How an international famous business coach generated more leads on social media organically

The challenge

A famous international business coach was already generating thousands of leads from paid Facebook ads but was finding it hard to scale up to get more. So, he wanted to test scaling up by generating leads organically from social media in addition to Facebook ads.

What we did

  • We created a social media strategy to generate leads on social media by having one to one conversations with potential clients
  • We connected to potential clients
  • We sent potential clients a personalized message offering them free helpful content in return for their contact info and to get them into the clients funnel

The Results

  • We generated over 1,000+ leads without spending a penny on paid advertising (using automation software to send most of the personalized messages and a little bit of manual work to continue the conversation)

Note: due to the sensative nature of social media, some of our clients prefer to stay private.

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