Are you searching for the best AI Avatar Video Generators (text-to-video tools)? We have you covered. 

In this article, we review the top AI-powered tools for generating avatar videos from just text prompts. Video creation is fast becoming a resource and time-consuming process. However, these tools can help you to:

  • simplify your overall video content creation process
  • make lifelike videos faster and cheaper 
  • create YouTube videos and sales letter videos
  • make high-quality videos for lead generation and conversion
  • repurpose existing video content for other uses

This review examines each option’s key features and pros and cons. 

Quick Summary

This article is a detailed review of the best AI avatar video generators you can use for your business. But if you are in a hurry to read through, here are the top five picks:

What are the best AI avatar video generators (text-to-video)? 

Read on to find the best AI avatar video generation tools to help you create high-quality videos for your brand or business:

1. Heygen

Best overall 

The first and best AI avatar video generator on our list is Heygen.

My favorite feature of HeyGen is the Instant Avatar 2.0 feature. This is where you can create a clone of yourself and then record videos of you speaking by just typing in text. 

 I was pleasantly surprised when I first used Heygen at how realistic the AI avatar was. 

Here’s an example:

YouTube player

I even showed my wife the finished product, and she thought the AI avatar was actually me speaking!

This newly-created talking avatar can represent you in new videos, retaining all the micro-gestures. 

But what if you don’t want to be on camera yourself? You can use hundreds of pre-built AI avatar video spokespeople instead, as seen here:

Key Features: 

  1. Custom Avatars: Create a realistic avatar by uploading a two-minute clip of yourself talking. Perfect for video sales letters.
  2. Text-to-Speech: Create voiceovers easily using hundreds of voices in various languages. 
  3. Talking Avatars: Choose from 100+ AI avatars to make a spokesperson video using your script. 
  4. Text-to-Video: Make videos from text straight from your web browser in just minutes. 
  5. Face Swapping: Add your face (or any other face from any photo) to any avatar from the Heygen gallery. 
  6. Talking Photos: Animate your photos by adding text and turning them into talking pictures. 

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2. Synthesia

Synthesia is another entry on our list of the best AI avatar video generators. While the tool has many features, its ability to create lifelike avatars stands out.

Users can quickly generate animated talking avatar videos with all the micro-gestures included. All you need to do is record and submit footage of yourself talking. 

If you prefer existing avatars, you have many hyper-realistic AI avatars to choose from. All you have to do is select the avatar that best suits your brand identity and audience, then type in your script. Interestingly, the AI-generated voices on Synthesia are good enough to pass as those of humans. 

Key Features

  1. Custom Avatar: Synthesia also allows you to create a realistic digital version of yourself to capture your unique likeness and mannerisms. 
  2. Language Support: The existing AI and custom avatars on Synthesia support over 120 languages. 
  3. AI Script Generator: You can create AI-generated scripts for your videos and presentations by providing the topic, objective, and tone. 
  4. AI Video Translator: The tool can translate existing video content into over 60 languages, providing closed captions. 
  5. Voice Generator: Synthesia generates natural-sounding voiceovers for videos and other uses. Just provide your script and choose your preferred AI voice. 
  6. Customizable Video Templates: There are over 300 templates to choose from when creating videos for various purposes. 
  7. Collaboration: Synthesia supports collaboration on videos. For example, you can work with your team to create, edit, and publish videos.  

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3. D-iD 

Next on our list of the best AI Avatar Video Generators is D-ID. This impressive, easy-to-use AI avatar maker takes video creation to the next level. 

What I like about this tool is its speaking portrait feature. This AI avatar video generator can turn a portrait into a live speaker/presenter using automatic AI reenactment technology. It’s one of the most unique ways of transforming photos and images into videos I have seen. 

It lets you create custom digital avatars for marketing or lead-generation visual content and customized AI videos for different audience groups. All of these take a few minutes and require no video production. 

D-iD also offers AI Presenters, a powerful add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint. With this add-in, you can transform your presentations by adding virtual presenters to slides.

Key Features

  1. Instant AI Presenter Videos: On D-iD, you can create a full-length video about anything by providing text or audio. 
  2. Talking AI Avatars: With AI Presenters, you can integrate talking avatars into each presentation slide inside Microsoft PowerPoint. You can choose from many speakers, voices, and languages. 
  3. Multi-language Support: You can make instant AI presenter videos in over 120 languages using D-iD. 
  4. Speaking Portrait: You can also create a speaking portrait of a human presenter by submitting an image, text, or audio file. 
  5. Extensive Integration: The D-iD tool can be integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint, Canva, Google Slides, and other third-party apps. It also works with most social media platforms. 

Whether you are a marketer, content creator, or business owner, D-iD has what you need to create AI avatar videos from scratch. 

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4. Colossyan

Colossyan has made our list of the best AI avatar video generators because it can add screen recordings to the AI videos it creates. This enhances visual messages, making them clearer and more engaging.

Its unique ability to allow users to include more than one avatar in one video slide makes it an excellent fit for creating videos about e-learning, customer support, healthcare, human resources, and advertising

The tool allows you to choose your AI presenter from various options. Alternatively, you can create a professional-quality AI avatar or a simple AI avatar from the comfort of your home.

In both cases, you only need to choose your AI avatar and provide the script, then Colossyan will generate your AI video quickly. 

