To help you save time and get the most from Twitter, here are our Top 10 Twitter Tips:

1. Save time by downloading the Twitter app on your phone

One of the easiest ways to save time when using Twitter is by downloading the Twitter app on your phone and using it whenever you have “time to kill” – such as when you’re on public transportation, having a coffee break or waiting for someone to arrive to a meeting with you.

By using Twitter on your phone, you can very easily share what you are doing, monitor what other people are saying and respond to people that message you.

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2. Use Online Tools to help manage your account

Your account needs to be managed in many different aspects. There are different online tools that can help such as:

CrowdFireApp – A fantastic tool for cleaning up your twitter and keep it tidy. One great feature is that you are able to view twitter accounts who are not following you back and unfollow any inactive accounts you are already following.

Sendible – A fantastic tool that has a whole host of features to publish, schedule and monitor what people are saying about your business. We personally use Sendible to post social media updates for our business and for our clients too.

Buffer – Whenever you are browsing the web and find an article, video or piece of content that you think your target audience will find interesting then you can use click on a button in Buffer and it will automatically schedule it out for you. Buffer is one of the easiest social media tools to use and is great for beginners.

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3. Embedding Tweets

If you see someone Tweet something that you’d like to write about or feature in one of your blog posts then we highly recommend you use the “Embed Tweet” feature in Twitter.To create an embedded tweet is easy all you need to do is pick a tweet you want, click details and you will see the option ‘Embed this tweet’. In

You can even use this feature to embed your own Tweets on Twitter. To create an embedded tweet is easy all you need to do is pick a tweet you want, click details and you will see the option ‘Embed this tweet’.

4. Hashtag Searching

To get involved with any event, especially live events, hashtags makes it simple to engage with other users and to keep updated on what’s happening.

To illustrate, if you are a business targeting people interested in “Lead Generation” you could search Twitter for people using the hashtag #LeadGeneration and get involved in some of the conversations.

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5. Twitter Lists

As those you follow increase, it can become overwhelming and hard to keep up to date with so many tweets happening on your news feed.

Instead of deleting those you follow, create a list keeping your Twitter tidy.

In addition, you can add people to a list to see what they post without having to actually follow them other users list without having to follow their actual account.

Twitter also allows you to create private lists for your eyes only as well as public lists that anyone can see.

Bonus top tip: Think about adding your clients or potential clients to private lists or public lists on your Twitter account. This could be a great way to monitor what they are saying and then engage with them where possible.

6. Image and Videos

To improve the readability and engagement rate of your tweets, it’s best to use images and/or videos to accompany your tweets whenever you can.

You can use tools such as “Canva”, “istockphoto” and Colorcinch to find relevant photos for you to use on your social media. Canva is our favorite tool to easily create high-quality images to compliment your tweets and social media updates.

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7. Learn the best time to tweet

Although it may seem hard to know when its the best time to post a tweet, you don’t need to worry too much because others have done the research already.

They have discovered that in general, most people are active each day of the week during these times:

  • 8am- 9am- In the early morning on the way to work
  • Noon- 5pm- The majority of people have their lunch around Noon-2pm and finish work around 3pm-5pm.
  • 8pm- 10pm- This is the time after dinner that people are relaxing.

These are guidelines to help, although if you wanted more accurate results, it’s best to use Buffer and monitor the times your own Twitter audience is most active (as it may be different to the results above).

Remember, results can definitely differ depending on the type of people that follow you and are a part of your specific Twitter audience.

8. Public Replies

You’re having a conversation with another user however you want other users to see either, the conversation so that they can stay updated or a point you have made. This is straightforward to accomplish all you need to do is put a symbol (@) at the end of the tweet and the person/businesses username (e.g. @SkylineSocialCo).

It’s important to note that tweets that start with an @ symbol will not go out to everyone (only those who follow you and the person you tag). So when you tag someone add a full stop before the @ sign (e.g. .@SkylineSocialCo) or tag them at the end of the tweet.

9. Retweet interesting posts

Create a Twitter list for potential clients, influencers in your industry, etc and every so often retweet content they post to help build awareness in your brand.

10. Have conversations with people to generate leads

One of the easiest and best ways to use Twitter to actually get REAL results (by real results I mean leads and sales) is by having conversations with people in your target audience.

But how do you find potential customers and how do you start conversations with them?

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