Best WordPress Speed Optimization Plugin

It’s no secret that your Google PageSpeed Score directly affects your SEO rankings.

But the problem is: increasing your Google PageSpeed score can be very difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

But, what if there was a WordPress Plugin that could INSTANTLY improve your Google Page Speed Score?

And what if you could install this plugin and improve your website speed without needing to do any coding or pay a web developer to do this for you?

Well, after MONTHS of searching and TESTING lots of different tools, I finally found one that works REALLY well!

It’s called “NitroPack“.

Although the plugin is free, I would recommend for best results to upgrade to one of the paid plans. It’s not very expensive and if you use my affiliate link here, you can get a 5% discount on any paid plans.

It works for both mobile AND desktop results

By using this WordPress plugin, you can take your Google PageSpeed Insights Score from this:

Bad Google PageSpeed Insight Score

To this:

Good Google Page Insight Score

And you can do this at the click of a button in just a few minutes!

See the video version of this article here:


How to increase your WordPress Website Speed

Step 1: Install NitroPack

Click here to install NitroPack on Your Website

NitroPack works on WordPress and most other website platforms, including:

  • WooCommerce
  • OpenCart
  • Magento
  • And even custom websites!

By the way, I’ve tried SO many different types of WordPress plugins and this one is by far the BEST one I’ve ever used and it’s the EASIEST one that I’ve used too.

Step 2: Let NitroPack optimize your website

Once NitroPack is installed on your website, you just need to wait a little while for NitroPack to work behind the scenes and optimize your website.

Nitropack optimization

There’s no coding and nothing technical you need to do. NitroPack does all the hard work for you!

Step 3: Test your websites speed

Once NitroPack has finished optimizing your website, go to the Google PageSpeed Insights tool and check your website speed again and then see the difference for yourself!

You should see a huge jump in your websites PageSpeed score (most of the time it will hit a 99/100 score).

Why is optimizing your website PageSpeed score important?

The main reason this is important is for SEO reasons. If you want to rank higher on Google your website speed is an important ranking factor (especially since the new Core Web Vitals SEO algorithm update).

Will optimizing by websites page speed rank my website higher?

Yes. All things being equal, a faster website will help you rank higher on Google vs other slower websites.

However, PageSpeed is not the only other ranking factor. There are actually hundreds of rankings factors.

See also: How to optimize your WordPress website SEO meta tags

It can sometimes be overwhelming to get everything perfect on your website.

That’s why I recommend focusing on the SEO activities that are most likely to get you the best results.

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