Key Features

  1. Avatar Conversation: The most prominent feature of Colossyan is that it allows you to create lifelike side-profile interactions using AI avatars. 
  2. Text-t0-Video: You can transform your presentations and PDFs into learning videos with Colossyan by adding subtitles.
  3. Video Translation: The tool supports multiple languages, allowing you to translate your videos into other languages automatically. It currently supports about 30 languages. 
  4. AI-powered Voices: Besides video translations, you can also create AI videos in over 70 different languages to reach multiple audience groups. 
  5. AI Promopt to Video: This feature lets you make a whole video out of a prompt using authentic human voices and actors. 
  6. Easy Collaboration: You can set up workspaces with your team to collaborate on videos before publishing. 
  7. Screen Recording: This feature lets you make and add screen recordings to your AI videos directly on the platform. 

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Another feature on our list of the best AI avatar video generators is This impressive AI avatar video generator has user-friendly tools and interfaces.

The tool can generate videos from scratch using animated avatars. In addition, it can convert text into narrated videos without using avatars. 

While other tools on this list create mostly AI videos, can transform existing texts into other presentation forms. For example, you can make a slideshow-type presentation from your script with your choice of images and video clips.

You can also edit, arrange, and re-arrange the visual elements of the video by scene. 

Key Features

  1. Extensive Avatar Collection: To create your video content, you can choose from over 80 AI avatars and video presenters. It also supports over 70 languages. 
  2. AI Storyboard: This feature lets you generate a video script from a topic. Alternatively, you can use AI to improve your ready-made script. 
  3. Voice Cloning: can use your voice to narrate the script you provide. All you have to do is provide a 1-minute recording of you speaking. It supports up to seven languages. 
  4. PPT to Video: In minutes, you can transform your PDFs, blogs, and PowerPoint presentations into lively videos. 
  5. URL to Video: This tool can generate full videos using inbuilt templates from any URL you provide. 
  6. Custom Avatar: Don’t like the stock avatars? Do not worry. You can create a unique studio, selfie, animated, or photo avatar based on a recorded video of you speaking. 

If you want the best AI avatar video and slide-show presentation generator, is your go-to. 

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6. HourOne

HourOne is another AI avatar video generator tool on our list. The tool enhances video communications by using virtual humans.

It relies on natural language processing and facial recognition technologies to create virtual humans that mimic human gestures and physical expressions. 

It is a multi-language tool, supporting over 60 different languages. For your videos, you can choose from a vast collection of AI-powered photorealistic virtual avatars. HourOne also offers a library of unique voices with different accents.

Key Features

  1. AI Avatars: You can pick from existing avatars to create videos of professional quality with a few clicks. 
  2. Custom AI Avatar: HourOne also lets you create your unique avatar from scratch. You can easily model any member of your team. 
  3. Selfie Avatar: You can create an avatar from a selfie. Download the HourOne mobile app, take a selfie, and the AI generates an avatar for you. 
  4. Rich Language Support: The tool supports up to a hundred languages and voices, allowing you to create videos in different languages and dialects. 
  5. Templates: Numerous video and 3D templates are available to make your videos more professional.
  6. ChatGPT Integration: HourOne lets you generate scripts from scratch using ChatGPT as a source of ideas. Additionally, you can also use AI to add clear captions to your videos. 

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7. Lumen5

Like other tools on this list of the best AI avatar video generators, Lumen5 also leverages AI to transform text-based content into videos.

Besides texts, it can also turn existing videos into new and enhanced videos. You can choose from different branded templates, depending on your requirements. 

The tool supports automated scene creation, avatar integration, and other customization options. Additionally, it has an extensive media library with thousands of music, videos, and images to enhance your videos further. 

Key Features

  1. AI Script Composer: This feature lets you create a ready-to-use script by pasting in a script from a URL or a draft script from anywhere else. 
  2. Automated Scene Generation: Lumen5 can create AI scenes that reflect the script’s text, adding more life to your videos. 
  3. Video Customization: After creating your AI video, the platform provides many tools to add creativity and customization. These include background, text, graphics, and more. 
  4. AI Voiceover: You can add a voiceover to make your videos more engaging. There are over 40 voices to choose from, and you can translate them into different languages. 
  5. Talking Head: For even more customization, Lumen5 lets you create talking head videos that mimic the closest face-to-face conversations. 
  6. Video Customization: While the talking head videos include a few personal touches, you can customize them further by changing the color palette, font, and themes. 

Whether you are creating a video for marketing, promotions, or corporate communications, Lumen5 is right for you. 

Click here to create an account on Lumen5 for free today. 


AI avatar video generation tools are becoming increasingly important for businesses and individuals looking to create engaging and personalized video content as fast as possible. In this article, we have reviewed the best AI Avatar Video Generators.

While each platform has its unique strengths and features, they share common benefits. For example, you get realistic AI avatars, easy-to-use video creation tools, and sometimes, advanced features like voice cloning and automatic translation.

Platforms like Heygen and stand out for their exceptional avatar creation process and advanced features, but they may be expensive. On the other hand, tools like Colossyan offer user-friendly interfaces and basic features at more affordable prices. 

In conclusion, the choice of an AI avatar video generator will depend on factors such as the desired level of realism, customization needs, budget, and specific use cases. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To round up, we have answered a few commonly asked questions about the best AI avatar video generators below: