful looking proposals


Bidsketch is a quoting software with impressive templates and content libraries to help you create interactive quotes and visually appealing proposals to generate quotes within minutes.

One thing that makes Bidsketch stand out is its Landing Page feature. 

This feature lets you create interactive landing pages to share with your clients. This makes it easier for them to comment and communicate with you without exhausting back and forth via email.

With Bidsketch, you can say goodbye to basic pdf and word document-style proposals!

Bidsketch also gives your clients information about their next steps once they sign a document. This serves as a follow-up guide and helps to improve customer support. 

You can watch my free Masterclass training for more insight on improving customer service and boosting your clientele.

Pros of Bidsketch:

  • Impressive e-signature features.

  • It enables you to cross-sell and upsell to clients.

  • Safe and secure storage of information.

Cons of Bidsketch:

  • Lacks integration with some relevant applications and tools.

  • Users have complained that its UI is outdated.

  • Only its more expensive packages are suitable for team collaborations.

Take a peek at Bidsketch’s features today!

8. Bitrix24

Best for business process management


Bitrix24 is a quoting software tool suitable for business process management.

Plus, it’s a good fit for any small, medium, or large business. 

Bitrix24 boasts a wide range of integrated tools, including CRM, file storage, Kanban board, messenger, video calls, and workflow automation. 

Its CRM software is very impressive and efficient for lead generation, management, and maintaining an organized sales pipeline. 

You can also handle engagements and collaborations among multiple channels of your sales teams with this software to ensure seamless communication.

In addition, Bitrix’s Kanban board makes it easier to manage all your data on the platform and follow your progress in real-time. 

With these tools, once you have Bitrix24, you’re good to go! 

Pros of Bitrix24:

  • Wide-ranging business tools which are suitable for managing multiple aspects of your business.

  • Great sales pipeline tool.

  • Helps to improve workflow and stay on top of team operations.

  • Integrations with payment systems that provide multiple currency support.

  • You can access many of its integrated tools with its free plan, including the Kanban board.

Cons of Bitrix24:

  • Its interface looks basic. 

  • Its approval process is not as streamlined as some other quoting software tools.

  • Limited customizable templates for creating proposals.

Click here to check out Bitrix24’s features!

9. Proposable

Most user friendly proposal software

Proposable has standard features like easily accessible document creation and tools, email and SMS notification options, document analytics, e-signature tools, and an impressive content library.

It has notable perks, including equipping each proposal with URLs and securing sales documents with password protection. You also get automated notifications each time a client opens and comments on your sales document. 

In addition…

Proposable appeals to individuals and teams with its solo package and team package options, each with a free trial!

Pros of Proposable:

  • Suitable for sales team collaboration. 

  • Great customer service.

  • Suitable for document and contact management.

Cons of Proposable:

  • The software server tends to time out. 

  • Limited integration with external tools.

Click here to try Proposable for free today!

The Bottom Line

With all the benefits these quoting software tools offer, you can rest assured that they will help you to create much more than impressive proposals. 

These tools are helpful in diverse areas like preparing other sales documents, other sales processes providing financial analytics, customer support, and tracking your sales goals!

So, it’s advisable to check out these tools and their services and measure them according to how they meet your business needs. You can also test them out for more practical insight.

When you select the one that suits you best, not only will you generate a quote to cash process proposals easily and close deals faster…

You’ll also be able to improve your overall business functionality and operations. 

One more thing before you leave…

If you want to keep those PROPOSALS going out and the CLIENTS coming in…

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a quoting software tool?

It is a software tool that helps you design and creates quotations and proposals for review and approval from your clients.

Great quoting software tools provide additional benefits like advanced sales analytics and tracking, full CRM systems, and workflow automation.

What are the most affordable quoting software tools?

Some top quoting and accounting software tools with the best budget plan options include PandaDoc, Bidsketch, Quotient, and Scoro.