How an accounting firm generated 20+ leads each month targeting people looking for a better accountant

The challenge

This accounting firm was using social media for a while now but only doing the traditional stuff everyone else tells you to do (post content, get likes, engage, etc). They weren’t actually getting any leads from all this activity.

What we did

  • We helped them set up a marketing funnel to target people who are not currently happy with their accountant and are looking for something better
  • We helped them set up a video sales letter to educate, build trust and convert leads into a sales appointment
  • We tested over 100 different Facebook ad variations to generate leads
  • We helped them follow up and retarget leads to maximize conversions

The Results

  • They generated 20 leads per month
  • The cost per lead was between $10-$20 with Facebook ads

Note: Due to the sensitive nature of social media, some of our clients prefer to remain private.


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