How the world’s first Ai powered personal trainer app generated 1,500+ leads in 30 days

The challenge

This company created the world’s first Ai personal trainer. This app will give its users all the benefits of a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost. To generate interest in the app before it launched, they approached us to help them build a waiting list of people who would be interested in downloading, using and purchasing the app.

What we did

  • We started by researching possible audiences and different ad angles that will be most likely to work well with Facebook ads
  • We tested over 385 different Facebook ad variations
  • We built a list of people who would be interested, excited and highly motivated to use and purchase the app when it launched
  • You can see some examples of the ads we tested below:

The Results

  • We generated 1,900 new leads in 30 days
  • The cost per lead was $4.63 on average

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