Infinite banking has been making waves recently, gaining traction as a popular financial strategy.

For the uninitiated, it’s a concept that allows individuals to become their own bank by leveraging well-designed life insurance policies.

With its growing popularity, there’s never been a better time to enter the market and sell infinite banking.

With more than 15 years of industry experience and an arsenal of proven strategies, the following article will show you how to generate infinite banking leads for your insurance company.

Let’s dive in!

Quick Summary

If you’re in a rush, here’s a quick rundown of strategies to generate infinite banking leads:

  • Leverage a website, blog, and SEO
  • Build a sales funnel
  • Utilize paid and organic social media

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What are the best strategies to get infinite banking leads?

1. Sales Accelerator

Sales Accelerator Course

Are you looking for ways to get infinite banking leads each month automatically? If so, the Sales Accelerator program is designed to help you get high quality leads and appointments each month with your ideal clients.

You can learn more about the program here.

With over 15 years of experience in the dynamic world of lead generation, we’ve mastered the art of attracting the right clientele. We’ve worked with clients from diverse sectors, including many who sell infinite banking, annuities, IULs and more.

Key benefits:

  • Get exclusive leads and appointments
  • High-quality leads and appointments
  • Implement free & paid strategies to get leads
  • Cheaper than paying another company for leads
  • Be in full control of your digital marketing

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2. Website and blog

Leveraging your website is one of the best ways to get free infinite banking leads.

Benefits of an infinite banking lead generation website include:

  • You can attract free leads with people searching for your services
  • A good website can help you stand out and look reliable, which is crucial to getting more infinite banking leads to convert into clients

Now, let’s discuss the real secret to pull leads to your website – blogs.

  • A blog on your website can help you rank higher on Google for keywords related to infinite banking
  • Write about things your audience cares about and answer their infinite banking questions.
  • For example, a blog post explaining infinite banking in simple terms can attract people looking for intelligent ways to handle their money.
  • This can turn people who visit your website into potential leads.

In fact, this article you’re reading right now is proof of this strategy in action. You’re (most likely) reading this blog because of a Google search you made.

And if you like what you hear in the video, you’ll want to learn more by watching this video.

And this is exactly how you too can use your blog to generate infinite banking leads.

If you don’t have a website yet, there are many tools to help you get started. The trick is to find a website builder that’s easy to use. If you need help figuring out where to start, check out my blog post about the best AI website builders for beginners.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A screenshot of a search engine results page showing infinite banking leads as the top result for SEO optimization.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a way to make your website more visible on search engines like Google. Think of it like a spotlight on your site in a sea of internet content.

Why is SEO important? It’s all about leads. The more visible your site, the more people will visit. More visits mean more potential leads and more conversions into clients.

So, how can you start with SEO? Here’s a simple guide:

  1. Monitor key metrics: Click-through rate, session duration, and organic traffic. These numbers can tell you a lot about how your site is doing.
  2. Do keyword research: Understand what terms people are searching for. Then, use these keywords in your website content.
  3. Make your site mobile-friendly: More people are using their phones to browse the web. Make sure your site looks good and works well on mobile devices.
  4. Create high-quality content: Make sure your content is informative and engaging. This can boost your SEO and build trust with potential leads, increasing their chance of becoming clients.

Note: Sometimes, managing SEO can be complex, especially for those new to the field or with a lot on their plate. In such cases, it could be wise to seek help from an SEO expert.

If you need help with SEO, my training program goes through how to optimize both your website & blog for search engines. Check it out here.

4. Sales Funnel

A man looking at a graph showing the growth of his cash value life insurance policy

A sales funnel is a system that helps turn people who might be interested in infinite banking into actual leads and customers. Think of it as a roadmap.

It starts with marketing to attract leads, then you nurture them with useful information and build trust.

The end goal?

Turning those leads into customers!

So, how does this work?

At its core, a sales funnel is a step-by-step journey that potential leads take, from learning about your services to eventually becoming clients. Here’s a simple, chronological explanation of how a sales funnel works:

  1. Awareness: This is the first stage of the sales funnel, where potential leads learn about your infinite banking services. This could be through your website, blog, or social media platforms. The goal here is to attract as many potential leads as possible.
  2. Interest: Once potential leads know about your services, your job is to pique their interest. Providing valuable resources, such as educational content or training videos, can accomplish this. The aim is to engage them and make them want to learn more.
  3. Decision: In this stage, potential leads consider taking advantage of your services. It’s crucial to provide them with personalized, relevant information and solutions that address their needs. This will help them make an informed decision.
  4. Action: The final stage of the sales funnel is when potential leads become clients. This happens when they opt for your services, completing the sales funnel.

Still with me?

If you’re new to sales funnels, don’t fret. The key steps are simple: provide valuable info, build trust, and offer solutions that meet potential leads’ needs. These steps can help you create a successful sales funnel for infinite banking leads.

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5. Paid Social Media Advertising

A man looking at a graph showing the growth of his organic social media presence

Paid social media advertising is simply paying to display your ads on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is one of the fastest and best ways to get exclusive infinite banking leads.

By using precise targeting, you can ensure your ads reach your ideal clients – those most likely to be interested in your infinite banking services.

This allows you to generate high-quality infinite banking leads with people that are actually interested in working with you.

However, most businesses fail to get any results when running paid ads.


It’s either because they have the wrong strategy, wrong messaging or wrong targeting.

How do you fix this?

I go through how to create the right strategy, messaging and targeting in my free masterclass on lead generation.

As a bonus: because I’ve got a lot of experience with generating infinite banking leads, annuity leads and even life insurance leads in general, I can help you get faster results by avoiding a lot of the mistakes others make when running ads for the first time.

6. Organic Social Media Growth

Let’s shift our focus to organic social media growth. This is about naturally enhancing your social media presence without resorting to paid advertisements.

Why does it matter?

Because it’s a powerful way to convert leads for infinite banking services. You create content that grabs your audience’s attention and offers something valuable. This could be a helpful article, an educational video, or an interactive quiz. When your content is valuable, your audience trusts your brand and becomes clients.

So, how can you nail organic social media growth for infinite banking leads? Start by sharing useful financial tips and data. Engage with your audience in real time. Keep your posts short and sweet. Share news from the industry. And always tailor your approach to meet the needs of individual customers.

And remember, always keep an eye on your social media efforts. Check what’s working and what’s not, and tweak your strategy as needed. This will ensure you keep on generating leads through organic social media growth.

In Conclusion

Getting leads is the same, no matter what business you’re in. You need a good website and blog, be easy to find online (that’s what SEO does), plan to turn interested people into customers (a sales funnel), and be active on social media.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the infinite banking world or any other industry – these steps are key.

With these strategies and hard work, you can attract more people to your business and turn them into customers. Let’s do this!

And if you need more help generating exclusive infinite banking leads, watch this video to see how we can help do it all for you.